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Q. How can I become a Contributor?

A. To become a Contributor, you must e-mail one of the Kitelife administrators with your full name, and a short biography about yourself. One of the administrators will then grant you Contributor status. Contributors’ accounts will be modified so that your display name is your full name. To be a contributor, your display name must remain this way. Any changes made will not affect your forum account.

Q. How can I submit an article?

A. Any Contributor can submit an article for review by the Kitelife staff. To do this, you must LOG IN and click on the “Kitelife.com – Kites, Kite Magazine, Vid…” link in the top right hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the Dashboard, where you can manage your account details. On the right hand side of the Dashboard, click on the “Posts” button. From here you can click on the “Add New” link to start creating a new post. Once you have written your article, you can press the blue “Submit for Review” button on the lift hand side of the screen. This will submit your article to the Kitelife editors, who will review your article for formatting and content.

Q. Is there anything I should know when submitting photographs?

A. YES, and that is a great question! We take photo credits very seriously so we absolutely insist that if you upload/submit photos with your article(s), each one MUST be tastefully watermarked with the photographer’s name in the bottom right corner, using this basic format: © 2011 John Doe

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