Issue 75: Featured Store: Great Canadian Kite Company

Great Canadian Kite Company
Taber, Alberta. Canada. T1G 1A1
Toll Free: 1-877-382-3956

The Great Canadian Kite Co. is a family owned and operated business based in Taber, Alberta, Canada. We enjoy the sport of kite flying and we fly many different kites; single line, stunt kites and some traction kites. It’s about having fun flying kites!

As kite flyers and retailers, our vision is to expand the sport, to foster community among Canadian kite flyers and to become the ‘first choice’ supplier of quality kites and accessories in Canada and beyond.

We are proud members of the AKA and BC Kite flyers. We are also members of the Kite Trade Association International Association (KTAI) and support Windscapes Kite Festival in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

Hours of Operation:

Great Canadian Kite Company is open 24 hours per day 7 days a week, 365 days a year via the internet. Customers can shop from the convenience of home and choose from a wide selection of kites and accessories from some of the very best kite manufacturers in the world. We can be reached toll free by telephone Monday – Saturday 9am – 9pm MST and Sundays 1-5pm MST. Email works well too!

We inventory our kites in Taber and folks are welcome to give us a shout and make an appointment to check out some kites.

Floor Space:

We are an e-commerce store but as I noted above, we have our inventory on site and warmly welcome visitors by appointment. One of the things we enjoy is having people who are “in the neighborhood” stop by and visit. We have several good flying fields within minutes and the flying field is a massive retail space! It’s not unusual to test fly one or two of our kites if time and conditions permit!

Years in Business:

Great Canadian Kite Company has been in business for over 5 years and has experienced significant growth each and every year with a strong foundation from returning customers.

Years Advertising with

We advertised with Kitelife several years ago and have recently committed to Kitelife for another year. We appreciate Kitelife because it shares many of the values we hold as a business and as kite flyers; interested in sharing and seeing the sport expand and grow in healthy ways. This includes new and exciting products, dynamic presentation to new audiences, and accessible, relevant information with an emphasis on fun and community.

Owner and Managers:

Andrea & Mike Rose Owner / Manager
Jake (14 years old)- Sales Associate / Shipping Manager
Jorryn (4 years old) – Box packer extraordinaire!

Favorite Foods:

As a horizontally endowed individual, I like all kinds of food. We are big fans of home made Buffalo wings with Caesar salad using the the Rose family homemade Caesar dressing recipe!

We are also big fans of Barbecue – especially ribs which have been influenced by both Texas and Mississippi for rubs, sauces and smoke!

Last Book Read:

I have recently finished Heroic Leadership by Chris Lowney, Sacred Companions by David Benner and Community & Growth by Jean Vanier. Jake is a big fan of Archie Comics and has a collection of over 160. Jorryn’s favorite book is There was a Coyote who Swallowed a Flea by Jennifer Ward. Great Canadian Kite Company

Favorite Kite Website:

We like as a great source of information, videos and happenings in the Kite world. We also enjoy:

Revolution Kites:
R-Sky Kites:
Randy Greenway Blog:
Kite Clique V.2 :
Nose Diver Kite Forum:

Favorite Flying Spots:

West Coast of Washington State! At home we enjoy a couple of great fields with great west winds. The first is just west of the RCMP Station on Hi-way 36 south and the second is Ken McDonald Sports park in the north end of town. Great Canadian Kite Company

Specialty of the Store:

We specialize in dual and quad line stunt kites and have a good selection of in-stock elite stunt kites. In addition, we have a good selection of trainer traction kites and accessories. Along with beginner stunt kites, we stock a good selection of R-Sky kites and Revolution Kites: 1.5sle, B-Series, Zen, Rev handles, stacking lines, bridles and framing. We also do a lot of custom kite orders as well. We are also proud to offer quality Shanti kite line in precision pre-made sets and bulk.

Our continued desire is to provide quality kites and accessories at fair prices. While it is not possible for us to carry kites from every good manufacturer, there is a reason why we sell what we do! We and our suppliers stand behind the products we sell.

Motivation for Opening a Kite business:

A couple of reasons: We are ordinary people, who enjoy kites, know what we like and want to share this passion with others. We want to promote the sport, share the fun, and provide kites and accessories at fair prices, provide good pre and post sale service and hopefully make some new friends along the way, and we have!
As recreational kite flyers we also wanted to get quality kites and accessories from a Canadian retailer at fair prices. Turns out we weren’t the only ones who felt this way!

Most Important Advice ever received:

Worry less about your competition and focus on what you have control over – good products, good service, good systems and good attitude.

Nicest Sale ever made:

Great Canadian Kite Company Good question as there are many but probably the best sales are those from our returning customers. Getting to know what they like to fly and learn a bit about their family is really wonderful. We have been told countless times aside from great products and service, our relational approach to retailing is one of the main reasons they buy from us again and again.

Best fringe benefit as an owner?

The best benefit is getting to meet other kite flyers, share some sky and a few laughs. I also really enjoy the developing relationship within KTAI and with our suppliers. It is so great to rub shoulders with folks who are dedicated to the health of the sport but haven’t let the pressures of business and turning a buck distract them from the love of kites and people who fly them!

Favorite Issue of Kitelife?

Do I have to pick just one? I really like the coverage from WSIKF, the KTAI convention and following the adventures of John Barresi & TK and David Gomberg.