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    • I really appreciate you guys taking the time to give such detailed, thoughtful answers:)  I'm thinking the Synapse 170 is the way to go for now...well once I can justify another kite purchase;)  But I am still torn between that and the Symphony Beach 2.2. Will have to wait a bit while the Quantum and 4-D get some mileage on them.  Thanks again from this newbie:)
    • Winds in that first video were far higher than 15mph.. I'd estimate 25-30 based on the wind whistling through the lines and the speed the kite was flying. I've flown the beach 2.1 in high wind and it's a hoot!!! Symphony 2.2.4 in 30mph winds.  Experience does make a huge difference. I'll also agree, under 16 should be supervised until they are familiar with the wind window and pull of the kite. This was just before buggying .   Now in a related thought, Here's a 9 year old flying a 6.5 METER Toxic in light winds..   Yes that's a lot of kite, yes, it's a 9 year old flying it and yes, the winds are much lighter than described. My point is with experience will come the skills necessary to pilot the foils safely. Notice safety gear all around and supervision is close by..  FWIW, I wouldn't recommend anyone of any age fly the Symphony (or any foil for that matter) for the  first time in 15-25MPH winds,, fly in 8-10 first.. Once your children's skills increase, higher winds are just another learning experience.  I still say the 2.2 Sport size is a good starting point.. According to Edmond Earlier, it's literally the same 1.8 Size as the Beamer  but will have less pull because it's not set up to be a traction foil. Can still surprise but ANY kite can surprise you in the right conditions.  
    • When I came home one day last year, there was a 2016 Cadillac in the driveway...  I have plenty of leverage in the "Another Kite?" domestic arguments,  it's now just a roll of the eyes LOL
    • Lol , fancy a go on my HQ Beamer 5 meter or Ozone frenzy 12 meter ?? Wait no maybe my flexifoil blade 3 meter oh heres my mate 6 foot tall and 267lds laying next to my ozone

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    • Wait til you feel the power of the dark side... The balance of the force and the ability to control something as if it's on four lines...