Power Kiting



  1. Power Kites

    Whether they're flat, dimensional or parafoil-based, this is the place to discuss any sort of power kite flying, tuning and repair techniques.

  2. Kite Buggy

    Setting the trend for traction kiting in the early 90s, buggying is still going strong worldwide with speed and distance records being set everyday.

  3. Kite Surfing

    Arguably the hottest thing on the global kiting market, kite surfing blends extreme sports with wind sports to make an exciting and media-rich past time.

  4. Kite Boarding

    Quickly becoming one of the hot facets of power kiting, kite boarding is something else... Imagine a big skateboard with knobby wheels, and you've got it!

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    • that's great i had no idea    is there a thread where i can follow its progress?  
    • Myself - I change sails before frames. I do have "favorite" setups in my kites, and rather than swap frames and mess up that, I'll switch sails. Be aware that this is "MY" way, and not for everyone. Part of it is that I had a stroke years ago and I want nothing to do with chancing a face plant!! In fact, I'm almost always the first to switch to some vent, because of that fear!  My rule of thumb is how it "feels" in my hands. Is it in control? Is it surging when a gust hits? Can I just tune it out or ????? In the end it's common sense I go by, if it feels like too much, swap or pack it in! PS: having 5 sails to choose from makes it a bit easier sometimes, but can also lead to second guessing yourself!! Luckily it isn't hard to switch if you guess wrong!
    • Thanks again you guys, can always count on picking up something new that'll stay with me for a lifetime every time. I asked cause I only have one setup.. a rr/3wrap midvent, looking forward to building up a full set eventually. But in the meantime if I know more then I can continue to fly all i want and also still max out the lifespan of the kite. So maybe I should have asked when do you know it's time to bring it in to change your setup/be done.. do you guage by the le bowing, kite flying too fast, I love all the above full power but I am still trying to recognise the peak points or telltale signs that if I keep this going it's gonna hurt the kite or framesplode.  For example that other time I posted having flown my midvent in 20mph ish winds by the coast someone had advised to refrain making that a habit as it's "too much" for the midvent. I thought flying it was a total thrill lol.  Is there any "rules" or best practice on what you change first? Stronger frame, same sail, or vented sail same frame.. probably guessing it'll boil down to individual preference but what's the harm in asking :))
    • How soon do you need the new kite by? If you're willing to wait a few months I'd recommend the upcoming version of the Silver Fox being redesigned by Lam Hoac (a boutique kite maker that creates high-end kites). Flying Wings hired Lam Hoac to redesign the Silver Fox so you'd be getting an amazing kite for about half the price boutique kites normally sell for (under $200). Here's a video of Lam Hoac flying a prototype version of the kite:  
    • Too much wind?? All up to you and your equipment. Can you stand the conditions, being sand-blasted all day? Not my idea of fun, but we do it anyways. When it comes to equipment - that is a different story ..... Why do you think there are so many different "models" in a series? It's an attempt to match up sail to conditions. I've seen it go both ways in high wind - people putting in the stiffest rods they have, afraid of any bend in the LE, to people ignoring the conditions and only flying their "favorite" setup. Can you push things too far? Tell me when a seam lets go or rods start breaking, or....??  You can play it safe or push it to the edge, but if something explodes - fun time is over!