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  2. Competition debut...

    So be it, I’ll post whatever else comes up, hopefully YouTube.
  3. Competition debut...

    Yes, I can see them. Thank you. Looks like not being able to view the video issue is on my end. Know Eye Deer, SHBKF
  4. Today
  5. Software to Diagram Team Routines

    I've been looking at both - short maneuvers (elements) as building blocks that can be combined into more complex routines (choreography). My eventual goal is to build out full routines with music - I think that will be easier for us to learn and master. It really helps for us to see all three of our kites in motion at the same time. While I am not a fan per say of Flash videos, I am open to switching to Adobe Animate if we can get a community building reusable maneuvers. If I continue to go it alone I will probably stick with SynFig Studio. I really like your last question - is it something people need? When there were no responses I started thinking I may be an anomaly in this area, and most teams use more on-the-fly techniques like JB does. I'm really interested to see if others are using any tools like this.
  6. Software to Diagram Team Routines

    Are you thinking about short elements with 5-10 steps, or are you talking about choreography for a complete song? The Reed Design tools step along a small number of animation frames, but it seems like you mean full routines. While I think you meant Flash videos instead of Adobe Flash (now called Adobe Animate), for me personally laying out things like that with Adobe's tools is easy since I've used it in my day job (game developer), and the editing tools allow straightforward manipulations of timelines with audio. Now I'm curious, too: What do people who don't have access to that type of tool use? Are there any kite choreography tools out there to the masses? Is it something people need?
  7. Trlby equivalent

    Link to DynaKite... http://dynakite.corecommerce.com/Dyna-Kites/ Slightly larger, there is also Peter Powell... https://shop.peterpowellstunterkites.com
  8. Competition debut...

    I've added three event photos to the lead post, can you see them @SHBKF?
  9. Competition debut...

    Hmmmm. I have Know Eye Deer in this case.
  10. Competition debut...

    No issues for me.. Worked fine. Thought it was very cool and entertaining. Streamed nicely. and you are correct. Not on FB..
  11. Competition debut...

    It’s a public video posted by an attendee on a public group page, should be visible with any web browser (viewing / no other interaction) - @riffclown, you’re not FB either far as I know, any issues?
  12. Competition debut...

    Now at home it appears I don't have access due to my reluctance to embrace the FB world, sigh SHBKF
  13. Midnight Royal Taboo

    Started on the little brother for this kite today.. Same (-ish) layout but probably Rev II B2 sized with 72" LE.. If the panels turn out well I make make a 1.5 size though.. Will still be smaller than the first one.. first was a 97.5" LE. The second kite will be made from the strips cut from the first kite.. I cut through 4 layers each time to give me alternating triangles but still keep the grain pretty true.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Competition debut...

    I have the same problem on satellite out in the country, two seconds... two steps... frozen screen (helps me check on his technique then repeat. Feel your pain for a different reason. It’s great when I go into town and sit with all the retired folks at Hardee’s (free coffee for my age) and use the WiFi [emoji23]
  16. Competition debut...

    Maybe that explains why it won't even load on this old nutbook...... SHBKF
  17. Quad Count (they all count)

    Now that's decorating a house for Christmas!!!
  18. Quad Count (they all count)

    I'd never have time to fly if I did that.. But I also wouldn't have room to..
  19. Quad Count (they all count)

    I'm going to set up all my kites to do this but dread the set up and take down time AND finding a large enough space to do it that is dry! LOL!
  20. Competition debut...

    Can’t wait to see “really polished” Sent from my IPhone
  21. First look!

    I... Uhhh... I’m sorry? lol Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  22. Quad Count (they all count)

    How long did it take for setting them up?
  23. Competition debut...

    449 shares for that video in 24 hours and going up every few minutes, it’s crazy, especially because I give myself a 6/10 on that flight... By the time AKA Convention rolls around, I hope to have it really polished. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  24. Midnight Royal Taboo

  25. First look!

    Damn you John! I can't afford any more quads. Damn you! Sigh.......
  26. Competition debut...

    If I was in that competition I would have resigned after seeing that! P.S. -- I tried clicking the LIKE button 50 times, but it only toggles.
  27. Midnight Royal Taboo

    Are you making your own bridles?
  28. Quad Count (they all count)

    Nice. I lack the motivation to display mine like that. Good job and nice collection.
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