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Issue 37: Maryland International Kite Exposition (MIKE)

The Maryland International Kite Exposition, or MIKE as it is more commonly known, played host to many world renowned kite builders, flyers and competitors this past April 22-23.The event fills the skies over Ocean City, Maryland with gorgeous colorful kites and happy laughter and fun. The Mid-Atlantic Sport Kite Championships (MASKC) is held in conjunction […]

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Issue 37: Maryland International Kite Expo 2004 (gallery)

Photos by Mike Woeller

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Issue 7: Visual Eyes

  A course in basic photographic technique. Space and Depth Space, the final frontier. Well, not really, but space is quite important in photography. Space in photography is really linked to depth, and that all relates to Depth Of Field. Depth Of Field is the amount of focus you have in a photo. By using […]

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Issue 6: Visual Eyes

It’s that time again to talk about taking pictures of people and kites. But before I start about composition and such, I want to take a moment to talk about safety. Not only do you have to be safe when flying kites, but when photographing kites, keep in mind that the same reasons you protect […]

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Issue 5: Visual Eyes

Taking The Photo Before You Take The Photo: Previsualize For the past couple of months I’ve been talking about camera equipment, features, and camera handling. Now I’m going to delve into the meat of kite photography and photography itself: photo composition. Over the next few articles, I’ll be discussing different elements of composition. Composition is […]

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Issue 4: Visual Eyes

Talkin’ Technique This month I want to address some items that may seem fairly simple, but cause many people problems with their photos. This is the actual manipulation of the camera you are using. These problems have cost many people some incredible shots (myself included) and could have easily been avoided. Whether people are new […]

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Issue 3: Visual Eyes

Films Filters and Miscellany Before I go into more specifics about setting up shots, I’d like to spend one more column on gear, specifically films and filters. Films may seem like a no-brainer to most, just go in and grab what’s cheap, but there is much more to it than that. Filters, on the other […]

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Issue 2: Visual Eyes

Last issue, we discussed the different types of cameras and their pros and cons. This issue, we’ll look at different features that many (but not all) cameras have.  Also, last issue I promised I wouldn’t try to persuade you to buy a new camera. Well, I promise not to persuade in this particular issue, but…(if […]

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Issue 1: Visual Eyes

What is probably the thing we kiters do second to flying at a festival? No, not drink. We take pictures of course! The spectacular palette of colors at most kite events rivals the most beautiful rainbows and draws painters and photographers, both kiters and non-kiters. So you want to take incredible kite pictures but don’t […]

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Issue 1: Why We Fly

Do you remember the first time you flew a kite? Or how about the first time you simply stood on a windswept field? Think back hard to the day you took out that triangle or diamond shaped piece of plastic film. You carefully attached the string, and held on, waiting for that decisive moment when […]

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