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Issue 42: Laminating a Bamboo Spine

There is one aspect of bamboo spines in fighter kites I have never liked. I really like bamboo as a spine material, and I think it is the best spine material available. However, when flying in humid or damp weather, often, the bend I put into my bamboo spine will begin to straighten or sometimes […]

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Issue 38: Bruce Lambert’s Tips – Adjusting a fighter kite for optimum performance!

Here’s the goal or objective for adjusting a fighter kite: Adjust the kite so its flight characteristics match, as close as possible, the flyer’s preferences for flight characteristics. NOTE: I define ‘optimum flight performance’ as… the kite performs according to the flyer’s preferred flight characteristics. There is no ‘correct’ or ‘right’ set of flight characteristics; […]

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Issue 38: Tangler Fighter Kite Plans

Specifications   The following method of building a fighter kite works really well for me; it doesn’t require special skills and is reasonably quick, about 2 hours to make a kite. Obviously there are many building methods that result in successful fighter kites, this particular method has worked very well for me for several years […]

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Issue 4: NFKA Fighters

Today NFKA had its June meeting/fly at Ocean Shores, WA and it was a great success! Sun, wind and lots of grins on the faces of happy fighter fliers! Winds were light in the morning and increasing to about 17 mph late in the afternoon. 8 of us decided to do a round robin competition, […]

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