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    • @Paul LaMasters  I agree.. But since I don't have those materials handy I'm looking at doubling up the LE by zippering out the LE Sleeve and offsetting the ferrules.. If that fails I'll remake the Sleeve to accommodate a SLE rod. @whtmtn An odd number puts a spar in the middle.. an even number puts a ferruled joint in the center.. The Ferruled Joint is what failed on my first venture..
    • Mine is #12.  You were pretty fast on the draw to get a single digit. And this is why we call her Polecat.  Two years ago she spent several hours on top of this 25 foot light pole, until the hail & thunderstorm arrived about 3 AM.  It was her first night at her new foster home.  SHBKF  
    • So what are your numbers? I have Kaiju #04

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    • This kite is going to remain assembled for some time.  At five feet tip to tip I will be able to easily carry it fully assembled in any vehicle with the lines attached , ready for action.  The materials, hardware & assembly are superb.  I am very impressed.  This one will no doubt have a very special place in my KiteLife. Here it is down in the Kite Dungeon getting acquainted with another recent arrival, The Jester by RiffClown.  The beginning of a long friendship for sure.  SHBKF
    • Figure out what you want to do and just build it.. Don't be afraid to experiment and recognize that some things might not work the first or even second time..  Figure out what makes a kite fly and use those things to steer your creations..  Be creative and enjoy. Pick a plan you can build and go from there..