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    • Rev Blast for trade
      I bought it new about 3 years ago and have flown it maybe 4 times ( probably more like twice) has both sizes of leading edges and comes with lines and handles.   its just too large for me to take flying as I only get to the beach by motorcycle or by flying. I'd like a nice crispy 1 meter vented model complete with lines and handles. Got anything interesting that packs up small?  
    • Need to rant?
      Complete rant list: 11 Letters   --   Conflagrant   Corroborant   Equilibrant   Expectorant   Protuberant   Refrigerant   Remonstrant   Reverberant 10 Letters   --    Accelerant   Adulterant   Denaturant   Intolerant   Ministrant   Nonmigrant   Registrant   Restaurant   Vociferant 9 Letters   --    Cauterant   Celebrant   Cormorant   Declarant   Deodorant   Exuberant   Fulgurant   Immigrant   Integrant   Itinerant   Nurturant   Obscurant   Penetrant   Reentrant   Susurrant 8 Letters   --   Aberrant   Alterant   Aspirant   Colorant   Emigrant   Figurant   Flagrant   Fragrant   Ignorant   Inerrant   Insurant   Quadrant   Retirant   Roborant   Saturant   Sonorant   Tolerant  7 Letters   --    Courant   Currant   Entrant   Hydrant   Intrant   Iterant   Migrant   Odorant   Operant   Regrant   Spirant   Titrant   Vagrant   Vibrant   Warrant 6 Letters   --   Arrant   Errant   Jurant   Tyrant 5 Letters   --    Brant   Grant 4 Letters   --    Rant Please include at least one with your sarcastic dissertation. For instance: The conflagrant nature of today's beach winds made me long for cold beer in the shade.
    • Aerial videos of fortress, churches and landscapes
      Ikalto Academy (Georgian: იყალთოს აკადემია) in XI-XIII centuries was a high school and the academy in Ikalto, Georgia. Ikalto monastery was known as one of the most significant cultural-scholastic centers of Georgia, which is asserted by the ruins of some civil building preserved at the site of the monastery.
      The monastic complex of Ikalto is situated 7-8-kilometers west of Telavi on the outskirts the village of Ikalto. The complex was founded by one of the Assyrian monks – Zenon of Ikalto in the late VI century. Only three churches have been preserved from the complex. The transfiguration church–Gvtaeba (Holy Spirit) built in the VIII-IX centuries stands on the site of an earlier church (in which the founder of the monastery, Saint Zenon had been reburied) and had the form of the Greek cross in plan. St. Mary’s single-nave church Kvelatsminda (Absolutely Holy) built at the close of the XII century and at the turn of the XIII century and Sameba (Holy Trinity). In spite of considerable reconstruction, one can still see parts of an older VI century domed church in the little Trinity church. These churches were restored so many times that their original appearance has changed drastically. All three churches, like most of the Kakhetian churches, are white, and against the background of green hills, attracts one’s attention from far away. The remains of the academy and the refectory survive among other ruins of the monastery complex.
      According to verbal sources, during the Georgian Renaissance (IX-XIII centuries) an outstanding historical figure and tutor of David the Builder, scholar and philosopher Arsen of Ikalto initiated the project on establishing a high school and the academy in Ikalto. He was a son of Kakhetian nobleman Ibad Vachnadze. Ikalto monastery was known as one of the most significant cultural-scholastic centers of Georgia. That is proved by the ruins of some presumable civil building found in the garth of the monastery. The oblong building of the academy is built of cobble stone. The ground floor consisted of two rooms, while the single hall of the first floor was meant for scholarly discussions. Scholarly and literary work was in full swing at the academy.
      Many important works were written and translated from Greek, important catalogues were made up. During his scholarly activity at academy, Arsen of Ikalto, the founder and the first rector of the academy, translated such an important work as “The Great Nomocanon”, another important work translated by him was “The Source of knowledge” written by John Damascene. Arsen of Ikalto wrote “The Epitaph of David the Builder”, which was passed on from generation to generation. The academy of Ikalto had functioned for a long time, playing an important role in the history of Georgian enlightenment.
      According to a legend the famous XII century Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli studied here.
      In Georgian academies, the syllabus consisted of Trivium (grammar, rhetoric, dialectics or logic) and Aquarium (music, arithmetic, geometry and astronomy) cycles. Theology, philosophy and chanting were also taught here. Besides the theoretical courses, the students were skilled in pharmacology, pottery making, metal work, viticulture and wine making.
      Archaeological excavations revealed numerous workshops, wine-cellars, a smithy, store rooms and other household rooms grouped around the academy building. The Monastery was roofed with glazed tiles.
      In 1616, the Iranian invaders led by Shah Abbas-II set it on fire and the academy ceased to exist.
      After the annexation of Georgia by Russia, in 1921, the monastery was closed.
      In 1965, a museum was opened in the main church.
      Precious books, icons, the church bell and many important items were lost.
      After the restoration of freedom, in 1991, the monastery became active once again.  
    • Quad build
      I can relate. I've had 2 mesh failures on 2 Revs in just over 1 year. I bought a sewing machine and will learn how to repair myself.
    • Karma - iPrey Glider (2/6/16)
      Awesome Win! Enjoy that little fella.