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  2. Needle dimensions My plan was to write about the material used rather soon after the equipment, but then I realized that I hadn't understood the needle dimensions yet. So I started to find out about it and I found things not so straight forward. First problem I see with saying that a needle size is "90/14" is that there are no units. 90 pieces of what or 14 pieces of what - the text "90/14" just doesn't say anything in itself. If, but only if, you know the conventions you have a chance. First with knowledge about the convention the numbers are given a meaning. The second thing is that there are two numbers for the to express the one and same diameter. If the relation between these two numbers was simple, it shouldn't be required to provide both of them. How the size codes (Y-axis) depends on the needle diameters (X-axis). The needle diameter is here expressed as in the NM system where the unit is 0.01mm or equivalently 10µm. The European number metric (NM) system The European/number metric/NM system is almost sane, it is just the needle dimension expressed in units of 1/100 of a mm (or in units of 0.01mm or 10nm). As long as you know this it is nice and linear scale. E.g. NM 90 corresponds to 0.90mm - just as you would expect. If you mean that a needle is 0.9mm it would be better to write it like that directly with the unit included IMO. The Singer/US size code And now over to something completely different - the Singer/US size code. The nicest thing that can be said about it is that it exists (a sub) range(s) of linear needle diameters (part of this range is recognized in the above link http://www.singerco.com/sewing-resources/machine-needles ). There are thicker needles outside this range, but then the size code no longer varies linearily with the needle diameter ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sewing_machine_needle , http://www.thethreadexchange.com/miva/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=needle_size_conversion_chart , http://apparelscience.com/index.php/apparel-science/technical/85-apparel-science/technical/150-needle-number-system ). This info is plotted in the above diagram. The non linearity starts already at needle dimensions of 1.2mm (120/19). Then, for thicker needles, a small change in the Singer size code starts to correspond to a large change in needle diameter. Another funny thing about these size codes is that to express really small values one would need to use negative values if one would extrapolate the curve for small values with a straight line. Not keeping things clear and simple takes away power from the user/DIYer by obfuscating matters IMO. The needle tips provided with the sewing machine (yes the same image as image as above). Types of sewing machine needles. The image is in the public domain as given in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sewing-machine-needles-types.jpg . Looking at the µscope images in the original post and comparing them to the Wikipedia needle graphics, the needle tips that came with the sewing machine looks like something between an universal needle and a needle for stretch material. Considering the beginner tool the needles came with, a Singer Simple, perhaps the needles provided were chosen towards the more robust side with slightly rounded tips?
  3. Wingtip Tension Knots for Prism 4-D?

    Good luck hiding them!!! LOL!!! Pix of how long the cord is and a pic of the cap might help. Last I got from Prism (Ozone and Alien) had "O" rings to tension the sail!!
  4. Uk flyers

    Just my sense of humour [emoji4] , I’m guessing your living in us now ?? Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  5. Uk flyers

    It's close, but not quite Wales. Why barely? It's no closer than Liverpool is.
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  7. Quad handle types and line brands

    I gotta laugh! My first quad handles were wooden home-made. Was between jobs and couldn't afford the real thing. Flew on home-made fishing line too. Sewed the kite myself. Frame from a McMaster-Carr catalog. The whole setup cost less than $60 in materials. If you want to know what it looked like, see my avatar. That's the one.
  8. Uk flyers

    I think your find that area is classed as barely British [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  9. Wingtip Tension Knots for Prism 4-D?

    Just received the Prism 4-D, and as a newbie I only have the Quantum to compare it to in terms of assembly. The Quantum has super easy nocks and bungees to set the wingtip tension. The 4-D has an insert instead with some line that is wrapped around it to adjust and set the tension. Does anyone have an up close video of how to insert this tip onto the leading edge and then knot it up correctly to keep it in place? I looked on youtube, but I guess wingtips attachments vary greatly. I foolishly released the original knot to attach it to the leading edge, but I'm uncertain as how to re-do it. So I figured, hey. there's another leading edge, I can just model the knot off the one I didn't release yet. But lol, repeated my mistake on the other side. Am I overthinking this one? Should I just do a wrap/tuck under type of know to hold them in place? Maybe do something of the sort twice on each end? Thanks in advance:) One more question...where do I hide new kites from my husband;)
  10. Quad handle types and line brands

    Fantastic !! I got some plywood and 1x4 slats. I'll take 2 of each. Post dated check 3/19/2052 is in the mail. So excited.
  11. Quad handle types and line brands

    Sorry - no sale!!!!
  12. Quad handle types and line brands

    You'll just have to make do with what is available. Sorry.
  13. Quad handle types and line brands

    Indoor Rev handles are "only" 14"!! And my son's Rev II had 9" handles stock with it. None of those fit my needs!!!! LOL!!
  14. Quad handle types and line brands

    I make the best handles in the world. They come fully programmed with all the moves and tricks that JB can do, and can be updated online as new moves and tricks become available. The grip diameter is infinitely adjustable to fit any size of hand perfectly, and the color of grips and shafts can be programmed to whatever combination you desire. They can be had in four lengths, each made specifically for the type of kite being flown, to give you a truly zoned-in experience: 1. 17" (indoor) 2. 15" for size 1 3. 13" for 1.5's 4.11" for size II Each comes with a lifetime warranty, and a free jar of fairy dust (for competition use). At only $1495.00 per set, they are certainly a bargain, since they are worth more than twice their weight in gold. Original TK-tied JB leaders included with each set at no additional charge. Order now and get a second set of your choice at 25% off. Will be available for shipment in exactly 13 days, for one day only. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime offer! Dual-line straps in various configurations will be available next year.
  15. Uk flyers

    I wish I could come by and help. I think I qualify as a UK flyer as I was born in Hereford.
  16. Quad handle types and line brands

    I had gotten mine from Mikey D. (same person makes JB's dogstake) and one set needed a little ream to fit the JB leaders. Just a hair size bigger made all the difference. It was only a 1/32" change? Not much.....
  17. Uk flyers

    You bet we can we will see how many we get at the Portsmouth International kite Festival this year, 2018. Bill https://www.facebook.com/Dunstable-Downs-Old-Gents-
  18. Sorry, Twin Roses, the Styluses are sold. They would be a great choice for the twins, like you said.
  19. Nighthawk

    hello, is coming with lines ? if yes what lines and dimensions.Thank you
  20. Hi Deb, I ended up purchasing a Quantum, and have a 4-D on the way. Shhhh, don't tell my husband that I am now inquiring about your purple and green Prism Stylus;) I think it could be great fun for our 13 y/o twins without having to worry about breaking anything if they crash. I've been considering a Prism Synapse for them, so this could make for a great gift for them instead. What kind of condition is it in and does it come with lines? Could you please tell me how much you are asking? Thanks so much:)
  21. OK I'm back to work on selling the kites. The only kites sold so far in the original list are the two Styluses and the Prism Flashback. Pending sales are the 3 no-name kites; other sales I may have mentioned above have fallen through. I will message those folks who were waiting for pending sales since they are "next in line". Thank you for your patience.
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  23. Micron

    I'm interested. Good shape? Does it come complete with everything?
  24. Micron

    Prism Micron in good shape. $35.00 PayPal preferred. Includes U.S. shipping.
  25. Addiction

    Premier Addiction in good shape. $75.00
  26. Nighthawk

    Premier Nighthawk in good shape $85.00 PayPal preferred shipping included.
  27. Moving on

    In good shape. 2 of the 3 Premier Spider series. Widow ng $130.00 Jewel $ 60.00 PayPal preferred.U.S shipping included.
  28. Quad handle types and line brands

    Untie the leaders that came with the handles. Use the shortest loop made from them attached to the handles and attach the TK leaders to them. Save the rest of the originals to replace them as they wear out.
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