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    • Is it the LE that's breaking or the uprights? if the LE, Center or one side?? Is the same part of the frame breaking every tim??? I agree with much of what has been advised above by both @Wayne Dowler and @makatakam I've only ever broken two and they were both the Green Trimmed BUT, One was definitely my fault as I was flying above reasonable conditions. the other was kind of suspicious in my opinion BUT spars do break so moving on.. . Now  an important question is, are you losing frames while flying or impacting the ground? What exactly is the kite doing when the frames are getting damaged? A couple of thoughts. I don't know how long you've been flying and this is in no way intended as an insult or accusation.. Just covering the bases as best I can.. Some comment may not apply to you at all. -It's possible you aren't assembling the kite properly and that can place undue stress on the frame in ways it wasn't designed for. Make sure everything is fully seated to include going to the extra trouble of assembling the LE outside the kite and inserting the LE fully assembled if you can't tell.. -If impacts with the ground are still frequent for you, train yourself to just let go before yanking back on the handles if it's diving down.. Yanking back accelerates the kite and increases the odds of impact damage. -Are you sure your kite is the genuine article?? Did you buy it new from a reputable dealer or is it an ebay special? -IF it's you and you are just extra rough on a frame for whatever reason, get a Green Race frame. They are a little less responsive than some people like but generally they are considered pretty close to indestructible. Make sure you purchase from a reputable dealer (Sponsers here and also at least one mentioned above in this thread) to ensure you are getting the genuine article.. If you are just hard on frames and some people are, there is also the option to make your own frame from something like Skyshark P400's They are on sale right now as cheap as $4.50 a spar and while a touch heavy, have some durability you might appreciate.
    • Four to six rods = OUCH! You must be spanking that puppy really hard. I've broken 2 tubes in 7 years of flying Revs. One I knelt down onto while making adjustments, and one by hitting a 55-gallon drum at full speed. Both my bad! At this pace you will become the undisputed King of the Broken Rod by this time next year. Which part of the rod breaks? Middle? End? Clean breaks or splintered? Have you checked for paranormal activity? Something is wrong. You should not be breaking them that frequently, unless you are doing some really radical moves, or flying in conditions that put undue stress on the frame. In either case its time to switch to a heavier frame or a vented sail. If you don't have either or both, then God bless you for getting out there anyway and flying. You will be rewarded with experience. Experience will prevail over all things.
    • 4-6 rods in a week?? WOAH!! In almost 20 years I've only broken a few, and most of them I know why! Stepped on, not fully seated on ferrule, street contact, etc, all pretty much expected stuff. But 4-6 in a week of 2 hour stints?? Way too many - whatcha doing - chewing on them??!!??
    • I intend to get another single EXP rod to replace the one that's broken right now, then pick up some better quality ones.  I've gone through probably 4 to 6 rods in the week I was flying about 2 hours a day, plus going to the Cleveland Kite Festival.  
    • Yep - any 1.5 set of rods will interchange in the EXP (also a 1.5 size).  PS: EXP stock rods are 3 wraps, just marked as EXP rods. No difference. I would hang on to the EXP rods (3 wrap) and get some other option like the black race frame or maybe 2 wraps. I would advise against 4 wraps, as it flexes the least and puts more stress and stretch on the sail, IMO. If it blows enough to want a 4 wrap - get a vented!