Kite Lines – Vol. 6 No. 3 (Winter-Spring 1987)


Cover Story: The fighting kites and proud traditions of Thailand, by Ron Spaulding (with Siddhijai Solasachinda, John Hoskin and Sakorn Vongvavjit, photos by Luca Tettoni). Features: More from Bill Bigge on the International Indoor Kite Efficiency Challenge; Valerie Govig on the Maryland Kite Society’s Order-of-the-Kite Award, to Hod Taylor; Lewis Cretsinger on flying more than one kite at a time; David Johnson on “The Snags of Spring”; Jacques Fissier on kites flying above the Berlin wall. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: an introduction to Nop and Michéle Velthuizen, world-riding kiters and bikers; What’s New: Kites: the Professor Waldof Tetrahedral, Omega Edo and the Super Reflex and Reflex by Contravento; What’s New: Books: Kite Flight byBotermans and Weve, Kite Flier by Hasely, Costruire Aquiloni by Angeletti and four from Japan-Tako (Kites) by Hiroi, Nihon-no Tako (Kites of Japan) by Niisaka, Edo Dako E Shi (Pictorial History of the Edo Kite) by Saito and Edo Dako (Edo Kites) by Modegi-plus a bibliography of favorite Japanese kite books; Tips & Techniques: listento-your-line devices from Larry Hoffman and Felix Cartagena, Hiroaki Kubo’s car kite carrier, and delta keel variations from André Sevain and Alex Dunton; In the Wind: youngest kiteflier, other news; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Clifton A. Bokman; For the Record: large, larger, largest (?) stunt kites, most figure eights in France, more Hyperkites, and a Guinness record follow-up; Design Workshop: a budget delta from Bruce Jarvie (on a design by Hank Szerlag); Club Directory-the most comprehensive compendium yet; Best of Show: the Welsh winged box by Mike Bithell, photo by Malcolm Boater.

Cover Photo:

Proud champion kite fighting teams of Thailand pose in formal style. Standing, left to right, with chula kite are Boontam Himskul, Vinai Poomaitong and Siriwat Poomaitong. In front, left to right, with pakpao kite, are Kitipong Chanwimol and Suvit Chanwimol. (see story on page 60.) Photograph courtesy of the Thai Kite Heritage Group.

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