Issue 41: Letters to the Editor

We don’t hear from our visitors HARDLY enough, and are always thrilled to post comments when we get them… It’s your feedback that helps us streamline, and gives us additional insight into what we do here.

I couldn’t begin to express how important your comments are, and I’d like to personally invite each and every one of you to share your thoughts with us… Positive or negative, drop us a line!

John Barresi

I want to compliment you with the current issue. It deals, for a large part, very understandably with the three essentials of kite flying: Friendship, Fun and Flying!


Hans Jansen op de Haar

Hans, I am so glad to hear our ultimate motivation is coming through clearly… In our experience, kiting soothes a lot of our little quirks and gives many people a natural ease of sharing space with others, in silence or while conversing.

This combined with the innate artistry and sport that is possible in so many different channels of kiting cannot help but move us very deeply, making kiting of all kinds a distinct pleasure to promote and share.

We’ll keep doing what we can!

While surfing the net, I happened across the Kitelife site. I was really impressed with the site and started searching around for more kite information. I had flown kites as a kid but was amazed at what all was possible. Since then, I have been a committed kite builder My red-white-blue double star kite was voted “kite of the year” over at the forum which was a real treat for me. I plan on attending the Dieppe, (Canada,) festival this August to show it off.

I have all of the back-issues of Kitelines that are available and I am excited at the chance to be able to read all of the issues before these. Thanks for all the effort.

I used to be heavily into balsa and tissue model airplanes. when we started having children, seven years ago, I stopped making them because it was a problem with little children around. About five and a half years ago, I was staying with a friend and his family while I was transitioning from working in Chicago, to Indianapolis. He had a computer in his home with internet access, which I hadn’t had been around before.

I just wanted to share my story and thank Kitelife for re-sparking my interest in kites and you for continuing to put out a great magazine that I really enjoy.

Steady Winds,

Grant Lovett
Brownsburg, IN

Great to hear from you Grant, thanks for your kind words… Both the Kitelife staff and myself are humbled to be part of your “re-sparking” in kiting.

I couldn’t begin to express how pleased we are to be hosting the Kite Lines archives, and more importantly to be able to share such rich history and information with the world via the internet!

As you well know I’m kinda “A*** retentive” about history, but I’m not sure if you’re aware of the significance of the coming month of April.

In April of 1998, the very first issue of Kitelife was placed on line! So it’s a Birthday Celebration!

Do the words “You’ve come along way Baby!” hold true here or what?

But as past noted about the “retentive” thing in reference to your recent note about new videos at Kitelife! The Open Team in 1990 at Grand Haven, MI was calculated differently then today’s meaning of Open!

In 1990 Open meant simply that all teams of all classes would fly in the same Flight Order at the same time and with the same judging panel, but the ultimate final score calculations would revert to the class of the team. So The Roaring Flamingo’s did in fact come in in First Place, but in Experienced Class, as I believe they were the only Exp Team to fly. (The rest were all Masters Class)

The Flamingo’s were pretty good, but they never beat Eric and the Fire and Phil Bazell and Prevailing Winds. The Flamingos were not listed in the final Top five teams from the AKM Circuit that year!

I’m trying to retrieve those final scores from the GLSKC in Grand Haven. I ACTUALLY saw them in my “Search” for your past request for AKM and AKA standings from your earlier years!

This is just to you and not big deal, but I think it might make your videos of past competitions more official if I could send you the exact final scores, and in some cases I even have the names of the judges!

Too retentive?? Sorry!

But anyway – I am doing a couple of Blasters in honor of a very cool idea that has become an American institution! Which is Seven Years old today! In computer years that’s what……….?

Here’s to you John for helping to make it happen!

Al Hargus
Columbus, OH

Wow, feelin’ the love here… It is indeed our 7th anniversary in April!  My good friend and kite comrade Mike Gillard launched a brand new, one of a kind publication by kitefliers for kitefliers… He is no doubt very proud of what he started, and of where it’s headed as Kitelife grows into the future.

Thanks Mike, for everything… Schwing old buddy!!!!

As for results Al, we most certainly appreciate your retentive nature in these areas… As one of the sport’s most experienced sport kite historians, you’re the man for the job and we will take all the information you can dig up for us in our efforts to build a relatively complete and continuous timeline for our video section… Keep it coming!