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Drachen: Beauty and Design

Here are some comments on refined beauty and design.  Take a look at the two embedded videos; one is a charming walk with Alessia Marrocu (Italy) and her kites, while the other is a visit with Ramlal Tien’s (France) Sentinels. Both videos show the beauty of these elegant kites, the impact of flying numbers of […]

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Fire - The dance of the dragon blazes on the mountain:
words burn on the tablets of my mind

Drachen: An Unearthed Treasure

A few months ago, I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico to participate in the fabulous Tako Kichi (Japanese kite exhibit) show at The Museum of International Folk Art. While I was there I had time to stop by and visit with Tal Streeter and his wonderful wife Romig.  Tal had a serious stroke over […]

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     An Ahlgrim four-wing Roloplan

Drachen: Werner Ahlgrim

FanØ, Denmark brings together some of the most amazing kite builders in the world when they converge, as they have done every June for the last 29 years,  at the International Kitefliers Meeting. Started as an unofficial kite festival with no sponsor, no schedule, and each attendee making their own arrangements and simply showing up […]

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A frame lifted onto a kite sail

Drachen: Quiet Sophistication of the Barriletes Gigantes

To help celebrate the release of the Drachen Foundation’s Wings of Resistance, The Giant Kites of Guatemala, I’d like to write this month about some of the very sophisticated kitemaking techniques which are used, but easily overlooked, in the creation of these giant masterpieces.  Certainly, these kites are a direct reflection of their environment both […]

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Drachen: A Tale of Two Collectors

For almost thirty years I have collected Japanese woodblock prints (ukiyo-e) that have images of kites somewhere in the print.  At the time, I naively thought that there would be very few of these, that this would be an interesting addition to my kite collection, a part that would grow slowly and one that would […]

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Empty Spaces: Nobuhiko Yoshizumi

Nobuhiko Yoshizumi was among the most revered of miniature kite artists in the world and an active member of the Kyoto Kite Association and the International Friends of Small Kites.  His focus was on making “frames” that allowed him to make the very smallest of kites to fly.  He is holder of the Guinness Book […]

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E1.Dunford Flying Machine

Some Fodder for Creativity

In my last article for KiteLife I wrote about the importance of not plagiarizing original designs of kite makers (at least not without permission!) but this month I am making a case for learning from replicating archival designs that are part of the public domain.   I’ve made it a point to avoid making this column […]

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Jon Trennepohl Geo Pointer

Homage, Plagiarism, and Outright Theft

I clearly remember my second trip to FanØ, Denmark, when, as I was driving down the beach, I spotted “my” attic-window Edo flying in a sky crowded with kites. I did a double-take, because I still owned that kite. What I finally realized, was that someone had made an almost-exact copy of my Edo and […]

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