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Review: BiPlutz

This year, I spent the month of July in Singapore doing school performances for ACT 3 International. During my stay, I had the pleasure of meeting the man behind the Plutz and the Zero-G, Leong Chee Wan of Malaysia. Chee Wan had a new toy to show off when we met, aptly named the BiPlutz. […]

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Review: Revolution Race SPL Rods

If you are at all in tune to the news coming from Revolution Enterprises, then you know that they have a brand new spar named Race SPL. These rods follow the trend that began with the ever popular Race Rods, followed by the Green Race Rods. The rods were first mentioned on the Revolution forum […]

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Rev Indoor Mods

Modding a Rev Indoor

This January marked the debut of my new indoor Rev team Flyform. Along with John and TK Barresi, we performed for the first time to the Black Eyed Peas “Pump It” at the Windless kite festival in Long Beach, WA. I recently received our new team practice kites and was put in charge of making […]

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The Glider Craze

If you are to go to any indoor kiting event in the world, what kites would you expect to see? You’ll see some Revs, an Echo, and maybe an iTrix. Lately, you will also see a bunch of gliders including the iFlite, the Zen glider, Plutz, Wala, Skate, Urban Ninja or Horvath. Gliders have slowly […]

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Working on some mega team moves

Issue 71: 3rd Annual West Coast Rev Clinic

The third annual WCRC was held March 19-21 in Long Beach, WA with John Barresi, Steve de Rooy, JD Fabich, Bazzer Poulter, David Hathaway, and Spencer Watson as instructors, and twenty one people came from throughout the Northwest to expand their horizons in Revolution kite flying. In the process everyone managed to make new friends […]

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