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    • The Freilein Kites seems to be getting a lot of attention and the workmanship on them is top notch.. I have 6 Freileins and can't even find a single stitch out of place.. If you can find an older Rev B-series (Not their "Classic") it would be a good choice.. An older 1.5 with no Reflex Springs would also be a good choice.. If you find an SLE though, try to avoid the 7/16" Leading Edge.. While it's very stiff and sturdy, it's also quite heavy and does change the way the kite flies.  Even an EXP (Pre-Spring) would be a great step in the right direction. ***Note.. For Some Reason Rev seems to think everyone wants Springs and that's simply not true.. Some people LOVE them.. Some not so much. I honestly fall into the latter category.) If you are proficient on the HQ Mojo, the Rev/Freileins or similar design will be an absolute dream to fly.
    • Hi. I'm relative new to kites and are looking to get a revolution. Right now I'm flying a HQ Mojo, but I would like to have more stability and control, hence the wish for a revolution.   The Reflex seems to be a good "all in one" kite (I know that such a thing don't really exist). It flies in a relative large range of wind and seems to be easy to fly. What are the drawbacks to it?   Is there any other rev kite I should be looking for instead?   I can fly the Mojo relative good, but I/it lack the ability to fly really precise, both in flight and in changing position in hover without moving to much around.   Bering in Denmark, Europe the selecting is rather limeted, although I have found a store in England that have a good range of rev's.
    • i have tried to cover one vent to a full with ripstop 31 but just Velcro with tape is not working. Velcro is moving a bit when you fly and the trail of glue is collecting all kind of derbies from sand to small pieces of clean them is a nightmare. the best way is the Velcro to be sewing to the sail.i do not know about the tape you speak but tape must to be strong enough to keep the patch on place and if is easy to apply at the fly site that will be a good starting point. for sure you will buy soon a mid to.will follow other no doubt 
    • I made that decision recently - having a standard sail and choosing between a mid or a full vent. I opted for a full vent (it is being shipped now) without comparing wind ranges of different QLKs to the most common local winds. I instead considered the wind range of my DLK collection. That consists of kites for medium and low winds - no vented kites at all. I hope that QLK full vent is a way to do kiting on windy days without getting a workout (which can be quite fun b.t.w. with e.g. a Fazer XL), damage the kite or not being able to control it. I also intend to experiment with covering one of the vent pairs to create a mid vent. The approach I imagine is to use sheets of cellophane or ripstop to cover the vents. The tape would be of the type for construction site polyethene/polyethylene sheets. When not used the covers would be stored attached to a plastic sheet. That tape has never left any residues for me and never aged though I have had patches of the tape on the wall for years (for the purpose of reusing them), but I would need to verify it usefulness for kiting. Any better ways here? My background: I'm into dual line kites and have used my standard QLK sail a bit less than ten times. The only framed quad I've seen so far or tested is that standard sail.
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