Issue 37: Sky Dazzle 2004

What a weekend. Those of you who missed it… You may have done the right thing on Saturday, but missed a really great Sunday in Seaside, Oregon.

Saturday “Sky Drizzle” started out gray and overcast but with some wind… The field arrived from all those who had bits and piece of equipment and got set up. Competitors from all over the Northwest Sport Kite League came to gather points for their league, as well as in their AKA Conference from which qualifiers would be competing on this very same field come October at the AKA Grand Nationals.

The wind was light but began to blow and change direction as the day progressed. Hats off to the dedicated Northwest fliers, even with rain drizzling on and off all day flyers didn’t seem to mind…. Or flew anyway, and for a brief spell when the rain came down in sheets the event just kept moving along without a pause, and hardly a glance up from the fliers. The events went off on time with the teams and pairs flying in the afternoon with only a slight drizzle. Rain gear was the garb of the day.

Sunday “Sky Dazzle “the sun came out and it was a bright and sunny day. Everyone was able to get their kites, tents and banners dried out from the soaker on Saturday. People were wearing shorts and T-shirts!!! The wind came up and people started to fly. What a day. We had a great number of flyers and some wonderful performances.

The trophies were unique..”hand caligraphied” wine goblets, mugs coffee cups.  Different and fun – (they are dishwasher safe by the way!)  Bud Hayes made sure all the equipment arrived and left with various people. The system worked!!! Thanks to all of you who brought equipment to Seaside and to those who are toting equipment back to Ocean Shores for our next event.

The new field was great!! Fred Marchand sewed until his needle was dull getting all those flags in place. They set the field up with no problem and even wound it back in with ease. Thanks Fred for a great project!!!!!!

Terri and Mike Huff did a fine job with the scorekeeping and coordinating…and still had time to fly in Team Snowbirds!!!

Cal Yuen came all the way down from Canada to serve as the Chief Judge and annoucer… So he was quite busy, but kept the event moving along and did a great job with informing the spectators about the event.

We had two new beginners fly….Tom and Sam. So look for them at the next event…as Novice flyers!

We hope to see you all on this very same field come October for the AKA Grand Nationals… The city has a lot to offer those of you who make the trip!

   Lisa Root