Kite Lines – Vol. 7 No. 4 (Winter 1989-90)


Cover Story: Kites in the new China seen by Tal Streeter in Weifang (photos by John M. Roberts) and Skye Morrison (photos by Simon Freidin) in Beijing. Features: Anne Sloboda on techniques of dying ripstop; the first delta kite by Gayla founders Wilber and Viola Green, by Mel Govig; William White on a friendship kite trek to the Soviet Union. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: on the bonds of kiting; What’s New: Kites: the Wild Bill Cody by the Buffalo Cody Kite Co., a grandpa and baby elephant from Condor Kite Co. and a Japanese crane and the Legs kite from Martin Lester; What’s New: Books: Kunstdrachen: Geijutsu Dako (Art Kites) by Eubel and Matsumoto, Kite Photo by Murooka, Lenkdrachen Bauen and Fliegen (Stunt Kite Making and Flying) by Schimmelpfennig; Design Workshop: Takeshi Nishibayashi’s bat kite, appreciated by Frank Lee; Tips & Techniques: Mel Govig on Korean fighters and Murooka on kite aerials; In the Wind: the first kite festival in Halle, East Germany, other news; Stunt Diary: Mel Govig on the Mirage and Revolution in Nags Head, NC; Quickites: three conversions by John Compton (making a kite from a parachute, a Flow Form from a parafoil and stunting a Flow Form); Clubwatch: a request for information; For the Record: fastest stunt kite in Ocean City, MD; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Kazuo Niisaka; Best Of Show: Skye Morrison’s “If I Was A Blackbird.”

Cover Photo:

In China, flying sculpture is not unusual. This example – a “show” kite – is being demonstrated in Weifang, Shandong Province, People’s Republic of China. Photograph by Tal Streeter.

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