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    So I just made this... Not the first kite I’ve ever made, but it is the first indoor - framed mostly in .098 carbon, eyeballed the bridle (3 point), flies pretty well in my back yard but I’m looking forward to tuning it after a proper indoor test.
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    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way. B-Series MID, roughly a $350 value and no longer manufactured by Revolution as of 2017! And please note, this might be the last B-Series we're able to give away as the prize pool has gotten pretty thin. This package includes a sail, 3 and 4 wrap frames, adjustable handles, DVD and kite sleeve! NOTE: Primary color of the kite in this drawing is RED, black and white on a MID-VENT SAIL... This is regular (factory) model, it is not a Pro by Bazzer, but will still provide excellent flying for whoever wins this. You can sign up here. Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/353, and will be drawn on Christmas Day, Dec 25th, 2017! Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin!
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    Foil axels. Yep. https://www.facebook.com/brett.marchel/posts/1540328212669630
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    It's one of the reasons this kite is so easy to hand to someone.. If they've flown a dual line, it's almost an automatic transition into quad. HQ Kites has my full specs down to the nth degree. Until HQ Kites puts them out, feel free to point them my way..
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    Early on I played with the various settings on the bridles of numerous kites. Sometimes when I had an unexpected landing I would walk to the kite & fiddle with the settings a bit making it seem possible that I had planned to land. I was also reading the forums like mad during that time looking for hints. Eventually one of my mentors said he rarely adjusted the bridles once he hit on the setting that worked best for his flying. I found I did the best with a medium setting. Light wind settings did not have the forward drive I seemed to enjoy. High wind settings did not really seem to do much either. They certainly did not improve my flying anyway. With my medium setting I concentrated on learning to feel the sail pressure which really helped me slow down a bit. I bought some kites from my mentor & left them exactly the way they were tuned. That was a great thing also. It is all part of the path of my KiteLife. Just some thoughts from out here in the sticks, SHBKF
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    XUL- The Darkside aka Indigo Sunrise and @Tim P.'s favorite BATMAN.. Finally get some decent Airtime.. I'll admit this one took a while because it did NOT fly as planned initially. Today I finally got the XUL tuned properly.. My original Bridles had to be redone due to a stress point created by my original guesswork. It made it warp slightly when the sail was in the air under any tension. With the bridles reworked, this kite was flying today in breeze you could barely feel. At one point, it was the only kite being flown while others were waiting for wind. Lines were 120' 100# Skybond. Thank You Tim P. for manning the camera for me. A few others @nckiter & @drdougie also flew it and a few of my full sails.. All in all it was a good day to fly and share the sky with friends..
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    Hello friends, Just wanted to apologize for my relative absence from the forum as of late - while I have been observing, life has kept me pretty distracted between raising our (now 16 month old) son, the long Europe trip and my most recent journey to the AKA Convention in Maryland. We're also facing the leanest year we've had in a long time at the Barresi / KiteLife household and are currently figuring out how to make it through the winter (rent, bills, KL overhead, etc) - in the meantime, I encourage you all to consider various options to support our efforts here if it's possible for you. Current raffle... http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/8187-jb-for-a-weekend-10117/ KL products... http://kitelife.com/forum/store/category/5-accessories/ Donations... https://kitelife.com/forum/clients/donations/ Thanks all for your ongoing support, either through these various means or just by being a part of this wonderful community.
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    I put a kid who "didn't know how to fly a quad" on it last weekend at Treasure Island festival. He got it down really quick with some help from Scott Weider while I was on crash duty. His parents told him it was time to go to dinner at least 5 times in 45 minutes lol. He kept saying "one more flight" and they just smiled with "okay". At the end when he had to hang it up his parents told me "great thanks! Now we know what to get him for Xmas". Lol. He'll be getting one as soon as HQ puts them out. It was so awesome you see this kid light up grinning from ear to ear for an hour straight. Sent from my SM-G955U using KiteLife mobile app
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    Registration for one person, provides full access to instruction at this fun and educational workshop covering the most important aspects of QUAD LINE flying on The Flats in South Padre Island TX (capped at 20 students total) following the SPI Kite Festival. Exact location https://goo.gl/maps/Wf5NZPu4wfo Skill levels from first time flyers all the way up to masters are welcome, there is content for everyone and four instructors (ratio of 5 to 1) available all day including Team KiteLife members John Barresi, Scott Benz, Eli Russell and Brett Marchel. Schedule is 9am to 4pm - we cover an incredible library of important fundamentals in the “Quad 101” starting presentation, so please do be on time and consider something for taking notes - this is also a bring your own kite affair, but all types are welcome. We will break for a one hour lunch around noon, but some of the instructors will still be on the field assisting with remedial skills. By early afternoon we should be introducing folks to how easy team flying can be with a little information and understanding of how it all works - those who feel ready will also participate in a mega fly all together... NOTE: Team flying participation does require 120’ length lines and a 1.5 comparable kite of any brand. == Signup link http://kitelife.com/forum/store/product/72-tkl-clinic-spi-quad-line-feb-4th-2018/ Registration fee - $80
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    Yesterday I received the Black Dog by Skydog. I already had the Black Dog UL. Now I have the matched pair. Love the look of these two. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Unfortunately I was unable to attend the first day of the Carolina Kite Festival due to a family emergency. The second day was canceled because of the weather (rain and high winds). However, I was able to get to the kite shop before the festival and see what the featured guests and kitebuilders, Ray Wong and Randy Tom, had brought with them. And I just had to put a new kite in my bag. This is the Warrior Princess Edo that Randy Tom made this year. It flies beautifully and looks so striking in the sky. (I did get to the flying fields for about 30 minutes late Saturday.) I also got to spend some time talking to Ray and Randy about kite building, applique techniques and air brushing. Learned a lot in just a short time.
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    2.4 in my hands... Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one getting carried away. My employer just bought me out of 4 weeks of vacation that I had not used. Sooooo... Seven kites are on their way to me!
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    You don't need an intervention, You need an enabler!!! And this place has them in spades. Sent from my SM-G950F using KiteLife mobile app
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    Well I went from none to 3 in the span of two days, I need an intervention 😁
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    Reading @peterbruusmadsen's recent post regarding catch and throw, I thought it might be a good opportunity to discuss some of the dynamics of this trick. I've been asked on occasion to help someone learn how to do both parts of this and it's not only fun, it's VERY visual.There are some practical aspects of the catch and throw that often get ignored.. Lots of important variables come into play and you have to learn to "unthink" them to become proficient at the catch and throw. First the catch.. It's really simply destabilizing the sail from "flying" to "falling" so it takes a specific path to you to catch. How high in the window is only one variable.. The higher overhead vertically, the less forward motion you will want to impart to make the kite come diving towards you. The optimum angle when learning this maneuver is somewhere between 65-75 degrees up in the window.. any lower and you have to consider your glide, higher and your initial string yank will likely have you stepping back to make the catch. You can start the catch from most places in the wind window but most commonly along the vertical axis is optimal. anywhere from ground level to directly overhead is possible but they all take a bit of practice and shorter lines are much easier than longer lines for practice.. When I'm playing with this trick I usually use anywhere from 25-40 foot lines. If the kite is higher in the window, a short sharp tug will do the job most of the time.. lower in the window requires more of a firm jerk transitioning to a pull motion.. From Ground level you have to soft pull it forward then accelerate the kite forward after it is already falling. Each of theses angles has it's own appeal and all are worth practicing. Once you leave the vertical axis, you have to consider the kite will side slip once you start pulling it your way. I'd suggest leaving off-axis catches to later when you've covered the vertical variables. They are well worth exploring, just involving variables into how how you tug each top line come into play and those are better left to learning by experience. This also brings up the topic of sail shaping and LE tension.. If the LE is curved significantly or the sail has the Reflex Springs, then your catch variables will vary greatly as now you are controlling a glide instead of a dive. It can be done with practice but as with all things kiting,, you have to decide what works for you. The Throw. There are multiple schools of thought here as well and they ALL have advantages and disadvantages.. Some work will in Wind, some work better in no wind. The bottom line is you want to throw the kite so that it reaches the end of the lines with the Leading Edge forward and ready for you to apply brakes and stop the kite just as you would a dive stop. Some styles of the throw glide better than others and adding twist or flex to the kite as you throw it will change how it acts in the air until you control it with your lines and handles.. Keep in mind it's at the mercy of the elements once you release it until it reached the end of your lines. All of these throws are the same basic movement but vary in how much lateral motion you impart at the end of the throw. I start with the LE level to the ground and the kite aiming 10-20 degrees off-axis to the wind direction.I'm a lefty and I use my left hand to guide the throw and my right hand to propel the kite. (mirror these instructions if you are right-handed) I'll place my right hand at the end cap of the sail and my left hand in between the left vertical and the center of the LE. By choosing an angle instead of directly downwind the Trailing edge of the kite is naturally pulled away from me slightly. I make sure there's no part of the lines that will bind or catch or KNOT as I throw the sail outward. I have my handles in my left hand side by side with the left handle seated in the curl of my fingers ready to fly.. Time for the toss. I use my left hand to discern the angle of the toss and bring my right hand forward. just before I let go of the kite I put a little left motion on the back end. This makes the kite spear out but turn and glide a bit as it floats to the end of the lines.. as soon as I let go of the sail, I grab the other handle from my left hand and ready myself for the stop.. The explanation is far more difficult than the actual maneuver. The more lateral motion you put into the toss the faster the sail will transition from a spear toss into a glide. The Spearing aspect will launch the sail faster and further but makes for a tricky recovery sometimes. The harder your throw the more flex it adds to the frame initially.. at some point this breaks down and you get another try. A Flat launch will have a very elegant appearance but will only float so far (depending on the sail) before the inertia is gone.. The real trick here is finding what works for you and imparting the right amount of lateral motion on the initial toss to get the look, feel and range you are trying to accomplish.. I have a personal tradition of the first time I fly a kite of my own (whether purchased or home made, I always start with a throw launch. That way the first thing I can observe is how it glides. Have fun with it and I hope these pointers will help you with adding or tweaking this maneuver for your flying fun.
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    For those that haven't had the experience, this short clip is a great example and a fairly rare insight of how John Barresi teaches. He spends a few hours finding your level and invokes sincere feedback on what you want to accomplish.. If everyone is different then he breaks out to individual coaching with each person getting the level of help they need. If there is a strong common point requested like the catch and throw here, then a short session like this takes place. Most importantly, John also accepts discussion and immediate feedback as long as it's beneficial to the group. Regardless of your flying level, if you get a chance to participate in one of his clinics, jump at the chance. It's well worth the experience. You can almost feel your own skill level increasing just watching the guy fly and listening to him talk.
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    Hi everyone. I'm Justin, from the NW Houston area. I've been into sport/stunt kites for about two years now. So far only dual line, and most of my kites are Prisms, but I will be looking to branch out eventually. I haven't been able to fly very often lately, so progress has been slow as far as tricks go, but some things are changing and I hope to be able to fly much more in the immediate future. As far as normal flying goes I am pretty confident. I've been "into" kites (and pretty much anything that flies) my whole life, but never had a "real" kite until I got my Prism Quantum about two years ago. John Barresi, if you are reading this I want you to know that you were the reason I finally decided to get a real kite and give it a try. I ran across that video of you flying the Kymera on the beach and was totally amazed, and instantly hooked. I think I ordered my Quantum the same day and from the first flight the hook was set. I can't tell you how many times I've watched that video, and it never gets old to me. Anyway, just wanted to say hi!
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    @Flight Risk Thank You for taking it next level. I never even thought to try it but I will now .. I did Throw launch mine once.. Your Jimmy Johns comment was priceless.
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    Wow! Amazing! Almost blushing here. My thanks to all KiteLife members who make this possible. A few years back I was just a shy introvert who decided to start flying kites once more. An old guy pursuing a wonderful memory from earlier times. The joy & pleasure now seem endless, especially on a day like this. I am humbled by the honor of this gift. Lovin' KiteLife, SHBKF
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    And the new logo! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    I dunnit. Here's how much I love my kite I can't stop wanting to fly! Finally got a night with enough of a puff to launch...but not really fly. Hopeful the winter rain season brings a little more winds after sundown to explore lights further hehehe.
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    Makes me think of a Vespa. I think I've settled on Kaiju. My interpretation from discussions with the Mrs (full Japanese) is that Kaiju encompasses a wide spectrum of beings from the big 'uns down to the little woodly guys who need a teacup on their head filled with water or they'll die.
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    It's finally here! Sent from my XT1575 using KiteLife mobile app
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    I remember the "clicks" when I started flying kites. My bride and I would help unload and set-up, then folks sat in a circle and didn't include space for us to join 'em. Some made and passed out breakfast while we watched 'em eat (after being invited to join on the invite)! If I wanted to try out a kite "it was for sale", but not available w/o a monetary commitment. Those actions had a profound impact on us and we swore if we ever got in a position to change it, WE WOULD! I go out of my way to greet and include folks, whether new or old acquaintances. I share my kites, water and lunches to make you feel equal and included in our local club. Blow us off a couple of times though and we get it, (we don't matter to you), so next time we'll walk right by with just the slightest head nod of acknowledgment, but we ain't stopping to share our time or conversational wit. Barbara and I are too old to fight, the easier path is to just keep going right on past the controversies. The friendly ones are those willing to share, the "clickers" have reasons that make sense to them. Most kiter folks are in fact great and the ones that we don't approve of will eventually figure it out. There's a significant list of individuals we simply can't support financially anymore (for travel, equipment, materials or consultation) because of their outrageous exclusive past actions. Treat people exactly how you'd like to be yourself and there's no reason we can't all get along on the field together.
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    Speaking in general, not about this event: I find it pretty interesting that kiters are about the nicest, most patient group of people as a whole. However, the passion and skill level and nerdy level of detail knowledge involved in the sport can make it hard for a newbie to feel confident approaching the groups...and the established bunch can be so absorbed in the fun of the moment that they sometimes don't see the newbie at all. This is also increased by the long distance nature of it all...you never really know who really is a newbie and who is just from far way unless you are the old hand. It is a hard sport to be an introvert in because the best days come from getting out there and saying hi to everyone...and saying can I fly with you. Thank you to all of you who make it easier by going out of your way ob the flying field to be friendly and welcoming, your efforts don't go unnoticed. Acrop Maryland based purple quad kiteflier
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    Proud to shout next indoor kite event in France, Moissy-cramayel. There will be single line, dual line and quad line but as you maybe know I am only a quad line flyer so: Thierry Bressure
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    Live video filmed at my Danish Quad Clinic last month, additional tips and tricks to consider. https://www.facebook.com/dan.frolunde/videos/10214464584674288/
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    Superb info @riffclown!! Very much looking forward to seeing this discussion evolve but I'd be remiss if I didn't post a link to the catch and throw video tutorial we have in the paid KiteLife membership section. http://kitelife.com/forum/files/file/631-rev-tutorial-3d-flying/ The hardest part of learning catch and throw is actually trying it repeatedly, regardless of the initial outcomes - bottom line, you have to mess up a lot to learn what's what - write off the first 30 or so attempts at anything as throwaways, they're supposed to look like crap.
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    I went out and did this in high wind...
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    I couldn't believe it did an axle first try. It takes a little bit of jiggle at the end to open back up but it's really consistent. So much fun, thanks RiffClown! Sent from my SM-G955U using KiteLife mobile app
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    Ha, just realized you won back in June too... Gathering up some Skydog!
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    Congratulations @Fragpie . The Zephyr is a very capable kite. If you are new to kiting you need to know that it is a kite that you can grow into as you learn. It's like buying a Ferrari and expecting to be able to drive like a Ferrari the first time you get in it. Ain't gonna happen. You must first learn how it handles in different situations. It is the same with the Zephyr. You will be able to fly it, of course, just don't expect it to make you a pro on day one. As you spend more time flying it you will appreciate its capabilities more and more. It will slightly frustrate you at times, but don't give up on it. In time you will love it. If you can already do Jacob's Ladders, then ignore everything I just said, except the word "congratulations".
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    Go here http://wardley.org/index.html click "kites", then start reading. Warning: Plan to spend at least a couple of hours -- there's a lot of info and you WILL get sidetracked.
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    The 18 cell kite came from a kit, possibly a Smithsonian kite. I built it & hung it on the ceiling for the babies to look at. They're a bit bigger now, but the kite still hangs there... BTW, you missed some epic 'lab-grade' winds today. I flew during lunch, and had to d-r-a-g myself off the beach to go back to the office ! 5-8mph out of the West at West Meadow beach !
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    Great comparison! Pro feels and reacts like a nicer kite but NG allows me to learn while still crashing without cost variables. Like comparing top shelf to value brand but both were fun to fly! Thanks for the tips and time!
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    Aurai- Greek nymphs of the breezes Acrop
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    Lam just finished an AC Vented UL for me. I can't wait to try this out.
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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.
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    Don't know how many PB 4-8's are loose in the wild but I suspect not too many. A few years ago I was concerned that they might stop making them. I made it a priority to try to acquire a new one. My chance came when I was offered a gift of my own choosing by the company I was working for as a reward for many years service. They were somewhat startled when I requested a kite. Here's a picture of mine one day when I leaned it against the Cruze & the wind pinned it to the car. Kind of makes the scale of a four meter sail more imaginable. Years before my second Revolution kite chosen was this PB 2-4. I had some kind of illusion that it would possibly be a suitable light wind kite... not hardly. The big one has a 12' leading edge. This smaller one is a mere 10' long. Both are huge kites & not for the timid flyer. The PB 2-4 flies somewhat like it's conventional cousin, the Rev 1. But I would humbly say the Big One, the PB 4-8, is in a class of it's own. You will be using larger control movements & the "Archer's Stance" quite a bit. You might be unknowingly gritting your teeth when the power locks in & you lean back with your arms stretched out in front of you, your knees bent, feet scrambling to manage the massive power in even light winds, great fun. I am keeping mine. SHBKF
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    Glad to have found this place! Accidentally bought a little osprey stunt kite at the beach this summer (meant to get a little delta for the kids to play with), and now here I am, wondering how large a kite bag I'll need, and grumbling about crappy inland winds...
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    Rev 1.5 sle full vent Rev 1.5 sle full sail Freilein Exodus full sail
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    Yes, 3 previous own kites and 4 new ones Synergy Deca 6 UL used Peter Betancourt AerZero used Peter Betancount Air Master 2 used Skyburner Fulcrum Custom new Lam Hoac AC UL vented new Lumokites Vital S UL new Bazzer Phoenix Pro Mid-Vent new I believe I'm done with buying for quite a while. Also I'm not sure how many more kites my relationship can withstand
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    Hello, I've been told by a competition judge that I need to do more backward flight to get a higher score. I try to apply John Barresi (JB) tip about hand placement on the handle to release pressure on my wrist and I must admit that it works well. No more need of ointment after a windy fly. Another flyer told me to put my hand more on the bottom of the handle but it achieve the same goal but without giving you the three position control of JB'S method. Despite of the tip, pilot skill is to improve too. I practice ladder on backward fly to help me to improve my skill. What can you suggest me ? Thierry Bressure
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    All packed up..They'll go out tomorrow.
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    Hi all, in an attempt to raise funds for the winter we're running two Fall specials. For those who cannot see the embedded Facebook posts above, from now to November 5th you can get 25% off NEW subscriptions (does not apply to renewals) with the code FALLSUB and/or 15% off all bridles and pro leaders with the code FALLGEAR in our shop.