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Issue 31: Kites… Life.

The Finale (for now, anyway) – From our founder! Someone famous once said…. ah hell…. I forget what it was. But it must have been a good saying to sum up the bittersweet feelings I have right now as I pass the Kitelife torch of ownership to my good friend and partner John Barresi. Me […]

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Mike Gillard

Issue 20: Kites… Life.

Welcome! Thanks for stopping in for the 20th issue of Kitelife. I sincerely appreciate the support of our readers and sponsors over the last year; and hope that you have the best year yet in 2001. 2000 was a great year for Kitelife. We received 165,345 visits from our readers, who viewed over 612,000 pages. […]

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Mike Gillard

Issue 20: Reader Feedback

We enjoy hearing what our readers think, good or bad. Please let us know how we are doing! Hi Mike G. and Mike W. – Great article (Visual Eye, Nov. 2000 issue)…… How ’bout one on Digital Video Cameras? Thanks, Jim Byrne Great suggestion, we’ll see what we can come up with. Thoughtful piece by […]

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Issue 7: Kites…Life

Are you an AKA member? Why Not? The value of an AKA membership continues to grow. “Kiting”, the bi-monthly publication that all AKA members receive continues to grow with each issue. Roger Chewning, the “Kiting” editor and his staff are doing a fabulous job. Liability insurance, annual convention, and many more benefits will be yours […]

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Issue 6: Kites…Life

There is a certain symmetry to life that can lead to some excellent things happening. Over the last week, this symmetry has gifted me. In early 1993, Vern Balodis, Al Hargus and I started a sportkite team, Captain Eddie’s Flying Circus. Shortly after we started, we recruited a new flier, Vicki Romanoff. We flew together […]

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Cellular/Dimensional: Glen Haynes

Issue 6: AKA Nationals

23rd Annual AKA Convention Ocean Shores, WA October 1998 Fighter coverage by Bruce Lambert Photos by Beth Drake, Mike Gillard, Robin Haas, Brian Johnsen, Mike Smathers The small resort town of Ocean Shores was overrun by 400-odd kiters, all bent on having a great week of kiteflying before winter deals a fatal blow to the […]

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Issue 5: Kites…Life

The Schoolyard Bully, The Village Idiot, and Kiting on the Internet Provocative title, eh? After reading the first draft of my intended article, I decided that you would be better served if I canned it. Those who frequent the main Internet gathering places for kitefliers will know WHAT and WHOM I was referring to with […]

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Issue 5: Michigan Sportkite Classic

or…. Can I Do My Tricks Now?   Livonia, MI August 8-9 Photos by Rick and Robyne Gardner 6 year old Madeline McDuff provides us with the title of this event report. Little Madeline, after flying her three compulsory maneuvers in Junior Precision, turned to John Cosby, field director, and asked, “Can I do my tricks […]

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Issue 5: Eyes To The Skies

Eyes To The Skies Balloonfest July 3-6, 1998, Lisle IL This is the first of two reports in this month’s issue about non-traditional kite events. The Eyes To The Skies fest is a monstrous affair, with attendance topping 250,000. Kites are a booked-in part of the show, partnering 80 hot air balloons, a huge craft […]

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Issue 5: Brookings

Southern Oregon Kite Festival Brookings, OR  July 18-19, 1998 This was the 6th running of the Southern Oregon Kite Festival, sponsored by KCRE radio and the Port of Brookings Harbor. Let me start by saying folks, that this one was a goodie! This is not really a tradional style kite festival, but a packaged entertainment […]

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