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A - Monk and John do Rev Pairs

Issue 50: Steveston SKC

Is it over already? Is the fight for a spot to the Grand Nationals for the 2005-2006 season over? It must be, because this past weekend we had our yearly competition up in Canada at Gary Point Park in Steveston, BC. This is our last event of the kiting year and yet again, a jacket […]

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Issue 44: Summer Heat

It’s the start of the new season. The boards are clear and everyone is starting over. Some are in a different class moving up to experienced, and some are taking slack for not moving up to masters. We had about a three week vacation between Steveston and this weekend which was time for some people […]

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Issue 44: Steveston SKC

It’s our one trip up and over the border to our Canadian friends for the last competition of the season. This is where those fliers who have been fighting for blue jackets will know whether or not they knocked out the person in first or if they stay back and have to wait yet another […]

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Issue 44: Lewis & Clark Exposition

It’s been three weeks since the first competition of the fiscal year. Including this event, there are only two more competitions to go in the calendar year and for flyers to pick up points to add to the 2006 competition season… For this one, we return to the location of nationals 2004, Seaside Oregon. Although […]

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Issue 43: Northwest Stunt Kite Championships

What better way is there to finish off a week of team competition down in Lincoln City Oregon than to come up to Long Beach Washington and have another one of our seasonal Northwest Sport Kite League competitions. Generally in years past the weather has not been that great, and a couple times we were […]

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Issue 43: Westport Windriders Festival

After this weekend, there will only be one competition left in the competition year and everyone is vying for a spot at nationals and for the coveted blue jacket that every flyer goes after for each discipline. This is the time when even the smallest mistake can mess up your whole year of flying perfect […]

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Issue 34: 2nd Annual Windless Kite Festival

Your family is taking a weekend trip to Long Beach Washington for the three day weekend. When you pass the bank, you read the sign that says, “Windless Kite Festival! Jan. 16 & 17” You think, “How is that possible?” and decide to check it out. It was a great weekend that started Friday for […]

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