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    • hi all.  glad to be here.  been flying dual line for about 10 years but had the last 3 years or so off due medical but now back better than ever.     just recently got a rev (reflex)  and a quad power kite (sky dog 1.8).   excited to learn some new technique and hope to get with some  others to learn and share.     we have a club in my area but less activity that there was several years ago it seems.  i am in the north dallas (tx) area.    i will soon have more time for kiting and other fun stuff as i will be retiring around the first week in May. thanks, gw
    • Hello @gdogwood, Welcome to KiteLife®! Although this is an automated message, it is written with heart - I love kites deeply, and I believe the KiteLife community represents this passion with a very friendly and helpful environment for everyone. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Need to tweak settings? Edit your profile here - View Member
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      KL Shop And while it's never an obligation, we always love hearing about our new members if you'd like to share some of your kite stories, videos, and/or background... Tell us a little about YOUR kite life!
    • Sleds? Yeah, I live with a family of sleds. There are some that live upstairs in a closet, the rest live in the basement. They are a reliable group, and can go from "in the bag" to "ready to fly" faster than Clark Kent could become Superman. I try to make sure they get plenty of exercise, and they seem happiest when lifting something. Since everyone can't fly at the same time, I have to rotate who gets to go to the park. If I don't, one of them might get disgruntled and start corrupting the deltas. And I don't need that to happen. ...again.  For the record, I love all the sleds equally. And I'm not just saying that because there is one in the room with me now.
    • Yes, 250 low end and safe would be 500. ( I fly tons of laundry) I prefer to shop local and have B&S on SPI, TX. Online brand for me is Premiere Braided they have the 250/500ft and 500/500ft.

      Island Life | UFUV | Kite Life Subscriber 1482
    • I'm just not getting that bug. Picked up a New Tech Sky Hook 60 last week. My second lifter if you don't count big Roks. Would you fly that on 500#? and were do you get your line?