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Still deciding what to do with this space, you can also find more of my stuff at the links below.
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John Barresi

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John Barresi

Believe it or not, I don't actually fly locally very much...
Sometimes though, I get the itch and wander out to one of my favorite Portland haunts.

large.IMG_2177.JPG.081896548c0e3f1453458   large.IMG_2179.JPG.c05329266bb3ef5623526   large.IMG_2182.JPG.b9c585773dae7f3091f88

They all have one thing in common, pretty variable winds of anywhere from 0-8 mph with changing directions... Fact is, that stuff really gets me off and I'm very much at home with it.

large.IMG_2189.JPG.7580f8d5cacc4a2b68e98   large.IMG_2186.JPG.e5970b4f7e3f8f6c6c315   large.IMG_2190.JPG.bcd588eb0993c0a3a4803

This time out I went to Eastbank Esplenade, on the east side of the Willamette River, immediately north of the Hawthorne Bridge - $1 per hour parking, all concrete or asphalt and mostly covered by two overpasses (I-5) so it works even when it's raining. :)

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