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About this blog

...or perhaps 'The left hand doesn't know what the kite hand is doing' would be a more accurate description!

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Suddenly, it's May!   The weather has been turning colder here over the last few (eight!) weeks.   Work has been busy, and combined with the end of daylight savings time, it has definitely put a crimp on my flying!   I finally got a chance to debut my new ribbon tails last weekend, they looked great!   Unfortunately I can't show you any video, the GoPro wasn't working properly - operator error!  Then I got rained on and it dawned on me that I now had to work out a way of drying 2 x 25ft tails...

The answer I settled on was pulling each tail through a folded towel, that seemed to work pretty well!   I managed to put my first puncture in the sail, but my kite repair kit came to the rescue and it handily patched the small hole before it had the chance to become bigger.

I got to go out and play for about an hour the following day in about 10 - 14 km/h winds, I had a lot of fun just keeping the kite in the air and moving it around in the window.  Nothing fancy.   I need to go back and review all the slack line trick videos again before I go out next time, that wind speed seemed ripe for trying a lot of tricks.


Hello there, welcome to my blog!

I've never really done one of these before... short story even shorter: I got myself a 2-line kite.  Didn't know anything about kites.  I found this forum and asked the following question:

I received a lot of helpful information from the locals and the thread kind of evolved into me detailing my flying experiences.  It was suggested that I should do that in a blog instead, and so here we are!

I'm planning to put links to any videos that I have taken while flying.  Beyond that, I'm not sure.  Open to suggestions!



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