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  2. Kite Forge

    Thanks can't wait to see one.
  3. Kite Forge

    Similar size to the Sky Burner iNak but a bit easier to load up, Level One Amazing is a different class, much larger kite. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  4. Kite Forge

    White with blue is just fine too !!! Awesome!!! Where does kaiju compare to niknak/lnack and level one amazed indoor/outoor?
  5. Kaiju

  6. Kaiju

  7. Kite Forge

  8. Line length

    Maybe this low wind sitting around is starting to make me over think with very little experience to come to logical conclusions. I do know this. Dragging my lines around the pasture getting stuck in weeds and grasses is bad!! Can not use the fifties outside my yard. Yard is a 1/2 acre and with a low wind kite will be a really good space.My best trick is still the nose dive. As that gets less entertaining won't be such an issue but still an issue. Buying in bulk from china gets me the same stuff. Shanti and the like pricey. Chopping up new 120 or 150 seems a bit drastic to me. Climax Protec or Q pro in 500' 65 lb, 90 lb and 150 lb cutting as wanted seems a good way to learn. Still haven't found a place to get that stuff . Still haven't used my 100' 150 lb set either. That'll be fun. Looking forward to feeling the difference between the cheap and the good. Heck if it wouldn't have been for all you people sharing knowledge and opinions I'd have stayed happy not knowing, not knowing .
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  10. Beautiful Evil

    Playful and imaginative!
  11. Line length

    Friction increase with time of use of the Spectra line and they are therefore not as slippery as a new one. Isn't a problem using a spectra line as a SUL bridle that it is a bit too slippery to hold knots? I had some minor issues (but somewhat annoying) with my HQ Shadow bridle (which I believe is spectra/Dyneema) before. A high friction Spectra line then sound more fit to be used a SUL bridle, thus giving a second life to some old lines? (nope never made any bridles from scratch what so ever). A nice line length if the field easily allows it, giving you room for both tricking and more relaxed figure flying. Usually go between 20m and 25m 38kg (66' and 82' 84lbs) and 15m 25kg (39' 55lbs) for low wind flying. I believe having time on the 20m set teaches you to make use of the available space, making the 25m feel like a luxury length. I guess if I'd take the consequence of this I'd make more use of the 15m 38kg (49' 84lbs) in medium wind to really learn to be economic with space or try street kiting perhaps? Street kiting b.t.w. is short lines yes, but is it always performed in light wind too? Prefer at least 25m lines when towing my 23m (75') Prism tails.
  12. Line length

    Shouldn't feel a lot of difference, maybe a little. I'd wait til they wear some, then cut to replace the 85's when they wear. Eventually they become urban lines or go in the trash. PS: lines do wear out after time!!
  13. Line length

    pretty much new. rarely flew 100ft. i'm pretty much used to the 85ft.so haven't had the time to really feel the difference
  14. Line length

    Developed a worn spot on the lines or still pretty new? Shortening can get rid of that bad spot where lines cross all the time. Really depends on where you feel in that learning curve, if 15' makes that much a difference.
  15. Line length

    Might sound stupid but i thought of cutting down my 100ft line down to 85ft. Is there a noticeable difference between these lengths? Or is it not worth the hassle? Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L21 using KiteLife mobile app
  16. And The Collection Grows

    I had one of his originals for a decade, it would fly from 2 to over 20 mph because you could adjust the amount of tension on the legs of the dragon. In low wind you can snug 'em up tightly in line with the rest of the sail, in bigger wind you can lean the legs way backwards and dump massive amounts of sail pressure. My first novice quad-lined competition I borrowed Smithy's music, signed-up on site and flew 1st using a Beautiful Evil Show kite...... and won! Rob Semblast acquired it from me,... number sixty something, I believe
  17. Line length

    Just remember that the shorter you go in length, the faster your reactions must be. Too short gives you much less time to pull out of any situation. 75' - 85' sounds about right. I have some 50' - 60', but started using them well into my flying experience.
  18. Quad Count (they all count)

    Added 1 new hybrid indoor/XSUL crafted by Eliot Shook from Dave Ashworth's original 3rd generation design,... kinda' Blast sized quad but framed for indoors. I'm creating the bridle and doing the tuning/adjusting/modifications so it's "fun mission"! I'm hoping to unveil it at SPI in February. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10212255614440399&set=ms.c.eJwzNDAyNDIyNTUzNDExMTC2tNQzRBIxMDC2tAAAfSIG~%3Bg~-~-.bps.a.10206887457319826.1073741834.1079141123&type=3&theater
  19. Line length

    I need to convert your imperial stuff into metric More than pound rating, i've come to the conclusion that line brands is important as well. i have a set from HQ and a set from Decathlon. both 130#. the Decathlon ones are twice as thick as the HQ which i presume, creates more drag. Right now i'm using 130# 100 ft on the silverfox and 130# 80ft on my hypnotist and thinking of using a chopped pair of 150# 65ft on my future orao feel-r160 because that's what i have laying around. might get some shanti or lpg lines when i decide to get new ones
  20. Line length

    If your still doing nose plants then 90 to 100 footers make sense. Having a bigger window gives you more time to recover from a nose dive. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  21. Kite Forge

    I’ll be backing the Kaiju with an array of new tutorials too, I’m really excited to dig into the information - way easier than it looks. 🤘
  22. Line length

    Thanks that makes perfectly simple sense. I'm' going to replace the lines on a widow ng soon. Was thinking 100 ft would help quicken the learning curve.Makes sense that the additional lag time won't do that. My 90 lb are actually 65 ft not 82. I'll try that when my lower spreader is repaired.
  23. And The Collection Grows

    Yes. It's the Joel Sholz design made by Go Fly. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  24. Kite Forge

    Not on FB so I could not vote there. I like the white with sky blue. Clouds & sky colors have always been one of my preferences. Some of the sweeping indoor moves remind me of flying gliders like the Wala & the Zero G. Now I just need to work on the rest but watching the arm movements & body action are very helpful & inspiring. Looks like time for even shorter lines then the 18's I've used so many times. Keep the kite completely assembled in the vehicle with the lines rolled round it like a yoyo then no excuse for a quick session almost anywhere. Hmmm, SHBKF
  25. Line length

    If you are trick flying, when you get over 85ft you start to get a lag between input and response. I like the connection you get with the kite on 85 ft to 75ft lines.If your flying figures or team flying you need the larger window 90 to 120 foot lines give you.@ Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  26. Kite Forge

    What a strange beast !! I mean the kite. If I got a black lime one could I name it Mothra . The name should stand the test of time . Very cool.
  27. And The Collection Grows

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