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    202 panels on this one half so far..More soon...Yes, I know there are wrinkles in the Poly.. This is about learning more about offset and area loss due to seams.. Panels shrunk almost a full 6" in width and just about 3" in height.. due to the 1/4" overlap on the diamond pattern.. It's not perfect but I like where it's going.. .
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    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way. The winner of this drawing will receive BOTH of the two kites below: One brand new First Foil dual line power kite ($99 value)... AND a Lil' Dreamer stunt kite from ($96) Skydog Kites, roughly a $195 total value for this two kite combo! Info on the Skydog website: http://www.skydogkites.com/traction/sdf_firstfoil.shtml http://www.skydogkites.com/stuntkites/lildreamer.shtml If you haven't done so already, You can sign up here. Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/359, and will be drawn on Apr 20th, 2018! Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin.
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    This kite is going to remain assembled for some time. At five feet tip to tip I will be able to easily carry it fully assembled in any vehicle with the lines attached , ready for action. The materials, hardware & assembly are superb. I am very impressed. This one will no doubt have a very special place in my KiteLife. Here it is down in the Kite Dungeon getting acquainted with another recent arrival, The Jester by RiffClown. The beginning of a long friendship for sure. SHBKF
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    Here's a picture of mine getting ready to lift off in the front yard. My first ever attempt at one hand flying a dualie. Short lines are going to make taking a picture a bit problematic. Notice our cat "Polecat" laying in the drive observing. First picture in the air. Shot with my Nikon D3200. Not a great shot, but a great moment. SHBKF
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    We shipped 21 kites in the last two days, another similar batch going out tomorrow... 75 in all, 11 countries, so humbling and cool! I’m thinking about doing a Kaiju video contest maybe 3-4 weeks after we send out the 75th kite, possibly a 90 second ballet incorporating 4 of the maneuvers in the tutorials, indoors or out, voted on by Team KiteLife members. What do you guys think?
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    Light check to verify the completed electronic package..
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    I'm not a big "pull or twist" type, but a thumb pusher! I like to hold my spar as close to the fitting as possible, then use my thumb to push the spar out of the connector. Feels like I have more control over how fast or when the spar comes loose. And no bouncy rebound either. But like everything kite related - it's all about what you feel comfortable with doing! YMMV!
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    Every kite has its own special personality, just takes time to figure out. Swapping out kites so much, means it is harder to figure out any single kite. Spend as long as the conditions allow on one kite and only switch if you really need to. That way you learn that particular kite well.
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    The Quantum and foil will serve the 4 of you well. My 2 cents is go up from the Quantum not down. One person on either end of the kite while learning to stop nose diving will keep every one engaged and laughing. The person relaunching the kite will get a valuable perspective watching from the opposite end. Into the Wind has the Hydra and Kymera marked down to $125.00 plus shipping. Ebay has the Flying Wings Soul for $150.00. Same guy has really good deals on the Acrobatix and Silver Fox. My Hydra is better built then my Widow ng and Zephyr. Today I had it in Zephyr winds with all 4 weights on 100' 150# line set.. 1 to 2 mph winds starting to be able to control it well. 3 plus and it's response is right there. Iv'e not flown it over 15. It does fly lower than stated and I think it will fly higher than the stated 18 too.Once I get my timing better it will be my go to kite. An honorable forum member said he watched the Hydras designer flying the Focus version in 1 to 2 mph tricking the daylights out of it. I believe ! The better the kite the more you will learn. Doesn't matter that much what comes next. Just make it better.Be patient and find good deals so you can buy 2 different ones instead of just 1. If you do that the Quantum will quickly be the kite you hand to newbies while it's waiting to teach your grandchildren to fly. Yeah it can last that long. It's tough.The sticker shock turns a lot of folks off unless you do the math. Randy G who is a champion flyer had a top of the line kite for sale last week for $300.00. A lot of money for a freaking kite but you could fly that kite for a 1000 hours. That's a lot of fun for 30 cents an hour. That's assuming with more skills the repair bills are going to be lower then mine currently are. The only kite Iv'e paid retail for is my Skyburner Pro Dancer and I was happy to do so. But that's boutique. My 7 year old Great Grand daughter is learning on a 1.4 foil with a bar, Premier Vision and Addiction. She is coming to visit next week. She will be restricted from the PDSUL and Hydra. The rest if she breaks em I'll fix em. A few hours on my Prism Snapshot foil in 20 mph winds and I'd let your family fly my Jewel, Addiction or Nighthawk. They are very tricky kites. P.S This is from a guy who for the 1st 2 weeks of flying thought nose dive left, nose dive center, nose dive right were tricks and was very happy doing them.
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    Remember that if you want to fly together at the same time, you should have identical equipment. Different kites move at different speeds in the same wind and will encompass a different sized wind window. That applies to single and dual line kites. Once you get to quads you can control the speed more precisely, so you can mix and match to your hearts' content. So if you want to try doing some maneuvers together, keep the kites as close to the same as possible, including bridle settings, flying lines, etc. Group flying is really fun once you get over the initial fear of tangles and messy crashes, and will give more SPM (smiles per minute).
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    LE is Yellow and I went with a slightly wider screen. Honestly just to see what it does..Edge binding, framing and bridling remain.. Hopefully ready to test by the weekend..
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    Prism is a good choice, but I would recommend the Quantum or Hypnotist. I haven't heard much good about the Jazz (never flew one) and the Nexus needs a bit of wind to fly. I've flown a Nexus, it wasn't as bad as some people have claimed. You can't go wrong with a Skyburner (Kites & Fun Things) kite, They make great kites. One thing I would shy away from is a smaller kite. You should be looking for something with around a 7 foot wingspan, or bigger. You will also need something to stake the kite lines down, none of the RTF packages come with a stake, and It is a critical piece of equipment when parking the kite on the beach. A large screwdriver works for me, but there are official kite stakes available, just make sure you get a long one, if you're flying on the beach. Shorties pull out of the sand. Hopefully we can meet up and fly, I've got lots of tips & tricks that will save you guys hours of trial and error. The Kitelife family helped me out immensely when I was starting out, but I'll tell you, I spent tons of time learning things the hard way.
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    Seamless pattern isn't happening.. While it is possible, I considered two factors in this decision.. First, the poly definitely has a dark side and a lighter side.. front and back varies between Charcoal Navy Blue and Black.. Second, because of the pattern and the way I create it, I'd have to offset an entire row which would lose about two inches of sail from the top of one side and the same from the bottom of the other side.. Not willing to throw that much effort into the waste bin.. A simple Diamond of royal in the middle will hopefully tie this thing together.
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    Here's a quick picture Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
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    Ok, the 4d is a versatile LITTLE kite. That's the biggest drawback to it, it's small. But, it is semi-durable, and has a wide wind range. My son learned to fly with mine when he was really little. You might consider the Kaiju from Kite Forge, it is a bit bigger. I got mine, but only got to fly it once so far because of all the stormy weather we've been having. If you can wait until I find you at the beach, you could try either, or at least see them if winds are too high for SUL kites.
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    Note to self... bring tails. Yes, you will probably look back & laugh over the first few kites in the bag. I lost count of how many I have, and I'm always looking for more. I am supposed to meet a family in Connecticut soon to buy a collection of an old kite flier who has flown off to better places. I saw the first dozen or so kites, and told them that I would be interested in whatever he had.
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    SHHHHH - Rob - I'm not sure she realizes the addiction goes so deep!!!!!
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    Breezin, your response really put a smile on my face:) Some of my fondest memories of my grandfather were the times we spent together flying cheap kites off the Canarsie Pier in Brooklyn when I was a child. So great for you to share your love of kites with your great grand daughter. Had the hubby and my girls out today in 8mph inconsistent wind, just with the starter foil and a single line delta as we wait for the Quantum to get here, but still had a great afternoon of good old fashioned family fun. As always, I thank you for your generosity in sharing so much insight. I'm soaking all this up.
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    We all use our kites to recharge. Decided to make one I'll name recharge..Center panel undecided.
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    To support the launch of the Kaiju this month a guy at Kite Forge (I) got together with a guy at KiteLife (me) and “JB” (myself) to punch out a first release of nine new basic indoor dual line tutorials, we all had a blast getting these ready for new indoor folks to find their legs quickly! http://kiteforge.com/help-tutorials/ Big thanks to Scott Weider for his help with filming under a time crunch right before he left for an event in Kuwait... Look for much more from our family in the future.
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    One thing I found helpful was to walk toward the kite when the nose was pointing down. When flying shapes, this slows the kite down. You'll be walking toward the kite a lot- slides, snap stalls, gaining ground in lighter winds, landings(planned and unplanned), and tricks(intentional and unintentional). I would suggest that you search Youtube for videos on ground recovery. Knowing how to cartwheel will add to your flying time.
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    Thanks Wayne:) Looks like I will be re-purposing some longbow cases. The bows and the kites will have to take turns;) And yep, I added to my meager/newbie collection last night by ordering a Prism 4-D Tired of waiting for wind;)
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    Rough week on the kites. PDSUL, Zephyr and Widow were a little mistreated. Thought I had holed the LE on the Widow Monday. Did a nice patch job and with 1 day low winds the next high and repeat didn't fly it again till today. About 45 minutes in I went to adjust my rollups and noticed a zip tie was broke on 1.Low and behold the hole I patched was for the zip tie.Hey I am a rookie. Very happy though slightly embarrassed . 1/2 hour later winds around 8 I tried to cascade in the center. Got about 1/2 way down and got a wing tip wrap pulled that line trying to flare a bit and rotate out. Pulled to hard and started to nose dive. Freaked even more and instead of throwing slack on both lines then yanking opposite line yanked the same one even harder. Kite proceeded to the ground even faster. Even while yanking I knew that I'd made a bad mistake. Not sure how but I avoided a total nose dive but hit pretty hard tail about 2 o'clock, nose forward, belly down . Thought I'd jacked the TE from the way the kite was sitting. Nope broke female spreader completely in half at the outside edge of inner spreader connection. Had a spare so kite is ready to fly . Maybe at times I'm yanking to hard hence the broken zip tie. YA THINK !! Mon.Tue,Wed all 3 issues were at 4 pm. Now I could be come superstitious and not fly then. Maybe blame it on the fates and become deterministic. Maybe figure it out. I usually quit around 4. I start pushing harder knowing the day is coming to an end. Looking back that is the time of day Iv'e had a lot of problems. Not all but most.From failed tricks to broken kites. So having reasoned this out sorta, I spent the next 2 hours on the Hydra. Got close to the end and what the hell. It's to much fun. So off to stoopidville I go again. Set up to land as close as I can to the kite bag in window center.to end the day. Came in from the right about 3' off the ground nicely powered up. Snap stalled just about perfect at the bag and went into a turtle. Was going to float down a bit thinking tip stand landing. Decided to 360 1st. Got to the fade, lost it, nose dive and lost spines c clip. Got a spare and it's in place. This week I think Iv'e gotten to level 2 out of 10. Still hanging out at mostly 1 but really starting to see and feel things better. Combos are coming a little more on purpose. Weird thing is the last month Iv'e noticed it takes longer to transition to another kite. On another post someone told me that opinions of a kite will change over time. You learn more and more what a kite is designed to do and most importantly why. My muscle memory is starting to develop but the connection to my brains not quite there. Some things transition well others not so much. The more I learn the more diverse my kites are becoming. When that connection happens I think I'll be reaching level 3. Man this stuffs fun broken kites and all .
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    Stable is on the small side. Think "stadium".
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    Wow 4:30 getting ready to quit and epic fail. Trying to do cartwheels to the bag blew the 3rd one and broke LE above the ferrule. Apparently it's a common thing trying that trick so I'd better get better.This run of damage needs to get over SOON. Starting to get a complex. Poor Zephyr will be going thru hell the next year or so . Nice winds today, mostly between 3 and 6. A few drops to 0 and some gusts to 8. As i'm getting better on the kite i'm starting to leave the weight in and the TE tensioned no matter what the wind. Seems to be less floaty and more graceful. Flips are easier but the turtle seems a little harder to hold. Got to thinking if I take a 2 day break I might settle down and break this curse Iv'e put on myself. Naw life's to short. Only the z is down for now. If I break the rest tomorrow I'll go to ITW Wed. Get what parts I can [hopefully all]and buy another kite . Ha there is the answer. Surely a new kite will fix my ham fisted flying. Wonder what the wife's going to think of this theory .
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    Someone say Canarsie Pier ? They still fly there, I've taken a break from traffic on the Belt many times to fly with the Islanders and their 'Mad Bull' kites. I agree with what was said above, another Quantum or similar sized kite. Make a list of kites you'd like to fly, I have a few for you guys to try. Once you get a few hours of flying in, I think new kites will be arriving at your door on a weekly basis...
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    I started my son out on a small two line foil, they are relatively cheap and almost indestructible. They can be crashed into the ground over and over. Sent from my IPhone
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    Flying in the snow is a special treat ! I think I'll go after work today, it looks nice out. I think you made a great choice for a first kite, that will certainly get you guys going. The next kite will be a light wind kite, I'm sure. There is nothing more frustrating than getting to the beach and not having enough wind to fly. The Quantum needs at least 5mph of wind to get off the ground, and that's not always the case when you get to the beach, especially in the summer.
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    I just ordered a Prism Quantum So much for waiting lol. Hey, life is short, might as well eat dessert first;)
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    Ready to fly.. Used red LE, Black accents and edge binding.. Bridles are also red.. Went with a vertical stripe of the poly in the middle to bring the sides together, hard inserts for the bottoms of the verticals as well hard inserts for the ends of the Leading Edge.. Hopefully will get to fly it in the near future..
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    @mrfixit I split this off into its own topic so you can get the maximum visibility and hopefully the responses you are looking for.. I love stacks and fly both dual and quadline stacks a LOT.. Stack distances vary widely based on kite type. Single/Dual/Quad. There are many rules and we've all heard 2/3rds and 3/4th as well as other wisdoms.. The only real rule is it can't be so tight that it interferes with the airflow of the kite behind it and it can't be so long the stack loses cohesion. The kite stack lines MUST be equalized or the stack will inherit a bad wobble.. You HAVE to tune.. The general rule of thumb will serve you well but be aware the option are as varied as the kites you choose.. For SLK, the stacks tend to self correct so a single stack line to train them all is usually the way to go,,Enough space to allow the individual kites to fly is quite sufficient most of the time. Stacking SLK Cellular kites is probably quite tricky but I have no experience with that particular aspect of stacking. Dual Line kites tend to use from 3-5 stack lines.. once the stack gets past around 5 kites, you have to consider either a ghost frame or strengthening the frame of the front kite. Quad Line Kites.. The 2/3rd of the LE is a great place to start.. Anything longer and the stack will stop acting like a single unified stack.. Shorter is very doable but you HAVE to take time and tune.. Soft kites have to be designed to be stacked OR you have to modify them to do so.. Short answer is there is no short answer to your question.. Start with rule of thumb and individualize your stacks from there.. Premade stack lines are the way to go if you are uncomfortable making your own..
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    Since this post started about high wind dual line stunt kites, I thought I'd share this. Here's an Enigmini Vented that I picked up from the Steve Tapp collection sell off. Based on it's size (6 ' 2" x 2' 5") and it's heavy framing (P300 spine and Black Diamond 5PT spreaders), it should prove to be the highest wind dual line stunt kite I own. The removable vent covers are something I've never seen before and should help it's lower wind range (which I'm sure is still pretty high)
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    Diamonds in the dark Decided I wanted to take my seaming technique to a feasible limit. Using the same materials as the Midnight Royal and Yonder, I went with a diamond pattern and worked it through nearly the entire sail yielding over 450 panels. Encouraged by the mock up, I pressed forward. Once the sides were nearly done I realized how much actual area I had lost with the 1/4' overlap.. i decided to wedge some poly at the top to give it a bit of a retro look. Ready to join the center and make this a flyable sail at this point.. More to come soon.
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    Panels are sewn.. Because of the panel's area loss from all the seams I ended up adding a solid wedge across the top. Deciding on LE and will be ready for flight this weekend.. Will edge bind in blue or black. LE will most likely be white or maybe red if I have enough left. I don't have enough black for a leading edge at this time. Before anyone suggests it, I don't think I want to cover the LE in the same pattern or either of the two colors.. Kite is"busy" enough already and I'm using what I have. I may reconsider but that how I feel at the moment..
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    I have a printed sail form OSKUSA, I’ll try to post a picture I heard the same thing, it won’t fly backwards well. Well it does, so please stop telling my kite it can’t do that while it’s doing that Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
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    I can tell all the indoor flying I've been doing is helping my outdoor skills. Yesterday I was flying dual on 80' lines and was able to do a 540. Something I've never accomplished before. Indoor is helping me get a better feel for line control and gives a pretty decent workout[emoji3]
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    Leading Edge is 130" (4X SkyShark 8P). LE Sleeve is attached with no screening. This kite is going to be a monster... I need to finish a bit of transitional sewing on the Trailing Edge and ready the pockets for the electronics. After, edge binding and the rest of the framing and I'll be ready to reinstall the electronics.. Flyable by ?????
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    One of the cool things about building up a collection of kites is you can't fly them all often enough to stay well connected. Now that may seem like a funny statement. So what happens is that you keep buying different kites to try & the older acquisitions stay in their sleeves. After awhile you come back to one of your previous favorites & you get to fly it with the advantage of your matured flying experience. You might just fall in love all over again. Or you might be able to connect with one that you previously did not click with at all. Sometimes I would go on a trip & only take the one kite that I had struggled with on earlier attempts. Kind of forced me to try harder & become friends with the difficult one. That was true with the Prism E3. But I must admit that I did finally just cave in & get an E2 instead. KiteLife is so varied. SHBKF
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    Changing out the whatchamawhozit for a variable thingamajiggy? Oh, and I figured out the name. It's the hotel where the DJ's stay.
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    Yeh to achor my display kites, I remove my tow bar and use the cross retaining pin to anchor my kites. Great if the wind changes direction as I can just reverse the car round. I pass my line doubled up through the figure of eight back round it like a mountain climber would do to decend, then down to a bottom cleat. I just use the figure of eight reversed as the kite line is much smaller in diameter than dynamic climbing rope it's designed for. The grey webbing goes into the tow hitch receiver and retained by the original pin. After setting my main lifter kite I can then send my laundry up fully controlled and tie off round the cleats to adjust them independently. (I cant find the original web site that this setup was detailed on and I copied it from. ) The top setup is for using a tree (see the extra 2800lb webbing retained by the elastic band by the roll of 1000lb line) I can easily adjust for more height while powered up if needed with my 26mtr Occy. I use 2200lb line on her as we get pretty strong sea breezes that can catch me out if they suddenly gust through.
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    I don't have one, but I would imagine that it's similar to other soft kites. All the bridle legs should come together at one point, that's where you would larks-head your flying line to. Just make sure all the bridle legs are straight and not tangled. That's it... once you've got that, throw it into the wind and watch it fly... As far as line strength, I wouldn't trust the 150# in winds over 10mph. I always fly on line that is heavier than I think I need, maybe I'm over cautious. Like I said, I don't have the kite that you describe, so maybe it's not as big as it sounds and 150# would be fine. You will have to judge when you get it in the air and feel how much it pulls...
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    Trying to thank everyone here, but not being very successful in using the forum response box;) But all your insight is much appreciated. I am an info junkie and always eager to share any knowledge I have about subjects that I love with people who want to learn, so that's why I am truly appreciative for everyone's help:) You guys are great. I had no idea stakes even existed;) A lot to learn, but looking forward to it. Rob, I hope we can meet up. I am really enjoying your videos and I hope you don't mind that I have shared them with some friends. Definitely breathtaking. Well, I am off to do some online window shopping for the kites you recommended. Happy flying everyone!
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    The Diamonds kite was finished this morning.. Final touches, bridles and framing are all done.. Ready for a test flight when conditions allow..
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    New drawing sent and waiting approval to be posted. JB feel free to add the rules to my drawing.
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    Wow that is impressive. Sent from my IPhone
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    Hi guys! Been a few weeks since I talked to y'all, been busy, I hope everyone is doing well. I had to stop in and say hi real quick and tell everyone how happy I am. Kaiju #31 is in my hands, and she's beautiful! I'm glad I finally ended up with purple/white, it was a tough choice, but it looks awesome! Great work @John Barresi and Kite Forge, and thank you! Im still having trouble uploading pics for some reason, but I'll try to get some posted soon, and maybe even a video when I can. Talk to y'all soon!
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    I signed up for the USPS notifications so I can watch it cross the globe. Damn excited! Sent from a Galaxy 8 Far Far Down Under.
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    Yes -- have built and flown without LE venting. More difficult to control in reverse as the air has a lesser ability to exit the sail. It actually creates an air dam that traps more air at the LE. Becomes dramatically more difficult as the wind speed increases. Holes or a belt-loop style LE are viable options that will keep total weight at a minimum. The reason that doesn't happen on a Supersonic is that the LE is curved towards the back and the air can slide right off. That's why it flies faster in reverse -- minimum drag. Don't get me wrong, the kite will fly without the mesh or other means of dumping air. It just makes it more difficult and less enjoyable as you spend more time fighting the kites tendency to bowtie, especially in stronger wind. If you really want to keep the weight down you can use a belt-loop style LE pocket that is the same material as the sail. However, this leaves a large percentage of the surface of the LE tube exposed, so you have to be careful with how often you allow it to contact the ground and how severely. The photo shows how the LE pocket is just the sail itself folded over and the holes hot cut from the area that is doubled over. The ABS in reverse flight channels air out toward the tips and dumps it there because of the way it is curved.
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    One of the best justifications is a variety of kites will develop a nicely rounded flying style. At the start I tried to be very mechanical learning the lines. I do this and the kite does that sorta thing. Probably kept me from breaking things more often than I have. Now that I'm learning to be more fluid with the wind [ getting a little dance on ] the mechanics are coming easier. Someone said that the variety actually enhances your learning. Have to agree. Bouncing from kite to kite gives me little epiphanies that are starting to snowball.Only 9,928 more hours of practice to go. YAY