All discussion pertaining to sport kite competition in the USA or internationally, rules, tips & techniques, organization, or anything else related.

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    • Four line speed foil recommendation?
      Had to look that one up using your Google search.  The on-line images look exactly like a strop line, which I never heard of before.  Thanks!  For the time being I'm going to leave it intact as provided by the manufacturer until experience with the kite dictates what course of action would be best.  Good to know its purpose in order to make an informed decision, so thanks once again, Rob. Frank
    • Four line speed foil recommendation?
      I think they call that a strop (?) line, you can use it to hook into a harness if you're using it for traction activities. It takes the pull off of you arms & shoulders and transfers it to the harness. I'm sure it's OK to disconnect it if you prefer...  
    • Four line speed foil recommendation?
      Based upon the advice given here, some comparison shopping on specs, and demonstrated YouTube capabilities, I ended up purchasing a Spiderkites Smithi in early January.  Due to weather and a compulsion to fly my full vent Rev at every opportunity, the kite remained in its bag until this past week end except for a brief unpacking and inspection in my home upon arrival. Well, I can say after flying it this past Saturday in 11 - 14mph winds, this thing is fast and agile, and can do everything that my Rev can do - with the understanding that as a newbie I've only scratched the surface on that kite's capabilities, too.   But...I have yet another, potentially embarrassingly newbie question to ask.  I see numerous videos of the Smithi being flown.  In none of them are the handles connected by a cord.  Mine came connected with an approximately shoulder width's worth of cord.  Do I divide this??  What is its purpose?  Is it some kind of safety feature of which I am unaware? If anyone knows, please advise.  FWIW, if it >IS< a safety feature, I have a wrist strap that I can attach to a brake line.  Frankly, I'd prefer to divide the cord so the flying technique is more akin to that of my Revs. Frank
    • Rev Blast for trade
      I can't tell if your mention of a 1 meter kite is just because you want something that packs up small, or if you really are looking for a kite that is that small.  If the former, you could also consider getting a Rev with a travel frame.  Basically, instead of a 3 piece leading edge, each of those sticks are cut in half and ferruled, so you end up with 6 sticks of half the length.  Same with the vertical sticks.  I know you can get the Rev 1.5 (that's not 1.5 meter by the way, Rev's numbering system is not the same as the convention that power kites use, if you're familiar with that) with a travel frame.  It may be possible to get travel frames for other sizes as well.  So, for a Rev 1.5, which normally have 31" sticks, with a travel frame you end up with 15.5" sticks plus a couple inches or so for the ferrules that are on some of them.  Designed to be small enough to fit in a suitcase when packed up.  Hopefully small enough for your motorcycle too.  
    • Rev Blast for trade
      How About a two or four line foil, they pack up real small for the bike!