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    • Nice day on the streets yesterday...  
    • If you've still got time, get yourself a document tube. I got mine from an art store. Come to think of it, mailing tube might work too. Put all your rods in there (I'd put the whole kite(s) in there) to carry it on the plane. People won't wonder as much why you're carrying sticks, and if you do get questioned you have the whole kite to explain with. Good luck and have a safe trip.
    • I wonder why finger straps (two fingers) are not more popular. Well it gives you, if you allow, a finger tip feeling. Compared to wrist straps it frees the finger movement from the contact of the thumb. Use a pair with snug fitting or press the index and long finger together to hold it. Strength is not an issue except for the largest kites in harder wind (you are quite strong in these two fingers at the second joint) - If required just fold the second joint of your finger around the finger straps when you really need to hold it tight. Do I live by this? - Not at all, tend to use whatever strap/handle that happens to sit at the end of the line. Also gloves and in worst case mittens can interfere or make it not possible to use the finger straps or affect how you deal with wrist straps. If I'm not mistaken, you recommended (or performed yourself?) a drum hit for a fade launch. Any other tricks benefiting from drum hit like input? Will at least think of if I can replace some arm movement with wrist movement here. Still a flick flak rookie though or did you mean "plain" back flipping as well? Beware of this Crash person . I have noticed that he tends to like framed kites and rocky or frozen bare ground in harder wind.
    • When I flew more dualie than quad - I had 3 different strap sets, one for each type of kite in a wind range. My light wind Prism Ozone had these golf ball sized grips that fit in my hand really nice. Just held onto the ball. I could run the attaching line out my fingers or out the front of my hand, depending on wind. Got them back in the '90s, never have seen them recently. My medium wind kite, a Flexifoil Stranger was a beast and I used those contoured wrist straps, mostly worn over my wrists, but occasionally in my fingers. Again all dependent on winds. My high wind Prism Alien was pretty mild pulling, so I got away using regular wrist straps with it. Again either over the wrists or in the fingers depending on winds. As with my quads - it's still all about what you feel when you pick up the lines!  IMHO  YMMV
    • For the record, just like on quad, I still rotate through several different grips depending on what I’m doing with the kite.