Issue 3: Bongo Hotline

Compiled from reader reports

There was controversy surrounding the Great Lakes Sportkite Championship event at Grand Haven, MI for the last few weeks. Coming under criticism were the event’s entry fee structure, and the very late mailing of event entry info. Most fliers report getting their entry packets about 15 days prior to the event (the rulebook calls for 30 days). This is most unfortunate, as this event always draws a huge and appreciative crowd. The big news, though, is the talk of a new direction for the event for 1999. Reportedly, normal sportkite tournament events will not be held, rather, a new type of event called “Precision Ballet” will hold center court. We will be reporting more details as they develop. Click HERE for a photo gallery from the event.

Carl and James Robertshaw (half of the fantastic team Airkraft) set tongues wagging with their wild pairs performances at Grand Haven and Wildwood.  The typical “mood” performances of many US teams looked dated after watching the Robertshaws fly their ballet. More than several fliers were taking a lot of notes, watch the later-season events to see the British influence on US pairs flying. Click HERE to read our interview with Carl and James.

The Mid-American Sportkite Classic, June 20-21 at Kalamazoo, MI is shaping up to be a battle among US teams hoping for a World Cup invitation. It appears that Shanti Air, Chicago Fire, the Windjammers, Wind Wizards, and AirWest will all be making the trip in an attempt to get the bid for the trip to France. We will have full coverage in the July Kitelife.

OOPS…Additions to our coverage of the Maryland International Kite Exposition in the last issue – Ed and Nancy Spencer were awarded the “Bill Kocher Award” for their long-term contributions to kiting events, spanning over a dozen years. The Valli Boyz, past and present, were awarded the “Bill Osche Award” for outstanding work as volunteers for a long period of time. Congratulations to these deserving people, who have made many, many kite events better through their efforts. Thanks go to Scott Spencer for pointing out this omission to us.

Attention Kite Makers!

Puyallup Fair, Puyallup WA
September 11-27, 1998
Entry date for Handmade Kites Division will be August 24th, 1998 between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Judging will be held August 26th.

Return Dates: Take down will be the day after, shipping may be the following weekend. Please include return postage.

It might be nice to send a little biography about yourself also. The judges will not be allowed to view this, however, afterwards it might be nice to post in newsletters, magazines, etc. This event is opened to kitemakers around the world, with great prizes from sponsors. Please contact our sponsors and let them know how much we appreciate their products and support. They are the best!

1. Mail in Entries to the fair will not be accepted. Send entries to:
Main Frame Kite Shop
3340 East 11th St. Tacoma, WA  USA   98421

or     Penny Lingenfelter
7221 E.Patricia St.
Port Orchard, WA.  USA

Or send them to someone you can rely on to deliver it to the fair.

2. All kites must be the handwork of the exhibitor and finished within the last two years.

3. No entry fee.

4. No article can be exhibited a second year.

5. Soiled or obviously used items will not be accepted.

6. All items will be placed in the most suitable class.

7. Each entrant will be limited to one entry *per class.

8. All awards need not be awarded in each class at the discretion of the judges.

9. The Hobby Hall Department is mainly for amateur craftspersons to compete and exhibit their work. Anyone who sells more then $2,000 per year, who teaches or has a teaching certificate for that craft, or who demonstrates that craft  where supplies or finished works are sold is considered a professional by the Western
Washington Fair (Next year, we hope to have a professional/teachers division)

10. No pre-registration is required.

11. All items placed on display must remain for the full length of the Fair.

Puyallup State Fair
September 11-27, 1998

Division W
Handmade Kites

Classes include:

..FLAT OR BOWED (delta, rokkaku, eddy: kites with essentially flat or bowed frame)
..CELLULAR (box/box variations, snowflake, “cody”; kites with three dimensional shape)
..DUAL LINE, CONTROLLABLE (any dual control kite)
..BANNERS AND FLAGS (kite banners and flags flat or dimensional, not to exceed 20 ft.)
..MINIATURE KITES (all kites not to exceed 12″ in any direction)
..MISCELLANEOUS (any that do not fit in the classes above)

I am in the process of finding a sponsor for People’s Choice, voted on  by spectators and given out by the PCKA Club.

Oversized Kites are considered over 8 ft. at this time. Larger kites   *will be accepted.  We cannot, however, guarantee larger kites can be hung for display if   space is limited.

Here are our wonderful sponsors! One entry per class, but enter them  all! If you would like to know more about our sponsors, please feel free to contact me or them. Thank you.  Penny Lingenfelter rkd2/#kites

Best of Show: PFAFF Sewing Machine Co. Paul Depont

Business First and Second Places

“Pizazz Kites”                          Coupons for:
Dick Barnes,                                 1) Custom Pizazz Kite
P.O Box 266                               2) 5 yards of material
Coupeville, WA 98239-0266


“North Cloth/Kite Co.Div.”     Coupons for:
Brenda Pastor                              1) A Package of Ripstop Material
189 Pepe’s Farm Road               2) A Package of Ripstop Material
Milford, CT 06460 (203) 877-7638


“Fly by Night ”                          Coupons for:
Gail Fenton                                  1) Fly by Night Kite Lights
P.O. Box 2637                             2) Fly by Night KiteLights
Auburn, WA 98071


“Art & Flywork”                        Coupons for:
Peter DeJong                               1) Enhanced NasaWing Kite
Steenovenweg 1                          2) SkyClaw Grips and Winder
3985 SJ   Werkhoven, Netherlands


“Laser Pro”                              Coupons for:
Konrad Krauland                          1) 2 spools 500 ft. 100 lb Dacron Kite Line
2105 I 70                                       2) 1 spool 500 ft. 100 lb Dacron Kite Line
Grand Junction, COL, 81501


“Avia Sport Composites, Inc.”
Kurt Degner                          Coupons for:
637 Main Ave S.W.                     1) One “G-Force (TM) spar set
Hickory, N.C. 28602 USA         2) Once “G-Force (TM) spar set