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    So started laying out a new mesh pattern today.. Not exactly sure how I'm going to use it. Will definitely be another quad but haven't decided on the sail or hole sizing yet. The panel should be big enough to make just about any "standard" size.. Will post more once I decide how I'm using it..
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    The layout was my creation, period. Bazzer came into things post-B creation. In depth, the original version had curved panels but Rev didn't want to sew curves, so I adjusted it to be straight. And lets be SUPER clear here... Legality is NOT under debate, they can do whatever the hell they want legally EXCEPT use my name or the name "B-Series" (defendable due to published association with my name) - it was a Rev kite, Rev product, endorsement agreement with me (canceled by me). Ethics however, in a small industry with over 25 years relationship (now behind us) - well, that discussion is really up to y'all, the end users - I do what I have to do, and trust me - I'll outlive 'em all. I will say though, pretty sad that they couldn't at least tweak the angles a smidgeon, just to step out a little. End of the day, aside from my irritation, it says a lot that they're trying to hold onto the image and reputation of the B-Series in the midst of launching their new springy "best Revs ever".
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    Sleeving kits are essential to routine line maintenance and repair but sometimes you want to fix it very quickly and finish you day of flying. E.S.K. takes only a few minutes to make in advance and can be applied in the field in about 1 minute. Equalize and enjoy the rest of your day. For some that do not sleeve lines this will almost be a joke but I prefer to have my lines sleeved, especially for my power kites and stacks.. I keep 8-10 of these in my trouble bag all the time so I can sleeve a full quad set in the field if needed.. It's still a good idea to keep a sleeving kit with you but the E.S.K. can save you a few minutes of downtime on a great day of flying.. Excellent donor materials are bridle line, Q-Line, Venetian mini blind cord.. You can also use this concept to pull loops of line through regular sleeving or cord like Muzzy Bowfishing line to have the colors you want ready and handy. Cut about 13" of the cord. Push out a small nib of core and tie an overhand knot. Go to the other end and push out about 2" of core. Tie it off and separate the core to preserve only one of the twisted components and discard the rest. Place an overhand knot in the remaining core strands. This will become your pull eye.. To implement in the field.. Untie the "pull eye" end and run your line through the strands.. Untie the other nib end and use the core to pull the kite line through your new sleeve..
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    Hi all! I am still here, but life has thrown me some major curves. Right now my workshop is full of, "ahem", crap, and it makes it really hard to find the space, and sometimes, find the tools, to make parts for kite stakes. I have also lost my source for the Davis kite stakes, Davis glass the maker of the really nice marbles, is no longer in business. I still have originals, and I have a few in my rack right now, but choices are limited. PM me here or on facebook and I will send you photos of what I have ready to go. Other than that, once I am able to clean out the 8ft high mound of boxes out of my workshop, have a major yard sale, and get back to a real life job, I will be able to start making stakes again, and opening my online sales. Not everything in photo is available......must contact me to see what I have.
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    And the kite will match my suit.. Please tell me that didn't actually surprise anyone..
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    Interesting story... When we held the team meeting to disband iQuad in 2013, Spence Watson expressed a sentiment that "he missed it" in terms of iQuad's rise and fall - I told him quite clearly, that was a dry run. He didn't believe me (nobody did), but 'nuff said. My outings with TKL in the past 12 months have only served validate my sentiments.
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    UPDATE: After additional prompting by me, Revolution has finally cleaned up the 1.5 Classic description. Let's sew this up once and for all - the "1.5 Classic" is indeed a non-endorsed 1:1 version of my original B-Series they're making despite my clear objection, with the addition of the Reflex springs (which don't seem to do much at all on a 1.5 platform in my hands)... I did actually try the Reflex 1.5 (it just spirals wildly to the earth when you go for a 3D catch - no glide or auto-save like the original Reflex, no straight fall like a 1.5), and some new internal end caps instead of external. Buy what you want, buy what you need, I just encourage you to consider supporting the folks who actually "live in the field". FYI, I also noticed all links or references to a Rev retailer directory have been removed from both RevKites websites.
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    I just came upstairs from the Kite Dungeon where I have been doing some repairs on an older kite probably about the same age as yours. Yours is a nice looking kite well worth bringing back to flying condition. Go Fly A Kite is no longer in business so you will have to improvise a bit. If this kite were mine here are the things I would do with it. First I would look at the tail & pull the sail taut by getting the spine back in the pocket or attaching whatever holds the sail in place on that end. You don't need it super tight just firm enough to lay flat & smooth along the spine. You have one stand off to help you deduce the lower spreader length on one side. You can use a wooden dowel to help you work out the length. Put the dowel in the connector along the leading edge. Place the dowel over the center T & place the stand off against it. Move the dowel into a position that makes the sail look smoothed out & a little tight. Make sure the wing tip already has tension on it to hold the sail tight along the leading edge. When you find a length of dowel that seems good mark the dowel for length at the center T assuming that the lower spreader will go nearly to the center. Make another one for the other side. With both in place improvise a stand off for the other side. If the kite looks good you now have templates for your lower spreader length. Next go to a hobby store to buy some carbon rod. They should have some tubes & rods in the RC airplane section of the store. Buy the rod closest to the diameter of what you already have on the kite. Cut one to the same length as the original stand off. If you are fortunate they may have a selection of carbon tubes that you can use for lower & upper spreaders. Buy some of a few sizes. Extras are fine as they can be used for other repairs as well. You can make connectors for the kite by cutting short lengths of vinyl tube into a shape that holds the end of the stand off rod on the lower spreader. This is the way they actually made connectors back in the eighties. Try to come up with a small plastic button that you can use to fabricate an attachment for the trailing edge of the sail. A couple of short lengths of small diameter vinyl tubes can be glued to the stand off end to hold the pieces in place. Once you have the lower spreader complete you can make an upper spreader of the correct length by just eye balling it. It will typically be a smaller diameter than the lower spreader but I have some kites where it is the same. At this point you should have a flyable kite. This will get you in the air without ordering parts or traveling to a distant kite store. It should cost very little to do this & will be very satisfying. If any of your parts don't hold up you have the challenge of how to make the next parts stronger. Or you can ask for help with the proper dimensions & order everything. But you could still do this while you're waiting. One time I used a wooden dowel for an upper spreader while I was waiting for a proper replacement. It worked fine. Just my thoughts, SHBKF
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    Flatwork is done. I just need to pull some loose threads and clean up and finish.reinforce the edging... Flatwork took about 4 hours of sewing.. dimensions of the sail tells me this venture is going to be a 1.5 size. I already have the extra framing to make this easier.. Next is a LE (thinking blue or green) with Mesh and reinforcements for the corners..I don't have screen handy so won't finish this today even though that was my original thought.. This pic shows one side. An exact mirror is on the other side of the back.. Sail will be symmetrical I changed the strip layout slightly so one diagonal-(ish) cut will give me the finished front out of both halves....
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    I remember the late 70's and moving from street to half pipes and skateparks in the early 80's! Also had a couple of original Alvas that I passed on to my nephews. I still have my Wally Inouye pool model.
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    First time flying in the snow was total serenity. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Some of you will know what inspired this thread but I wanted to open the floor.. What quads are in your bag ?? Rev? Phoenix? Freilein?? Home Made?? If it flies on 4 lines it counts for this topic I'll start it out.. 10 Revs 1 Supersonic, Shook Mesh 75% #214 Shook 40% #206 RWB Trifinity, Rainbow Trifinity, Skulls, B-series Custom Full Sail, Full Vent SLE, SUL Old Glory, SUL Ghost 6 Freileins (4 in a stack plus a full sail and a Max all of them are Red White & Blue) 1 knockoff (it was a gift) 5 home mades (Updated 3-13-17) 4 converted HQ Symphony 2.2.4's 1 HQ Mojo Power Kites: 3 HQ Crossfires 2,3,& 4M 1 8M Toxic 1 2M Hornet 1 2.8 Skydog 1 4.5 Flexifoil Bullet total 33 Quadline Kites 7 of those are true power kites.
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    My son, 8, wanted to say: "I have 1. A Blue and Grey Full sail that is like my dads red and grey one." Little fella is a gem! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Fun. Nice Rev handles! Actually, that kind of looks like somebody stole half the stuff out of my kite bag. lol
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    I fly absolutely perfect routines, so if I ever decide to shoot a video of one, there will be no need for editing. Thank you, thank you. No applause please, just throw money.
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    As I've gotten better I can do more tricks on the Hypnotist, but I've progressed more and quicker on other kites. I bought a Premier Widow for a budget upgrade and I am finding it much more trickable that the hypno is on it's best day (for me). I had it made into a UL, but I'm sure there are other kites just as good. Since you're in Tacoma you are in much closer proximity to great fliers out there than I am here in the midwest. If you can meet up with them and fly OPK (other peoples kites) to try them out, maybe you'll come across something that clicks with you. I listened and looked a long time before upgrading again to something I was sure I would like better. Also, I finally made myself a couple of other line sets and the difference is huge. Have to have much lighter lines for slack line tricks if you are flying in the lower wind ranges. I didn't know what I was missing until I did that as well. Everyone can disagree with me on these, but I made a 80#/100' set and a 50#/70' set for my UL. The wind makes a huge difference on what line sets I use and it has seemed to pay off. The stock 150#/85' set for the hypnotist is really limiting because it's a heavy kite, but I have found I can get more out of it when I change my line sets.
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    #4 to the pattern stage.. Wanted to do a subliminal but something made me change my mind. In seriousness, I think this will be my last work with the transition tails. They aren't straight enough to do this well. The single color tails are far more consistent in width, grain and straightness.
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    The Grateful Dead is a perfect match for the video... Love it ! I'll see your snow video... I did that one last year, didn't get any snow footage yet this year... yet.
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    I haven't been out as much as I would like, only got one snow fly this year so far. The wind has been terrible so far in March here (much the same as yours). I might have flown a dozen times so far in 2017, but those nice days that you missed in February ? Sublime. I took the kids to the beach on one of those nice February days, temps in the 60's, but could've done with a little nicer wind. Offshore & 20mph wasn't the greatest, but it was still a great day @ the beach !
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    ENVY on that indoor location Wayne!
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    Finally took the Beamer out today. It's a nice flying kite, real stable and handled the gusts very well. All in all worth the buy to add to the quiver! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Was doing some poking around for info on AirFX vented's......came across this!!! I have two standard FX's and one is just like this one.....message has been sent. bt
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    Laid out #3 today. This is a very rough layout and will probably change quite a bit before sewing..This one uses Transition tails for the horizontals and solid black for the verts.. Black will always be in back so it doesn't overpower the sail color.. FWIW, This one may not make it to actual sewing since the transition tails vary quite a bit in width and straightness.. But that's what a proof of concept build is for right?? Worst case Scenario, I'll have a Mesh Flag..
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    Here we go, let's change things up a little. Here's a well put together "care" package for year round beach/flying use. There is a slightly used (only a few sand grains) set of rev handles, 2 brand new Zippo hand warmers, brand new Boomerang with booklet, a slightly used (flown once for less than 20 mins) set of Prism Modulus line (90# 100'), slightly used set of two way radios (yes they both worked, I tested prior to posting this), two small bags of swivels, a random frisbee, and for the big kid in all of us a water balloon launcher with balloons and faucet adapter (Slightly used but there are no signs of use). Let's push this drawing out a few days longer than usual, this will give people a chance to open up their kite bags and find out that they don't have anything like this in there and that all this stuff would be a fun addition to their bag. Also knowing myself, I might just find other things to add to the box come shipping day! Standard Karma Note from the Moderators This is a Karma Drawing. The winner of the drawing is expected to pay it forward by offering their own prize for the next drawing. Please do not enter unless you are willing to offer your own prize, preferably not the prize you just won. Drawings should be open for entry approximately 2 weeks, and the next drawing should be posted as soon as possible to keep the Karma rolling. These drawings are run by and for KiteLife forum members and DO NOT require a paid subscription to enter. The moderating team only ensures that your drawing post contains all of the pertinent information (drawing date/time, adequate prize description, drawing rules) before approval. If you are a KiteLife forum member from the US or Canada, you are eligible to enter. You do not have to be a paid subscriber. Members from Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are welcome to enter the Karma drawings provided they are willing to pay half of the Karma prize shipping cost. The method and timing of the payment will be agreed upon between the two parties after the drawing for a particular prize. Here is the link to the original Rules and Guidelines thread: http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/5426-rules-and-guidelines-please-read/ The mechanism for the drawing itself is entirely at the discretion of the person offering the prize. In the past, entry number has been determined either by order of entry or by the post number in which the member declares entry into the drawing. The drawings have been performed using the RNG method (http://www.random.org/sequences/) or by choosing the numbers out of a hat (I believe an adorable daughter did the picking in that scenario). The only requirement is that the method of selection is clearly spelled out in the drawing post. Entry into the drawings is done by STARTING a post in the drawing thread with the entry phrase chosen by the drawing host (Traditionally "I'm in", but "I LIKE" has been used as well). In order to remove any confusion or misinterpretation, only entries with posts that START with the phrase will be considered. As with all other KiteLife drawings, bantering is encouraged. This is for fun after all. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    I'm seeing vast improvements from your earlier videos, you ARE coming along just fine. It seems a bit aggressive on launching, but maybe it's just me. Really, you're doing great for the short time you've been flying. I'd suggest a couple of things based on your flying and from my perspective. Your crashes are fewer and farther between, I'd start flying with a bit more of a focus. Right now you seem to still be flying randomly, getting to know and become more comfortable with your kite, sometimes you fly the kite but mostly it flies you. Start taking command. Start with some simple geometric figures, big squares, diamonds, triangles, hexagons, octagons and PERFECT big circles. Work the corners to try to be sharp and precise, using pull turns, push turns and combination turns. Go clockwise and counter-clockwise. As your precision increases, work on your speed control, to keep the speeds consistent in various areas of the wind window traveling in various directions. Under control, increase and decrease your speeds. Practicing precision and speed control pays huge dividends regardless of what type of flying you're looking to do. Focusing and actual focused practicing can be tiring. When you first start a flying session, fly around for a few minutes to get accustomed to the kite again and the current conditions. After you feel comfortable, start a FOCUSED practice, such as working on making a sharp right angle turn. Stay focused and diligent on working on whichever particular aspect you are working on at the moment. Once you feel your focus start to drift or you start to get tired or frustrated, quit practicing and just fly for the fun of it. Find your happy place. Relax. As your skills increase you'll be able to stay in a focused practice for longer and longer periods. Sometimes my practice may be only 10 or 15 minutes long, but I might fly for hours. Never forget, you're having FUN! You're doing great!
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    Hello! Let me start by saying thank you for considering to help. I'm new to kites, and this forum, and I was referred here to get some help identifying/repairing this kite I recently acquired. I live in a rural area, far from any shops that repair kites, so I figured I'd attempt it myself. Although being my first kite project please tell me if this is ill advised. I believe this is an older kite that may be out of production. Wingspan laying flat was 69" and tag says it's by Go-Fly-A-Kite. I attached a picture below and I'd be happy to measure and take more detailed pics as needed if anyone wants to try to help me out. It's a pretty little thing isn't it? Please forgive my internet learned terminology. The replacements and repairs required are as follows: 1. Upper spreader (spar) 2. left and right lower spreaders (spars) 3. Missing one standoff but I will replace both most likely. 4. New bridle for safety reasons (It still has the one it was last flown with) I closely inspected everything and it seems to be in good condition (LE, sail, hardware), but please let me know if I should replace anything else for safety reasons. Again thanks to anyone who can give me a hand with my first kite project.
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    New video! New blog! New video in new blog!
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    I'm afraid that I must agree. The main risk if these sort of images got very common I see, is that female kiters might be deterred and consider that KL is not a place for them (and they tend not to be abundant as it is already). If I could choose between a KL free from non kiting "babe" (just for the sake of it) images and a KL full of it, the decision would be simple. Let's go on with kiting and kiting related posts instead. Sorry if anyone gets offended. /Happy kiting and posting, Exult
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    All Revs so far: 2 Indoor 1 Zen 2 SULs 2 std Pros 1 mid Pro 1 f/v Pro 1 x/v pro 1 100% Shook #6 in their pix album 1 SUL, 1 std Pro, 1 mid Pro are in my street bag (included in count) - beat up badly and borrowing a team mate's mid Pro til I can afford/decide on a replacement! Total = 11
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    I suggest that if you are not comfortable doing the work yourself - that you get in contact with Andy at Ocean Shores Kites in Ocean Shores, WA. Owns a store there and can fix darned near anything that flies!! EDIT: by the look of your kite arsenal - you should be set for now and getting this fixed ASAP is low priority. Why I mentioned Andy - you can get it fixed right and take your time having it done. IMO
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    Oh good, the guilt of two wins would have been hard to live with. [emoji56] Sent from my Nexus 5X using KiteLife mobile app
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    Hey Jason, Might be cool to start a KiteLife blog about this. I think it would be a great way to see how you are coming along. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    New video is up! I went wrong somewhere in the editing and the sound was all out of sync, so I just got rid of it. Same with the next video as well. So enjoy part 3, in which I break my kite, fix it, and nearly break it again.
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    We actually have a "skip one" policy for winners to keep things equal, back to back wins aren't in the cards... Sorry. Two Revs, that's my old teammate Steve de Rooy from iQuad ( @iquadsteve )... We call him the mutant, cuz he's so excellent. Slow motion well noted, definitely on my mind for new tutorials - just working out my quad situation right now, more to come.
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    Single line kites really need tails. I've flown that kite without the tails, it's just not right. I like tails on 4 line kites, too...
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    OHHH You meant attached to the KITE... I'll put tails on my kites in a heart beat.. IF I can find any tails I haven't cut up to make into a kite that is.. I often put tails on my Bolero Stack..
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    @jasonmcmahon76, don't let these tail jokes trick you into that tails attached to kites are silly! My Tramontana tows a tail say 1/3 of its time and is proud of it. The visual effect is too large to be ignored. In addition to the figure flying, some tricking is still possible with a tail: side slides, belly launches, even a fade (possibly entered from a FA - wasn't even sure at the time), while tricks that completes a revolution causes problems. I guess tip stabs, 2-point landings, turtles should be possible (wouldn't cause a line/tail tangle at least), but I can't recollect having done it or not with a tail. IMO every condition and kite combo is an opportunity to gather experience and can be considered as a challenge. Tramontana with tail being flown by my youngest daughter.
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    Oh, so that's what you were on. I always thought you were high on kites, or something. Scotch and Soda? "... I feel higher than a kite can fly, Oh me, Oh my, baby do I feel high."
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    If we're getting into belittling any manufacturers because of the compromises to their product that they have to make to stay in business, then I unequivocally state that they all suck, compared to my home-made. Exactly the quality, performance, design, durability and customer service that I demand. So, if you want something you're not getting from someone else, DO IT YOURSELF, but please don't belittle the kite because you don't like the people who make it. IMHO it is still the standard against which ALL others are judged, and will remain so for quite some time. What others -- all others -- produce is based on flight principles of quad kites first invented and refined by the Hadzickis, and that is a part of history that will not change, no matter what anyone's opinion states. I have a bunch. I will fly them 'til they fall apart. I will buy more. Will I buy and try others? Of course I will. Who wouldn't? Will they fly like a Rev? Maybe, to an extent. Do I want them to be exactly like a Rev? No, that's why I buy and fly Revs, because they fly like a Rev. Should Rev change their line-up? Absolutely! I don't know . . . . . . . . . . It's gonna be an interesting road.
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    I remember that Prism had issues with the center T on the E3, similar in design to what you're showing in your picture. It's really not a part that should be breaking. I would 're-engineer' the center T if it breaks again. That's what I did for my E3... after having the spine break unexpectedly in mid-air and all the sharp parts ripping up the sail, I decided to rebuild the kite so that wouldn't happen again. I basically replaced the E3 frame with a Quantum Pro frame, including the machined aluminum center T. I don't worry about breaking that ! The info on AOA can be found on page 27 of the Prism Field Guide... http://ferob.com/kites/1995_prism_guide.pdf
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    These were both mine originally? I know the standard was mine at least, and I can certify that it was THE very first Rev masterpiece ever made, @Bazzer was the artist... A true one of a kind piece of history, or two in this case.
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    First video uploaded! From my first real go with the Quantum. I thought the wind was a bit marginal, but I was pleasantly surprised how well it went. It even pulled the tail ok(ish), I still have to edit the video of the second session from later in the day when the wind was stronger. Where I somehow managed to break the kite. At least that is something that I can do at work! I managed to find a relic of my RC glider days that will come in handy - A pocket anemometer! Went to the beach with my girls and had another decent go. I also took video of that but about half of it wasn't pointed in the right direction. One question in advance of that: with a steady wind, in this case between 10-17 km/h (5-9kt), the kite had a fairly decent pull on it when it wasn't around the top or edges of the window. Now I wasn't trying to do any tricks, but I was wondering if there is a top speed that you can do slack line tricks at? Or does it just involve running at the kite a lot harder?
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    I'd strongly advise against using any harness for power kites that doesn't have a proven quick release system.
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    I think we're going to see the quad market defined by end users more and more over the next couple of years as some companies focus on following the evolution of the "sport" or "performance" level fliers and other companies shift their focus more toward the absolute front end first and second time kite buyers... Both end users are completely valid and need products specifically for them, but the first approach requires you to be present and empathic to the community, the latter allows you to dictate what is new and appropriate to a class of buyers who aren't experienced yet. Good news is that if everyone generally plays fair cricket and good folks are actively out there sharing the passion with others, we should see both ends thrive. That being said, I can't help but imagine how it must have been for Tony Hawk (pro skateboard) and the other "godfathers" of modern skating who transitioned it from a "blond white boy in short shorts on a thin yellow board" to scruffy, cool looking kids flying through the air on wood boards with sticky tape on them... Some companies saw what was happening, others had tunnel vision on the market as it existed up until that point and told the scruffy kids they were using the equipment in ways that it shouldn't be - seems there may be some correlation here. Also, imagine for a moment that the first dual line delta kite had been properly patented and such... How would that have affected evolution of dual lines? Would we still have seen folks the likes of Tim Benson, Lam Hoac, Ken McNeill, etc if they couldn't make or sell that kind of kite during their formative years in the 90s? Anyway, I think diversity in this case is great - the next couple of years should be really fun.
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    It really helps me to read these type of descriptions as I can now realize what has been going on in similar situations I have experienced. Thinking back on a recent high wind Rev session with my B2 I get it. I now understand that I was also gripping lower & mainly hovering. Just didn't have the perception of a master flier to retain any learning. But that's me, Know Eye Deer. So with understanding comes repeatability. Thanks for the insight, SHBKF
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    My max wind to date is 65mph, full vent factory B with double 4 wrap leading edge and 150# lines. Everything (even forward flight) was a controlled hover, one burst of speed and VOOOOOM! Big load up. I also tend to sit up to an inch lower on the foam so the main pull is centered off in my fingers (less surges).
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    If you decide to call Skydog, ask for Jim Christianson. He was the "artist" for "Go Fly a Kite", designing the catalogs and kite colors for each season. He is now the founder and owner of Skydog: See the "Design" topic below in the following link: http://skydogkites.com/aboutus/whychooseskydog.shtml Interesting archived NYT article here regarding Jim's color choices for sail design and the history of the Go Fly a Kite company: http://www.nytimes.com/1997/04/13/nyregion/tying-a-string-to-the-wind-to-the-universe.html Jim could probably even tell you the story behind the color choices in your kite. SF
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    JB, I certainly hope that what I am attempting to point out isn't seen as vitriol? And my reference to my subscription was merely in reference to money allowing criticism to be expressed. I would also like to think that there is some integrity in restricting slamming of any business related to the kiting community. My whole point in posting wasn't to antagonise, rather it was simply done to highlight that negativity and he said, she said mentality only serves to create division. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    I rarely adjust the bridle on my kites. Each kite has it's own sweet spot, and once you find it, it covers the wind range for that kite. In my bag, most kites don't have a wind range greater than 5mph. It's either a 0-5mph kite, or a 5-10mph kite. I have never noticed much of a difference adjusting AOA, it is not some magic trick that will make one kite into two. You may have gotten the impression that adjusting the nose in will make the kite fly in light winds. If you're lucky, it might buy you a 1mph lower wind range. But don't even count on that. I leave the AOA somewhere close to mid-way, a little bias towards the nose, but that's just me. I don't like a hard pulling kite, and I feel that my turns are sharp enough, and my stalls are stally enough for me. BTW, if you read deep enough into Prism literature, you will find the statement that says to adjust the AOA towards the nose in the highest winds. I remember that, but forget which field card it was on... I'll have to look it up. **Edit... I looked it up, found it in the Prism Field Guide, click below. http://ferob.com/kites/1995_prism_guide.pdf
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    It will need a big red spot in the middle.