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    For any sport kite topic that doesn't fit into one of the listed forums, you have free reign here... Challenge the panel!

  2. Beginners

    We all started somewhere... If you have a question on to do a trick, someone here can probably fill in the blanks as there is a lot of collective experience you can draw on here.

  3. Trick Flying

    From Jacob's Ladders to Cascades, Yo Yos to the Comete... This is the place to discuss the hows, whats and whys of modern trick flying and kites specialized for that purpose!

  4. Quad Heads

    This is where all you Revolution and quad line nuts can exchange information and tips on the finest quad line kite designs known to man... Drop a line!

  5. Indoor Flying

    Discuss upcoming indoor events, kites, equipment, stories, flying tips and more... What, me need wind?

  6. Team Flying

    Any questions or discussions about team or pairs flying on this forum can usually be found here, we are lucky to have several veteran team fliers here in the KL forum.

  7. Competition

    All discussion pertaining to sport kite competition in the USA or internationally, rules, tips & techniques, organization, or anything else related.

  8. Adjustments and Modifications

    Got a special trick, technique or modification for your kite(s) or equipment? Share it with the other fliers here, and keep the evolution happening!

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    • Berck kite event is soon so I need some training to be able to perform part of the 100 revo contest.     Well i need more training than I thought   Thierry Bressure    
    • i found this if is helping Ref: Vivitar "906" "wearable" camera 906 Item has ZERO IMAGE STABILIZATION. Slightest movement blurs video. Overall video quality is horrendous. Didn't bother testing photo capability, because bad video makes this camera an immediate return item, and that has been accomplished. There is a similiar Vivitar "936" with WIFI which has been discontinued.
    • The price for this item is negotiable, and I do accept PayPal............... The reason for sale is I am unemployed, and my finances are taking a major hit. I am concerned about making home and auto payments without racking a credit card up to the hilt........
    • Anyone have experience with the Vivitar LifeCam device?.. It's smaller than the GoPro and seems to have some good options. I was looking at a local store and ran across the Vivitar LifeCam.. It records at 1920x1080 and comes with a head strap, magnetic mount,1/4' tripod mount suction cup mount etc.. It was originally marked at $127 to be competitive with the GoPros I guess. This was marked down to 25% off so I thought maybe.. So found an interesting offer after researching the same cam online and found Amazon had 2 mis-marked all the way down to less than $13.  Needless to say, I got two cameras this week.. built in Wireless and can stream to a tablet or phone (advertised).. As you can see by the size comparison, it is much smaller than the GoPro and smaller than 2 GoPro batteries side by side..I think it's light enough to clamp onto a kite and get some aerial footage.. Will know soon.. Without supporting any company, I found the same Camera still available at a few major retailers for as low as $25..
    • Looks like a winner Rob! 🤙🏻

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