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  2. Computer software to help kite design?

    Everything in SketchUp is 2D until you give it thickness. It gives the backside a different hue so you know it's not the front. In other words it's 2D, but you can swing it around and look at the back or the edge. If you look at the edge it's only as thick as the line you drew it with, even if you zoom in. And, trust me, it is so much easier to use than most other apps of this type that are available as freeware. Play with it some more -- it will grow on you.
  3. Handle length

    Yup, most people, most of the time, will find this works well. The one exception is very, very lightweight kites in very light (1mph and less) wind. Any exaggerated input with longer handles tends to pull the kite out of the sky. You can get used to the longer ones, but you have to make the transition each time you switch to that kind of kite. With short handles you don't have to spend the time getting used to making decreased inputs -- the shorter handles make it possible to use the same inputs you would use with a standard kite -- making the transition automatic, which keeps your muscle memory consistent and intact. In other words, you're not confusing the brain with different data to achieve what it has already learned.
  4. Handle length

    13's on all but one Rev in the 1.5 format. From B Std all the way to PoloVTD, 0 to 80km/h winds, 30 to 120 foot line sets. The exception is my street rev. 15's on that one. I have it set up to be very twitchy. It's only ever on 30 footers. In between Heaven and Earth, there are kites.
  5. How much ?? Very interested Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  6. Handle length

    For myself I will use 13' handles on most days, like a standard setup. If the winds are light (0-5) then I go with 15' handles for more throw. Conversely if the winds are up say 15+ I'll go to the 11' handles giving me a tad more stability, it keeps the kite from getting away from me, allowing for more control. My thoughts anyway. I'm curious to hear thoughts on this.
  7. silverfox 2.3 bridle mesurement needed

    i got the pro for the exact same reason
  8. Handle length

    Knowledge is power, everything that is shared here is wonderful and enlightening
  9. Handle length

    Gotta love it
  10. Handle length

    Not directed towards anything, cause I love everything.. the whole system of things is comical
  11. Handle length

    Why is it that I'm reminded of crows from disneys dumbo, when I read certain posts, hehe he
  12. Handle length

    Makatakam..... wonderful words of wisdom
  13. Mind trick vented

    Was thinking $550 since I bought an extra spreader (dt12) from him and 2 line sets for the kite so it would be a complete package. I used to have 2 extra lower spreader connectors but after a purge of our basement items I cannot find them. First line set is a laser pro 90lb test length at 125ft. Second is a laser pro 50lb test at 120ft. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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  15. Computer software to help kite design?

    Thanks! I like the fancy end cap! 😀 I had a quick look at Sketch-Up earlier today. Couldn't seem to produce 2D drawings on it, though? Will take a look at the other one you mention...
  16. I believe I've worked through all the interested replies to this topic. I will update the sale list to remove all the kites no longer available, and repost in a new topic. Thank you, everyone, for your interest and help in working through the questions.
  17. Computer software to help kite design?

    I've been using Google SketchUp and am very pleased with it. It is a 3D application, and even though you only need 2D to do the design, it gives you the option of including frame members and fittings in your drawings if you want to get really creative. I have also used APM Graph Lite which is a 2D app, but somewhat tedious as far as use goes. These are both freeware. I really like SketchUp and heartily recommend it. It's overkill, but in a good way. Here's a couple of samples of what you can do:
  18. Handle length

    .....and just because I couldn't resist the temptation. It's not the length of the handle that's important, but how you use it.
  19. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    The only way you'll get it to last a lifetime is to never fly it. Forget that noise! Get out there and spank that puppy.
  20. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Dunk sail in water to dissolve microscopic salt crystals that shred the fibers inside-out. Hang dry completely. Got it. Thanks everyone appreciate it like always!! Need my darling 1.5B to last a lifetime. They be undergoing extinction.
  21. Handle length

    Your flying style and the size of the kite make a difference. Longer handles allow you to use smaller input motion to accomplish the same result as would a greater input with shorter handles. A smaller kite, like a Rev2 doesn't need as much input and therefore doesn't require long handles. At this point you throw in personal preference and physical ability. For instance, old farts like me don't have the arm strength and stamina to apply the force needed to apply leverage to a longer handle without tiring and pain, so I prefer shorter handles on the average. Folks with handicaps may use longer handles in some situations to increase the input to compensate for small range of motion in their arms. In other words, whatever works for you is best, but you have options if you understand what is possible. You find out what can be done by trying various combinations. When you fly with others try their setups and pay close attention so you can duplicate that setup when you need it.
  22. Handle length

    Handle length is ALL about personal preference. Some like longer some shorter.. 13" and 15" are the most common.. 11" comes with the Supersonic.. 13" is the standard for most other Rev packages.
  23. silverfox 2.3 bridle mesurement needed

    It looks like the same kite but i don't know specifics or anything. the skyscraper is my first duel line kite ( besides the ezsport70 I only flew a couple times) and the only one I have so far so I can't really comment with accuracy as to if it's the same kite or not. I got the sf pro, I guess, because I wanted something with all the accessories of a high end stunk kite like leach lines and something I can grow with, for I see myself flying for years to come. I love it. I think I'm a fast learner. I can snap stall and axel so far Sent from my Lenovo TB-X103F using KiteLife mobile app
  24. Handle length

    I looked and searched and didn’t find an answer..... I have both 15&13 in handles for my revs.....I notice very little differences between, slightly less movement required with the 15 s Is it preference or? Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
  25. Computer software to help kite design?

    I have made 3 four-line kites recently using hand-drawn templates, and would be interested in finding some computer software that would make this more easy to replicate. I am only ever going to be making the occasional kite for my own use, so any fancy, expensive CAD software is out. Wondering what others do? Have you found some cheap/free software that works for producing full-size drawings of kite outline and panel layout, and gives the option of including seam allowances? Or are hand-drawn templates the way to go? Thanks for any thoughts. J
  26. Still searching for an Prism Eclipse ??

    1 side fitting missing on this one and is on Good condition. all 4 fitting one the other one and that is in fair. Sent from my SM-N920I using KiteLife mobile app
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