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North Shore Radicals (NSR by Top Of The Line)

How We Started – Part Four

I left off last time at the beginning of Marilyn finally agreeing to fly pairs with me. The intention was to have a go at some of the winter leagues and see how we liked it before, maybe entering the STACK competitions. An example of how kiting can help you in other ways, Marilyn was […]

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2012 Weymouth

May 5-7, 2012: Weymouth, Olympic countdown

Latest news from Dorset’s Big Kite Festival…… Weymouth’s annual Beach Kite festival is looking forward to an amazing 2012 festival with all the buzz and excitement of being an official Olympic Venue. The town and the area have been very busy preparing to host the LONDON 2012 Sailing and Paralympic Sailing events with millions of […]

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Allan and Marilyn Pothecary

Pothecary’s Corner: How we started – Part three.

Before I get in to this I would genuinely like to thank all those people that took the trouble to find me at Portsmouth just to say how much they liked my little corner in this magazine and have been following the story of Marilyn and I becoming involved with kites – I won’t mention […]

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HQ Rainbow Graphic Delta

Review: HQ Delta Graphic Rainbow

We get gigs like a fete or country show when we are the only kite display team there. It’s always good to have a few static kites and a bit of colour in the sky when we are not actually demonstrating but by the time we have got our tent up, banners raised, a quick […]

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Garden Banner

Corner Bits: Garden Banner, Portsmouth Kite Fest

Web site I would like to say thank you to all those people who have emailed in or collared me at festivals to say that they have enjoyed my little stories and articles in this magazine. At some point over the winter I will be endeavouring to put most of these articles (and may be […]

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Issue 80: Pothecary’s Corner

Let’s Stack it up! There will be, of course, many pre-tried, pre-tested theories and projects, all of which we shall be pleased to hear about and publish for you either in this magazine or on a special page on the Close Encounters Kites website. There is a video on the site already to prove that […]

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Issue 79: The Morgan Mega Delta

Another treasure from the UK kiting scene Recently we were asked to do some kite demonstrations for a private company. It was a catering company who were to take over at Southsea Castle in Portsmouth. They had chosen the name of “The Big Yellow Kite Company” because it made them think of laid back summer […]

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Felix Sadpuss

Issue 79: Pothecary’s Corner

Contributions Often the editor of this magazine is asking you, the membership, for help and, quite honestly, I reckon some of you guys out there could probably do a little more. The task of filling this magazine every couple of months is frightening – not a duty I would want to take on! One of […]

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Issue 79: Kite Tidbits, Reviews and Repair Kits

A few of my favorite kites… Same Old Same Old Every year we try to bring lots of new things to the demonstration arenas as we travel around and next year will be no exception as we are working on new routines throughout the cold winter months and will have new colourful kites and tails […]

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Issue 78: Pothecary’s Corner

The Romanian We were on holiday in Crete and practicing some new kite routines on the beach. During a break to take on much needed water I was approached by this Romanian person who kept asking all sorts of questions about our kites. I am not used to being approached quite so directly by women […]

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