Issue 47: AKA Corner

AKA is back in the raffle business.

Several years back, the Association organized a series of online raffles as a fundraising program. The idea was to take big-ticket, expensive kites and sell a limited number of chances for $5 each.

We offered Peter Lynn inflatables, Gibian art kites, custom sport kites, buggy packages, Kevin Shannon masterpieces, Sutton flowforms, Crown Bols, Windfeather Banners, and much more. The average price package was worth about $1500. And we sold tons of tickets.

Each month we would pull a winners name and phone them to let them know of their good fortune.

After about 15 months, ticket sales began to slow. When it became difficult to meet minimum sales in a two month period, we took the program offline.

That was about three years ago and we’ve decided to give the raffle another shot. If you go to the AKA web page, you’ll find a link in the top menu for “Great Kite Raffle”. Follow that link (or click here) and you’ll discover our first prize offering – the award winning Comet by Barry “Bazzer” Poulter. At Ocean City, the Comet was the winner for craftsmanship, best figure kite and flown as a group won sky display.

You can win one too for just five bucks. And no, you don’t need to be a member to bid!

Speaking of bidding, AKA is now adding items periodically to eBay. We’ve posted kite jewelry, art kites, and fighter kite. Keep your eyes open! We also have a raffle underway for a free convention registration. Tickets for that prize are $1 and available from Regional Directors or from coordinator Marla Miller, click here to email Marla.

These fundraising programs are designed to help balance AKA’s books this year. Income was off a bit at the last convention because of lower than expected turn-out. But we’d rather raise money than raise dues. Besides, the raffles and auctions generate a bit of fun and that what kiting is supposed to be about.

The kite world, and AKA members in particular were shocked and saddened to learn of the untimely death of Mike Gillard.

As you know, Mike was one of the pillars of AKA and a major contributor to making contemporary kiting what it is today. In addition to being the driving force behind the new Kiting Magazine, he was the founder of Mike has chaired our Sport Kite Committee, was a leader in the development of our contemporary sport kite rules and principle architect of the global cooperation in sport kite competition we presently enjoy. Mike was Chief Judge for the World Sport Kite Championships last year, and was scheduled to serve as Chief Judge at the new international completions in Weifang China this April. He was a dear, dear friend.

Family and friends gathered in Columbus Ohio for a memorial service on March 11. It was a cold and windless day for kiting.

Lift a glass tonight to a good guy who worked hard to spread the joy.

David Gomberg