Kite Lines – Vol. 4 No. 2 (First Quarter 1982)


Cover Story: George Peters at play in Hawaii, by Clare Chanler Forster. Features: Dale Fleener on the Venice Pier Kite Festival; Mel Govig on the kites at the Sky Art Conference at MIT, MA, including blind fighter kiteflier Charles Goumas; fighter kites: how to pick and fly them, by Mel Govig with an “Easy Learner” model; Gordon Teekell on the authentic Indian fighter and Valerie Govig, with Mukesh Shah, on the “Kite Clouds” of India’s Utran; a Scheveningen photo album by Jacques and Laurence Fissier. Departments: Letter from the Editor: the Kite Lines research library, open for business; What’s New: Kites: the Cloud Teaser, Wind Mill Kites’ Sweep Wing, the Kitamaran, the Vertifoil, John Clarke’s Seagull and Bat light-wind deltas and Ultra Kite’s Conyne birds; What’s New: Books: Kites: An Historical Survey, by Clive Hart, Genius at Work: Images of Alexander Graham Bell, by Eber, Simple Fabric Kites by Greger, Kites: Aussie Style, by Hosking, Make Your Own Kite (new kites) by John Jordan; Innovations: Curtis Marshall and Valerie Govig on Kites to Make and Fly by Pelham; Design Workshop: Ed Grauel’s Flapper, a keelless delta; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Shanna Marshall; Kite Lines Bookstore inaugurated; News from Here & There: Paul Garber on his kite workshop at the National Air and Space Museum, DC; a happy birthday to Ansel Toney, 95, in IN; the Brooklyn Kite Club’s 500-foot altitude limit problems, NY; Harry Osborne is zapped at Edmonds Community College in WA retrieving a kite from power lines; Helen Bushell on the Australian Kite Association; Rick and Eileen Kinnaird on a kite-tinged honeymoon and a Japan Kite Association visit to the Royal Academy of Arts, England; André Mignard on a kite display at the Gare de I’Est in Paris, France; news from the Norwegian Kite Society; first “Best of Show” color photos, with Karin Verschoor’s “Madras” parafoil; Shakib Gunn on Singapore’s biggest kite contest ever; Ahsan Khan of India reports on kite consulting in United Arab Emirates; For the Record: the most children to make and fly kites in one day at an elementary school (in Holcomb, NY), a kite exhibit attendance mark in Nashville and controversy over standards for largest kite.

Cover Photo:

George Peters likes to pose for his own camera wearing his kites as “wings.” For him, kites are no less a serious art form because of the whimsical ways he uses them. Peters kites are often to be found in galleries, particularly those near his home in Hawaii. But he enjoys them more when exhibiting them in the sky. (See more about George Peters on pages 34-35.)

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