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    When I got to the flying field I introduced myself to the group of flyers that were there and noticed that at least one of them was flying a Revolution. I told them that I was a newbie and asked them where I could setup. After setting up my kite one of the flyers came over and made sure that I had everything setup correctly, and I let them take it for a test flight. When they landed they asked me to take off and land. I had about as much success as my first flights out. Kite went up, reached the top of the wind window and the bottom legs came out of it. What my instructor told me was that I was putting to much pressure on the tops of the handles and to concentrate on keeping the pressure lower on the handles which would hold the bottom of the kite in and keep the wind in the sail. He had me launch and land the kite trying to feel the wind in the sail, and keep it there. I think this was my ah-ha moment for this session. When I learned how to feel the wind in the sail and keep it there. Once I was able to accomplish this I could then direct what I wanted to do with that wind in the sail to control the kite and make it go where I wanted it to. We then started on right and left turns, and from there went to flying to the right and left of the wind window. I even did a few right and left side hovers! When holding a hover you can explore sliding up and down as well as forward and backward flight. Still need to work at holding my sticks lower while flying and using smaller inputs to begin maneuvers, but at least I am up and flying and getting a feel for the Revolution. I am sure that there will be more and more of those ah-ha moments in the coming weeks as I get more air time. Plenty of big smiles here, with many more to come. Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
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    I have been reading the beginner kite advice threads and noticed that I was looking for much of the same information about selecting kites that a lot of other beginners were asking about. I thought it would have been nice to have a consolidated page of kite selection advice from experienced flyers available for beginners like me to reference. So I compiled some of the tips and concepts that I have read in posts on various topics here, and although incomplete it might be a starting point to build on. Hope nobody minds that I used and paraphrased some of their comments. I tried to keep it focused on the different aspects involved for selecting a kite. This is a work in progress, and I will edit, delete, and change content as necessary. Input is welcome. Dual line sport kite selection guide, definitions, and in depth reasoning This guide might help a person doing research to be aware of the limitations and performance differences between different types and sizes of kites. The first step when trying to figure out what kite to get, would be to decide what type of flying you want to do. Whether you just want to fly around, or whether you want to do precision flying, or maybe step up to performing freestyle tricks also called stunts. Outgrow a kite means: Reaching the limits of what you can do with that kite. When your skills progress beyond the capability or trick potential of the kite. This limitation could be caused by the kite size, materials, design, build, or the conditions it is suited to fly in. Flying means: The kite is moving in a forward or nose first direction. This is the direction that a kite naturally travels when it has enough lift to fly. In general, it is directional flying and turning, without stunt or trick flying. Precision flying means: The kite is moving in a forward direction, but accurate movements such as turns, or patterns are being performed, and the ability for the kite to respond precisely to line control inputs is required. Consistent stable tracking or the ability to maintain a set course of flight is needed. Trick or stunt flying means: Performing other movements, or combinations of movements, primarily with the kite in a stalled or non-flying state. Stunt trick ability is generally based on a kites potential to be controlled in a stall. Stall means: The kite is no longer producing lift sufficient to make forward moving headway. It could be hovering in a controlled stall, or even falling. A stall is defined as the aerodynamic loss of lift that occurs when an airfoil (such as the wing of an airplane or kite sail) exceeds its critical angle of attack. For trick flying, select a full-sized kite with a wingspan of at least 7’ tip to tip. The 7’ foot and larger kites will move a little slower and feel more controllable & predictable, and give you more time to react and learn. It will have a wider wind range than a smaller kite due to their larger sail size. Larger kites can generally fly in a lower wind due to the larger sail size. They are usually easier control and maneuver during a stall, which is where freestyle tricks are normally performed. For non trick flying, selecting a kite of 6' foot (72”) or less, it will be faster flying than the larger kites, and will require a little more wind to get flying due to the smaller sail size, and require less input on the lines, and can be more difficult or even impossible to properly stall and do tricks. They will be twitchier (which means it will turn very quickly, with a high probability of over steer). As for it needing higher winds - that depends on the weight of the kite, but as a general rule, smaller wingspan kites (under 70") usually do need a little more wind than say an 80" - 100" wingspan kites, and will also fly through the sky a bit faster as well. Also shorter wingspan kites are a little harder to trick. For Precision kites: If precision flying is the main goal, do not assume that a dedicated stunt kite will be the best choice as it may or may not have high precision. If you are on a budget, selecting a cheap kite in the smaller size range (6' and under) may be the only option you have and will at least get you flying. However kites in the $100 or below price range are not usually as stall or stunt capable, and if you are trying to learn tricks this could limit your progress, and as your skills surpass the kites potential for tricks you would "outgrow" the kite. Consider that kite manufacturers promotional flying videos can be misleading because they usually have a world-class pilot flying in the video, leading consumers to believe that it will fly like that for them, too. Manufacturers wind speed ratings are not always accurate. It may not be possible for everyone to fly a kite at the lowest wind speed rating.
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    We are actually quite fortunate that our love of kites, even at the boutique level, is quite inexpensive compared to many hobbies these days. Getting into a new field can easily run thousands of dollars & sometimes that is just for the latest clothing "needed". I am currently researching & studying to seriously enter a hobby that has been a dream of mine for most of my life. The current basic entry level equipment is going to run over five thousand easily. Pick any adult hobby & be ready to spend ten thousand if you want street cred among your peers. But even that is minor compared to what I spent on horses. The horse was the cheap item. Fencing, stable, tack, trailer & truck all added up quickly. But I still struggled mightily when I was finally started buying kites a few years back. The initial stumbling block seemed to occur at about eighty bucks for me. That's about all the cash I ever have on me it seems. Shoot, that's what a decent line set costs when you finally go for it. Anyhow, no regerts, just have a Snickers, SHBKF a good morning camp breakfast on the trail
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    I've had this one since they came out, but only flew it maybe three or four times, and there's nothing else in my bag that I want to part with. Drawing is for a like-new, no wear and still very crisp Revolution Kites Rainbow Radical Line Art (Masterpiece) kite designed by John Mitchell. I have another in a different color scheme that I've modified for low wind and use often. This one just never gets out of the bag anymore. It is the one I used to check out a French Bridle on. It includes the sail, black race frame, French Bridle (installed), the original bridle that it came with, and original sleeve. No lines or handles. Someone's going to be a very happy camper! I really have nothing else kite-related that I want to part with, but I don't want anyone to feel that you have to match value, so please don't feel uncomfortable about entering. Like the rules say: "THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION." So please don't feel intimidated or reluctant to enter, just go for it and enjoy. I will ship this via USPS Priority Mail, insured and signature required, so you may have to make a trip to the post office (Oh, what a bummer!!!). In so far: 1. @riffclown 2. @Mike Klaiber 3. @Bill Clay 4. @khsidekick 5. @Edmond Dragut 6. @Mikelp3586 7. @T in WI 8. @zachprism01 9. @TSO 10. @elmo264 11. @RobB 12. @drdemonx 13. @Mitch 14. @Michael E. Allen 15. @TonyB 16. @Tmadz 17. @Deke Haid 18. @Daougie 19. @Paramedic 20. @Paul LaMasters 21. @Tim P. 22. @esinger 23. @Swimdad67 24. @dragonfish 25. @DrZettl 26. @happysuperbutton 27. @mwp 28. @Ca Ike 29. @cerfvoliste 30. @northwavesailor Some rules and guidelines: Don’t play unless you’re willing to put up a prize and ship it to whoever wins. Shipping is paid by the original poster, the winner pays nothing. Be prepared to ship your prize anywhere in the lower 48 US States. Sorry, but due to shipping costs, we really have to limit this to the lower 48 US States. RULE CHANGE (7/31/2014): Members from Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are welcome to enter the Karma drawings provided they are willing to pay half of the Karma prize shipping cost. The method and timing of the payment will be agreed upon between the two parties after the drawing for a particular prize. You can choose the length of the giveaway, but keep it between 1 and 2 weeks. Try to ship the prize promptly. You should be able to ship it within a week, but if you can’t, PM the winner and let them know. Sometimes life gets in the way! This whole thing works on the honor system so if there are any problems shipping or receiving a prize, it needs to be worked out between the two parties. Don’t forget…Karma! This isn’t a competition, but feel free to be generous! If you can only put up a hat, or a tail for a stunt kite, great! If you have something in your kite bag that you never fly and would be willing to ship, that’s great too. Either way, the people that join to win it will appreciate it. When you receive your prize, post a thank you to the thread where you won it. The thread will be locked after that point so the new **KARMA** stays above it. Good luck, and have fun!
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    B series vented, kite has been flown and broken in but I have heard they fly better then. Sail is a little dusty but it could be washed and look a lot better. Full album here includes a Laser Pro line set of your choice $200 obo
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    Only two weeks to go. Hurry, don't miss the chance. Step up and join in. I wish I had a dozen to give away.
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    There is no end to things that can be done. We just don't know about them yet. If you want to see some of what you don't yet know is possible, watch videos of the advanced European pilots doing their "thing". When you put JB and a couple of the advanced guys from across the pond on the same field, the things they end up doing just for grins will fill you with awe, and when they get serious new moves and tricks happen frequently. And then there's the things that take more than one kite to do, like threading. I'm eight years into flying quad and can't do half of the known "tricks". It's a life-long journey.
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    All great feedback. PS: I've had many of my best AHA moments in the past 2-3 years, and I have 27 years flying both dual and quad... Never ends.
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    Went over to the flying field last week and got someone to look over my kite and show me some of the basics. I am now able to keep the kite in the air and begin to make progress on the basics. Was well worth the trip. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this week and I can go back. Thanks for all the help and encouragement. Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
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    A clinic with JB will not only improve your skill set, it will change the way you think about kiting as a whole..
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    What is its purpose - kids or other adults learning? Again look at wind ranges (with a grain of salt) and determine what size best suits the need. Unless small kids are the target, I'd look for as large as I could stand - usually bigger wind range. We all go through pretty much the same ordeal, buy kites now that we out grow within a short time. Then it is hard to sell because in our minds it is almost brand new. But we have outgrown it and usually seek something better - been there, done that! Most end up with 2-3 in the end that become favorites, something for light, medium, high winds, and lines for the needs of those couple. All the rest stay in the bag or closet!
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    Automatic entry for paid KiteLife Subscribers, you're already in. For those who aren't... http://join.kitelife.com
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    Cool. Remember, though, that you'll have to fly it upside down in the northern hemisphere.
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    I would like to thank Mark for an awesome karma prize. I would also like to thank all of you folks for your kind words of congratulations. I will have the next karma drawing up soon, so keep an eye out.
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    Drum roll, please. The winner is: Congratulations, @elmo264.
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    Kites received well packed, in great order and exactly as described.. Thank you!
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    When you feel like you have almost no control over the kite, you should have switched about 5mph ago. When it hits 15mph I'm already on my full vent. I don't like a lot of pull and find greater satisfaction in precision and control. If you like the pull and the speed, make your next kite a Rev Supersonic. You'll literally hoot flying that puppy! Give it a try next time you see someone flying one. Just remember, things are gonna happen really fast. It flies backward nearly as fast as your midvent flies forward.
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    How soon do you need the new kite by? If you're willing to wait a few months I'd recommend the upcoming version of the Silver Fox being redesigned by Lam Hoac (a boutique kite maker that creates high-end kites). Flying Wings hired Lam Hoac to redesign the Silver Fox so you'd be getting an amazing kite for about half the price boutique kites normally sell for (under $200). Here's a video of Lam Hoac flying a prototype version of the kite:
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    So when I got to school from a great week at WSIKF, I had a large amount of OSK stickers. I gave one to one of my teachers to put on his podium at the front of his class and when I walked in today, I found this. I'm proud of myself for exposing Western Colorado to the kiting lifestyle.
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    https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2Fu3MgGCL1pQk&h=ATNhKSTAO3iygjkud9U2ruNBbO9BvAa_To8WB0f12RY11G-yPxUiDU-bHOSn6cA-nJzWIkZPlPy9mx2puKspauJ-o9DuLgRjR6l1hjeyloL9A4ZKkpjn-xEudYlo8hPhz45Jds1L_eA0XIuys_ZelMqDmYUlr9MrrTFVDndArMy23g3yu5L6qj--7qYC1CA5HY_8Sq7nX_804k8fx45lEUrmZe_N0jjYUErQ2QGx4a2NstZ74Ix6xXCveEcZe-mg3fInF39r3ckfH2Ug25dPV4_NaWh5srU-KaYFiLiqgLMhcNVrF67HClfY41SYp4A Not sure how this turns out for those not on FB, but you can YT - Quad Squad North West - and see some of our routines there.
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    Paul: you are one of the "fortunate" ones! Spent years at your craft, formed strong opinions, and had the cash to execute your requirements. Well done. Others have had no choice but to buy used, on sale, or fly donated kites! Just a fact of life. I was only able to start flying Pros by buying a 3 kite set used - and those were at least 5th hand! Both of my extreme wind kites (Zen + X/V) were used too. So put me at the other end of that spectrum. This set of Phoenix sails are the first brand new, complete set I've owned! Flying with other Phoenix kites on the team is no problem at all, we just agree on a setup and go from there. The "rub" comes when flying in mixed company, sometimes you are still on a STD, when others are using Mids. As long as the response is similar among all kites - all good! Reminds me of flying with Paul D. and his Shook's, they are good in lots of conditions. But you usually have to swap at odd times in relation to the rest of the group. Not a bad thing, just different.
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    Nice to see karma back to more than a few folks participating. Gonna be hard to top this one!
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    Thanks all for the input! I decided to go with the 1.5 reflex rx and am enjoying it. I am finding all of your input to be true. The last couple of days have afforded some quality flying time and I feel as if I am starting to make a successful transition into quads. I have managed good landings and reverses as well as some good "infinity pattern" flying. Even some tip stands when the wind was consistent. Funny how a little success gets you hooked! thanks again to everyone.
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    Trick kites are intentionally designed to be somewhat unstable. Moving the center of gravity towards the tail helps accomplish this. Bridle anchor points, adjustment, and distance apart will augment or diminish this tendency. Precision kites will have the exact opposite of these design features, and therefore, more difficult to stall and trick, as tricking depends largely on how easily the kite can be stalled. Precision kites tend to have their center of gravity towards the nose of the kite. Most kites are a compromise between these two extremes, but will lean towards one or the other, depending on the designer's intent. In addition, the depth of the sail, the number, location and attitude of the standoffs, the aspect ratio, and the number, shape, and location of sail panels of the kite will play a major role in the overall performance. It's not as complicated as rocket science, but all the basic principles of aerodynamics are considered by the advanced kite designers when building a kite for a specific purpose. And then they have to try to make it look pretty, which may slightly inhibit the other performance traits. Very often, the uglier ones will perform better than their pretty cousins, but the differences are so subtle that only an advanced flyer can feel any difference. This is what makes kite flying a life-long learning experience. The level you want to achieve is the one that makes you smile the most.
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    Hurricane season ends Oct. 31st. Kites With Lights is being held Nov. 29th on Jockey's Ridge (the Saturday after Thanksgiving). Just something else to consider.
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    If I had a dollar for every time I did that I could buy another set of lines and handles. Do what it takes. The smile is worth the time. And if you want to really appreciate coastal winds, come fly in the Midwest. You will love them after that!
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    Here's my wind powered Nexus 5 X, SHBKF
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    Hello fellow flyers! I've been flying for 2 seasons. I don't have a lot of knowledge but I will share my experiences for cjay and anyone else who might be interested in my noob experiences. Thanks for doing this post. I'm following. So I started with the Freebird by Skydog. It was a good price and a good teacher. It took a beating and I love flying it. Makes a good sound and flies fast but not too fast. I've been told it's a decent all around kite that can do tricks (although I haven't really tried) and it handles pretty good. The only down side is that it takes (correct me if I'm wrong) solid carbon spars that are 6mm diameter and I cannot find them anywhere. A few people from here and a couple of facebook kite groups suggested I contact Dodd Gross and after trying every other option, I did but it didn't get me anywhere either. For this reason, I wouldn't recommend this kite as a beginner kite unless your ready to accept that you will have to purchase a new one once you break a rod which could be rather quickly after you buy it. You will crash...a lot. You will probably fly it in too high of winds or be too rough with it at times. You may not know how to adjust the bridle for the winds and put too much stress on your kite. A lot can damage your kite and as a new flyer, expect to abuse your first kite so consider how you will be getting replacements and repairs done. Most the time if you buy from an actual kite shop they will sell kites they have access to repairing. I bought my first kite from the closest store who had a stunt kite for sale and it was just a hobby shop and the guy didn't know anything about kites and didn't have parts or a way to service them. My second kite was a WolfNG by Premier Kites. I got it from a kite festival but they have a storefront and only sold kites they could get parts for and service. Parts are not too costly on this one and are indeed easy to get. It's a little heavy being a little bigger of a kite than my Freebird. I get some oversteer and it's a kite I would imagine a person who has flown before could handle but a novice might have some trouble getting the hang of. I think it's a good one for just flying. I've tried stalling and axles but it just seems to do that oversteer thing when I try it but I'm still attempting to get the hang of the tricks so maybe I just need to practice more. It does claim to be able to fly in some low winds (4-25mph) but I feel it flies much better if the wind is steady and around the 10mph-15mph range. It might be possible to do 4mph but you'll be doing a whole lot of exercise to make that 4mph wind work for you. It's just a little too heavy for that low. Really hard to get it up if the wind is under 7mph and especially if it's a gusty day where you may have moments where the wind dies off to under 7mph. I personally like flying this kite with my 100ft tail on it when the wind is good and steady and just doing casual loops. My third kite was a gift for my birthday. I discovered I wasn't able to fly on most days I would think I could because our wind just drops off so hard. It'll be a 10-15mph perfect flying day but then I'd have moments where the wind was nothing and I'd stand in the field waiting to lift off once the wind picked up and then crash when it dropped off again. This was not fun for me so I started shopping for an UL that I could use outdoors in little wind but could handle the 10mph gusts. I found the AirWave Zero by Flying Wings and it's my favorite kite to date. Smooth flying even in gusty winds. It has great response and it's just a dream to fly. If the wind starts making it buzz too much I stop flying it because it is very lightweight and the sail is very thin. Frame is very thin also and being my favorite, I really don't want to break it. I have tried a few stalls and axles and it does them when I do it right and it seems to be the easiest for me to get that to happen with. It doesn't oversteer and will just hang there or slowly drift down. Parts are easy to get an also not too expensive. The price was decent for it's class. If you need a kite that can do 0-10mph, this is a good buy in my opinion. I'd love to try it indoor as well but I don't have anywhere to do that so I cannot speak of how well it'll do indoor flying but I'm sure it can because I have tossed it around in the house a little and it seems to be doable. This is not a kite for a novice. Get used to flying in all sorts of wind conditions and comfortable with your flying. Once you have confidence in your flying abilities I'd recommend this. I sometimes feel I could break it just by trying to break it down at the end of the flying day. It's very fragile so try not to crash, but if your gonna, don't crash too hard.
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    Mark- Makatakam wins it! I'll send it out as soon as you PM me your address. Congrats. It's a sweet flying kite.
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    Any full-sized kite that costs less than $100 (with extremely few exceptions) will fight you all the way on all of these.
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    TK took this shot, working on porting other pics and vids into this forum thread.
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    I was going to do a write up of the clinic and Saint Anne's kite festival, but I cannot put into words how amazing it all was. I personally feel it has enriched my life and not just the kiting side, I have taken so much away with me, and so the journey carries on[emoji4] If anyone has thought about doing a clinic but not done it, just do it! you won't regret it[emoji41] Much love Jeremy. Sent from my SM-G903F using KiteLife mobile app
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    It was truly awesome one that will stick in the memory [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G903F using KiteLife mobile app
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    Thank you John, thank you Josh, thank you all for awesome clinic. What a nice group of people Learned a lot: flic flacs, axels, dog stake, indoor, an 18 person team fly and those little details that can make such big differences when you fly your kite. Enough to keep myself busy the next period of time Thanks again. Fly well Sander
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    Low wind flying gets to be a lot more fun when you figure out how to regain ground without landing. The forward inverted glide/ float is essential and worth working on. I had a really hard time with it until I tried moving forward faster. Also axels are a trick best learned in low wind and trying them tended to move me forward. Short lines are best so you don't have to walk so far to reset failures. [emoji6] Sent from my Nexus 5X using KiteLife mobile app
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    The Overlap actually back-lights better than I expected. All Done except the bridles.. Hopefully first flight on Sunday..(or Monday)
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    Guys in the Midwest, here in the Chicago area (Windy City is a reference to politics, not weather -- yes, seriously), and in 99.9% of all areas inland would likely sell their souls to the devil to have the kind of wind you have on the coast. Unless you are selling the kites so you can put food on the table, you should hang on to them for a bit. There is a bit of frustration early on in the learning curve, especially if you are flying alone and there is no one to give you a hand. This will pass. You are VERY close to that first "Aha!" moment when everything begins to click. Summer is the time when most people are outdoors. There's three other seasons when they are less inclined to be outside. You will find that the crowds begin disappearing in September, or at least drastically thinning out. I have followed your progress here on the forum with interest, and can see that you are on the verge of having kite flying become truly enjoyable. I can only hope that you hang in there just a bit longer. We've never met, but I feel as if I'm losing a friend. I wish you luck in all your endeavors, no matter what they be. In all that you do, have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe.
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    I just looked up where you're at! You're right on the beach for crying out loud!! LOL!!! I think you should start a post on here and see who chimes in for your area. I'm sure you'd get some great pointers. Also, look into meetup.com and see if there's kiting groups through there too. Heck, try Craigslist too!!
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    Yesterday (first sunny day with steady wind for ages) I had my 85 foot Octopus lifting a giant squid and jellyfish. A lady who had driven down the dead end street to my Dads 20 acre block, said they had seen my display from 10 miles out of town and her little girls wouldn't let her drive by into town without a closer look. Got a lot of great compliments from cars that drove down and parked so the kids could watch. Even got a little lad flying his own kite he bought with him after I put it together properly for him. In the end had 8 Octopuses flying, as well as my laundry and only had to rescue my 8m2 ladybird out of a tree so a great day all round.
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    The wind is[1], the kite(s) is/are, the line/lines is/are, you are[2], the ground is there[3]. The flying however is whatever amuses you - a clear matter of preference! No matter if I turn every stone upside down or look behind every leave in the nature around my kiting fields I'll not find a note containing an approved set of moves ... and it is a good thing which adds to the value[4] of kiting for me. I like the explorer attitude in http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/720-quad-tricks-i-think-i-created/ , though I'm not in a position to determine if the discovered tricks were originally discovered (but don't see that as the most important part, but rather the spirit). If/when I get the QLK axel going the Korvokites'[5] (not HQ) freestyle QLK Mosquito QLK could be something to try out. Kiting unlimited ... or at least in a wide sense! As you know sometimes 0m/s is a good approximation of wind speed, however the molecular mean thermal velocity in air is about 464m/s, which you typically don't observe directly ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermal_velocity ). Singular or plural In most cases, but not always, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trk0KAe8y8Q What is the minimum sum required for you not to ever fly (and make) kites again? Yes, this is a repulsive question. Though a German based site, the web site is also available in English. A week ago I managed to do long ground slides (because I liked it, not required for launching), just like a slow DLK LE launch with a delayed or omitted take off. This was on a reasonably dense and well cut lawn, so the abrasion should be minimal. My B-series 1.5 std bridle do show signs of wear, but I suspect that that is from a kite grinding and eating greedy stone beach that effectively adds a fee to your kiting. None the less I consider to protect the bridle (closest to the end caps) by covering the end caps with heat shrink tubing, which should be lighter than vinyl end caps. I.e. effectively move the bridle attach point inward be about 2cm to a less exposed position. Perhaps quicker to cover the most exposed part with tape instead? Worn bridle closest to the end cap. Another idea, when replacing the bridle, at the points of wear, why not add extra sleeving as used for kite lines (or a thin plastic (polyurethane?) tubing stub around the exposed part of the bridle as an extra resistant sleeving)? Yet another idea, if there is any risk of cracking the end cap through tip stabbing, perhaps one could attach a rubber plate under the heat shrink tubing covering the outmost part of the end cap? To handle the wear on the LE I also consider to attach a strip of sacrificial black rip stop tape on the front side of the LE. Another more impressive way to handle the wear and tear would be to try to mimic a ground slide leaving some minimal distance of air between the ground and kite, but that would really require impressive skills for a perfect illusion. I believe in learning tricks/moves/combos approaching them from bottom up/top down/sideways/parallel/slow/quick (you always learn something and often about possible ways which the kite can move), but above all do try frequently. I agree there are ways that are more straight on to the trick/move, but it can't be of any harm (which also never was really stated in the above quote) doing a couple quick bicycles moves. This should quickly reveal any weaknesses in the rotation and also you get started now and don't need to wait for the perfect clockwork before starting the bicycle learning process. One typically aim for not to think about the hand movements, but instead focus on the detailed and at the same time over all kite movements. To some times at least try working from top down some times is not wrong IMO. Also I can see value in beginner time on the lines where one figures out what can be found in the "landscape" before homing in to the standard moves. I also try to mix slow and (to the best of my abilities) quick to be able to express a wider repertoire (argg, trying to convey things like this always sounds so deep). If one enjoys the quick but yet demanding control, QLKs (including the Super Sonic) are not the only answer - DLKs are available for this as well.
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    Come on John...I am waiting for you to lead the charge on a new record megafly....with enough forwarding that I can make it to fly. Please? Sent from my Nexus 5X using KiteLife mobile app
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    Wow, while I get what you are saying about the oblivious folks I have also seen a very positive response too - especially to team flying. Even while solo flying I have had people stop and watch and ask...and even take the handles if conditions allow for newbie crashing. Last time I was at the Washington monument with WOW we had really challenging wind and our "team" was struggling (likely would have struggled a bit with decent wind too;) and Fletch said to us: "lets land...just stick the landing...stick the rollover landing!" Something about the way he said it made us think of sticking a gymnastics landing and after landing one of us did the gymnastics girls exaggerated arms in the air move....and the tourist crowd (that we had been oblivious to the fact that many had stopped to watch as we struggled to stay aloft and untangled in intermediate cruddy DC wind) spontaneously clapped. We all grinned like goofballs. Sent from my Nexus 5X using KiteLife mobile app
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    OMG!!! I'm IN!! That's an amazing offer. Please don't let this be over
  48. 2 points
    Hi, SeeGee, and welcome to the forum. It's good to have you on board. All the information you'll ever need to know about any kind of kite can be found here. I look forward to sharing a field with you someday. Have fun, smile, and don't forget to breathe. P.S. -- Challenge your friends to see how well THEY can handle your "kids' toy". Should be quite entertaining, and a great way to get them into it.
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    They are all ripstop nylon kite tails from Gomberg.. This is my first kite NOT made from tails.. Biggest difference between the two materials though is how they handle moisture.. Ripstop Nylon will saturate, get heavy and stretch.. Ripstop Poly not so much..
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    We'll be rolling into town sometime around 1pm if all goes well, not sure what I'll be up to after getting the family settled but I'm looking forward to the days ahead!