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Kites… Life.

It’s been a long time since we’ve published anything for our online magazine (March 2014 to be exact), almost exactly one and a half years has passed with many adventures and changes on this end – other than some forum discussion and social media posts, I’ve never actually published a clear article about the magazine’s inactivity so you have […]

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Kites… Life.

Working up toward a point, I’d like to highlight the fact this is the first article I’ve written for KiteLife since March 17th and the first “Kites… Life” article I’ve submitted since September 12th of 2012, just one month after agreeing to serve as AKA President… During the months in-between, I’ve had incomparable highs and […]

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Worth a Million (Indoor Kite Flying)

Roughly 20 competitors, a dozen or so recreational fliers and a few hundred spectators attended the 2013 Windless Kite Festival in Long Beach WA during January of this year… During the event, MTP Studios (Matt Cyphert and friends) were on hand to film indoor kite flying at the event and went on to post those […]

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How does Kite Competition Evolve?

This is a topic near to my heart, as I’ve had the opportunity to explore kite competition from many angles in various roles over the past several years… At times, some folks have expressed to me a sentiment along the lines of “why doesn’t the AKA change those rules“, “the AKA should add this event” or […]

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Featured AKA

AKA Corner

Greetings, For the first time on our AKA Corner piece in KiteLife, I’m pulling double duty so I’m just sharing the president’s letter sent out to AKA members via email last month. As we head into the holiday season, I want to extend my best wishes to all of you out there in kite land… […]

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Tomatoes, Sun and Lycopene

Tomatoes: Antioxidant and Sunscreen?

DISCLAIMER: I am not medically trained in any sense of the definition, and this article should be considered only as one person’s perspective based on personal experience and lots of Google searches… This is NOT intended to replace recommended and practical precautions against sun damage, merely to provide supplemental information. Your first response upon reading […]

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Special - Grand Champion kite by Simon Crafts, titled "Barnstormer"

2012 AKA Grand Nationals – Day 6

Yeehaw, one more big push… Coffee, good… Pants, good… Wander over to the window and it’s raining a little, bad… Cold too! The first couple days here were in the upper 70s to mid 80s but it looked like this day might be wet and cold – but not to be denied, we bundled up […]

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088 - Richard Dermer taking his kitty for a walk

2012 AKA Grand Nationals – Day 5

Up and at ’em! Another fairly early morning, this time to meet up with Rob from the Enid Convention and Visitor Bureau for a radio interview with KOFM 103.1 here in town where I spoke of the AKA, our convention and the amazing time we’ve had here – if the weather holds, we’re hoping to […]

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784 - Multiline Pairs Ballet

2012 AKA Grand Nationals – Day 4

No respite this morning as my day kicked off in the Word on the Field workshop with 27-28 people in attendance (plus myself as moderator), we lined the walls and had a “square table” discussion on the current state of kiting in terms of fliers, festivals, clubs, stores, and manufacturers, as well as some of […]

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635 - Robert Lockhart's kite

2012 AKA Grand Nationals – Day 3

With the late night, we pushed our alarms forward another 30 minutes and after a stiff cup of French press (so glad I brought it), we once more made our way over to the convention center for the morning workshops… Mostly wandering the hallways chatting with folks, we did very briefly stick our heads into […]

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