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As a proud supporter of all things kiting, we try to post any new and interesting raffles or contests from the AKA and other pro-kite organizations.

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    • Very good speech: life lesson in patience. The kite flier is like the sailor, you can choose the best sail for the wind but the weather always have the last word.

      Thierry Bressure

    • Looks like this may be a good weekend.  We're doing a program for some elementary kids on Friday.  Then it's warmer with good winds for the whole weekend. Vent over.  I can fly again!!   
    • We have 45*-55* temps for the next two days, but a good chance of rain for the both. Sunday looks like a wash, and temps back down around 40* & heavy rain. So, even though the temps were around 35* today, the sun was bright, winds around 15mph and fading. I got out the full-vent on my way home from work, and gave it a little air. I didn't forget how to fly, but as the sun set, the winds calmed down almost to the point that the full-vent was having a hard time staying in the air. That was OK, 40 minutes was enough of a taste... Kite flying is a life lesson in patience, and when the wind & weather is good, all the harsh sessions are forgotten & you just have to bask in the glory of 'the perfect day' !
    • I have a Flying Wings - Silver Fox 2.3 pro. standard

      I know that the lower spreader is dynamic T18.

      Can anyone please educate me on what tubes are being used for the:

      upper leading edge
      lower leading edge