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    • What are the Kite Archives?   11/27/2015

      Welcome to the our kite archives, a growing listing of all kites produced on a commercial or specialty level, with as much info as we can find including (when available) MFR link(s), YouTube videos, photos and essential product info. Members are encouraged to add their own reviews, modifications, tips, photos, videos, stories and history for any of the kites. All submissions will be held for admin approval. Click the "Advanced" link next to our search box on this page to search for kite(s) by name or manufacturer, be sure to select the kite archives category under "Find in forum".
    • How do I rate kites in the archive?   11/27/2015

      Just above the first (opening) post in any topic, on the right side of the page, you'll see a row of stars where you can rate any kite listed in the archives 1 through 5... Please do so only if you've actually had experience on a kite, as all ratings should represent a balance of value, performance and overall flight experience.
    • How do I add a kite to these archives?   11/27/2015

      Our goal is to develop and assemble a comprehensive list of all kites ever produced, either in the mainstream (Rev, Quantum Pro, Beetle, etc) or specialty (AeroStar, California WASP, Sea Devil)... From Rainbows, Skynasaurs and Peter Powells to Psychos, Geminis and Vipers, let's see 'em all! There is a single line section too of course, and we'd love to see it grow too, even though it isn't our strongest area of knowledge. Want to add a kite to the archives? It's easy! . Add a new topic with the kite name as Topic Title and the manufacturer name as Topic Description... Looks like:
      Topic Title: Nirvana
      Topic Description: by R-Sky
      . At least one photo of the kite is required (attached to the post) for visual identification purposes.
      . Bonus content, which is always extra appreciated...
      . Designer's name Link to MFR web site Link to YouTube video of kite in flight Info about models (i.e. super ultralight, ultralight, standard, vented)
      .   Thanks folks, I'm looking forward to watching this archive grow!
    • Help KiteLife when you shop Amazon this holiday season!   11/29/2015

      Happy Holidays!  Did you know each of your Amazon purchases can generate a % back to KiteLife whenever you use our special search page? Visit KITELIFE.COM/AMAZON/ for the exact same shopping experience as usual - we don't receive any order info, just a small % on anything ordered using the search box at KiteLife! Add a bookmark - http://kitelife.com/amazon/ KiteLife.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.
    • Raffle: Signed B-Series Package   11/29/2015

      One lucky winner is taking home a brand new B-Series STD package on January 1st including a hand-signed kite, 2 and 3 wrap frames, LPG lines, handles, Pro leaders and a DVD - grab your tickets periodically until then to increase your chances of winning!


Want to share your experiences with a particular kite? This is the place to do it, but please... No inflammatory remarks (flaming), keep it fair and try to preface all reviews with the fact that you are merely relating your experiences.

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    • Flynhi's Travel/Rev blog
      Starting to get the hang of this B series. More time on lines.
    • Well that was a better day :)
      Yup, that Zen's gonna get you. Once you click with it, there's no going back. I've been hooked on super low wind for a few years now. Demands finesse, flying at your best. Teaches you things about sail loading that cannot be learned any other way. Great way to transition to indoor.
    • Limited access
      That Zen will grow on you. Before you know it, you'll be craving those 0-3mph days. I'm hooked.
    • Rev Bridles, Rev 1 and B-Series
      Rev Bridles : on my B-Series it's getting worn out ... what store online has it ? ... is it possible to make my own bridles (like duplicating it) ? Rev 1 : according to revkite.com's Rev 1 specification,  this kite can handle up to 25 mph ... I only flew it at 17mph on 160 feet line (rev kite line + power kite line) ... it's AWESOME for first 20 minutes ... then one of the vertical bar snapped (did not hurt the kite) ... What now ? ... The wind has not reach 18 mph or higher at all ... the spar's label said "Revolution Equipped" ... is there something wrong there ? ... and who has Rev 1 spars at online store ? ... can I get a stronger spars ? ... can I just go buy carbon tube and cut it for less ? ...  B-Series : I need to go buy some spars or can I just go buy carbon tube and cut it for less ? Speaking of RevKites.com's "Find a store" ... I thought I picked "Rev Bridles" > find a store ... a WHOLE list ... I just checked out a few store online already and have not found spars, then one last time ... picked another store ... how am I suppose to know which this SPARS for ... Rev 1 or B-Series ... I have already measured the spars ... Rev 1 vertical spar is 36" long and B-Series is 31" long ...  Will you give me a good start in details ... or umm ... I just don't want to buy the wrong spars ... Thanks. I am going to check out few more stores if I can find it ...  See ? http://intothewind.com/ItemSearch--search-Spars--srcin-1 ... it does not even tell me how long is it ... $2 a foot ? $2 for a single 31" or 36" spar ? $2 for what ? after check out like 10th kite store online ... found one ... http://www.thekiteshoppe.com/categories/Kite-Parts-and-Supplies/ http://www.thekiteshoppe.com/products/Revolution-B-2-Spar-%252d-2-wrap-Regular.html ... Rev B ... is that referring to B-Series and it does not even tell me how long is it or thickness ? That is what I meant "give me a good start" ... so I won't be so confusing.  I just found Rev 1 Spars just now ... http://www.thekiteshoppe.com/products/Revolution-I-4-Wrap-Equipped-Regular-Spar.html 4 wrap ? ... isn't that suppose to be very strong ? or I got a defective spar ?  Is this one stronger than 4 wrap ? http://www.thekiteshoppe.com/products/Revolution-I-Race-Regular-Spar.html Can I get a thicker than that like the Rev 1 Leading Rod as Vertical Bar, if replace the endcap with thicker size ? ... This Rev 1 is almost like a power kite at 14-20mph, which I like it alot !!! I have a slightly a half an inch straight line rip on the mesh ... can I use FiberFix or ScreenMesh ?   I am getting tired now ... I think I just looked at like 15 kite online stores ... why is it so hard to find and very vague information about it ?   Good night.
    • Karma stylus p2 2.8m parafoil
      Hi Josh, may you Fly what you can with Intent, and let the rest fly itself.
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