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Issue 79: Southern Oregon Kite Festival

19 years of fantastic kite fun! Ah, the 2011 Southern Oregon Kite Festival… better known simply as “Brookings!!!” I remember when I first heard about “Brookings.” It sure didn’t sound like much of a festival to me. A bunch of kite fliers line up to walk their kites across a field in front of a […]

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Issue 79: Lincoln City Summer Festival

Rockin’ the Rokakku! Well, the Not-So-New-Now Kite Van is at it again – off on another road trip to yet another Kite Fest. By the way, the “Not-So-New-Now” part of that sentence means I’m giving the van some credit for being a real workhorse at this point. At the time I write this, I can […]

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Issue 79: Westport Windriders Kite Festival

Flying high in Grayland, WA! Well, here we are… On the road again. This time headed for Grayland, Washington… the scene of the annual Westport Windriders Kite Festival… and already we’re a day late! This festival runs FRIDAY through Sunday, with Friday being a day for all of the hand-crafted kitemakers to get together and […]

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Daniel Prentice

Issue 78: ProFile: Daniel Prentice (pt 2)

Where have we been, and what’s on the horizon? In our last issue (#77), we started a two part interview with one of the most influential kite personalities over the past 30 years and we had the opportunity to ask him a little about where he came from, what inspired him to become a part […]

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Issue 78: Rockaway Beach Kite Festival

May 14-15, 2011 Fine Kites, Good Eats, Nice Lodgings, and Mixed Weather… The Second Annual Rockaway Beach, Oregon Kite Festival Yep. we’re “at it” again – off to another fun-filled Kite Festival. This one is the Second Annual Rockaway Kite Festival, put on by the Rockaway Oregon Chamber of Commerce on the weekend of May […]

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Issue 78: Rockaway Beach Kite Festival Gallery

Photos by Dave “geezer” Shattuck

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Issue 77: ProFile: Daniel Prentice (pt 1)

A quiet force in kiting, part one… Before we get started, let us “summarize” a bit. Daniel Prentice has been integral to the kiting scene in the USA and indeed the entire world, for more years than many of you have been alive. He has created produced, and sold products – from line-winders, and kite-lines, […]

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Issue 77: Lincoln City Indoor Festival 2011

“Oh, My… How I DO love the power and majesty of Nature here in the Pacific Northwest…” I was standing on the balcony of a condominium unit in Gleneden Beach, OR – just south of Lincoln City, Oregon when I think this.. Or rather, our guest, Nelson Borelli, had just commented on how “Fantastic!” it […]

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Issue 76: South Padre Island Kite Festival

Waltzing with the Weather down in Texas… or attending a GREAT South Padre Island Kite Festival Scotty Weider and I are on a “Kite Road Trip” together. We’d been out a week when we hit Texas, staying a night in Fort Stockton and then tooling on down into Johnson City (of LBJ fame) which is […]

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Camas Indoor Kite Fesitval

Issue 75: Camas Indoor Festival

Yes, it’s November – which means the whole house will be in an uproar! Nearly EVERYbody in the Northwest that competes in Sport Kites will show up at our door – even if they’re NOT staying with us! Lemme see now… We’ll have all available beds filled. We’ll have people sleeping on all the sofas […]

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