Kite Lines – Vol. 9 No. 4 (Winter 1992-93)


Cover Story: Three days in May at Hamamatsu, Japan, with George Peters on the festival of all fighting festivals. Features: Painting kites from a can, by Chris Dunlop; kite power comes of age, a guide to safety, skills and equipment in traction kiting by Nop Velthuizen; a fistful of fighter kites by Mel Govig with a chart of more than 40 available models; Tony Sparrow at the the 7th Dieppe Biennial, with Pierre Fabre photos. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: on the ethics of copying kite designs; What’s New: Kites: The Rainbow Satellite Box by New Tech Sports, the Icosa-Kite and Tetra from Bits & Pieces, the Delta-4 from TrIby and the Great Big Kite by Colossal Kites (a dual-line delta); What’s New: Books: Kites: A Practical Handbook by Moulton, Swept Wing Stunt Kites by Cottrell, Kites by Hosking, Neue Drachen zum Nachbauen (New Kites to Replicate) by Backes and Asiatische Drachen (Asian Kites) by Arz; Design Workshop: The GX-3 cambered stunter by Michael Graves and Ilene Atkins; Tips & Techniques: a simple flag-flying system from Leonard Conover, sharpening sewing machine needles from Adrian Conn and making your own quad-line handles, from Oliviero Olivieri and James Crawford; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Paul Edward Garber, John Spendlove, Tony Johnston, Wilbur Green and Clare Forster; For the Record: the first indoor sport kite record in Portland, OR, most line wraps in Ocean City, MD, the tail vs. sail area controversy and a trio of achievements of dubious importance; In the Wind: the World’s Smallest Kite Festival in Breckenridge, CO and other news; SkyGallery: Ron & Sandra Gibian kites, Bob Kempen photos.

Cover Photo:

Hamamatsu, Japan is the scene of a great battle of kites for three days every May. This rich tradition and its beautiful kites are said to draw millions of viewers. They will see a fascinating mixture of ritual and mayhem. Photograph by George Peters. (Story on page 26.)

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