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    So I have an inaugural event I'd like to explore for the new system.. There are a few top level fliers, builders and even retailers.. How about a guest chat once a month or so with a Kiting "well known"??.. One night a month, open forum with a guest of honor to talk about kites/kiting and even building/design.. Announce date/times in advance so we can chat with kiters we don't usually get face time with.. Team Kitelife would be an excellent first event.. A few other suggestions, Eliot and Cath,, Chris from HQ, Bring Bazzer in for an evening to discuss the Phoenix, the list is easily expanded on. If it get too chatty or confusing in that format we can have a "guest of the month" thread with the same concept..
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    I'm absolutely stoked to be able to commit to this. The vast majority (ok all) of my other events to date have been day trips. Looking forward to a great weekend with kite friends. I'll bring the lights, We HAVE to do a night fly at some point during this event.. AND Payment Sent
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    Thanks Kitelife for the amazing gift.... wow! So excited to get out there and fly again... north wind just came in for a few days so I'll wait a bit for the temp to get back up into the teens (celsius).
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    Sleeving kits are essential to routine line maintenance and repair but sometimes you want to fix it very quickly and finish you day of flying. E.S.K. takes only a few minutes to make in advance and can be applied in the field in about 1 minute. Equalize and enjoy the rest of your day. For some that do not sleeve lines this will almost be a joke but I prefer to have my lines sleeved, especially for my power kites and stacks.. I keep 8-10 of these in my trouble bag all the time so I can sleeve a full quad set in the field if needed.. It's still a good idea to keep a sleeving kit with you but the E.S.K. can save you a few minutes of downtime on a great day of flying.. Excellent donor materials are bridle line, Q-Line, Venetian mini blind cord.. You can also use this concept to pull loops of line through regular sleeving or cord like Muzzy Bowfishing line to have the colors you want ready and handy. Cut about 13" of the cord. Push out a small nib of core and tie an overhand knot. Go to the other end and push out about 2" of core. Tie it off and separate the core to preserve only one of the twisted components and discard the rest. Place an overhand knot in the remaining core strands. This will become your pull eye.. To implement in the field.. Untie the "pull eye" end and run your line through the strands.. Untie the other nib end and use the core to pull the kite line through your new sleeve..
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    I'll cover the $249 initial cost
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    I posted this on JB's page but wanted you all to see and know I appreciate the great time spent with each of you! Let's do this again and again! I believe I can speak on behalf of the Corolla Fan Flyers, we can not thank you and Scott enough for all of the skilled participation in our learning curves, the many laughs, cartons of ice cream, advise on purchases, hours of discussion on kites and the human condition. Y'all made our trip a reality and easily fit into our diverse kiting families. The fun of flying over numerous days and the feeling of many accomplishments as an individual and a team were amazing! Relaxing, intense, challenging, fun and feeling the pitter patter of my heart wanting to jump from my chest were all experiences myself and others commented on enjoying. Seeing others from the group grow as flyers and be inspired. Wanting all the best for everyone to do better - even when being or taking someone out [emoji50] and when we thought it was done, being at events and getting more air time was a bonus for us all. I would also like the thank Lynn and Bill for setting up a fantastic base camp in so many ways. We MUST do this again and again. The many new friends and faces from so many places will be burned in our memories. Thank you all! Personally I would like to thank you for the hours of conversation on kiting but more on the human experiences you have participated. My family enjoyed meeting you and Shelby has spoke several times on your passion and love of kites and life. Thank you for being understanding and flexible with our families needs. A heartfelt thank you to TK and Luca for allowing you to be away during such a challenging time in your lives too [emoji173]️[emoji173]️ With love and a lifelong friendship, many thanks ☮️[emoji173]️[emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Mission complete! I spent more hours than I'd like to admit researching, talking with people, and finally re-tying every line multiple times to get the tension just right. Getting the tension right was a matter of feeling the sail, measuring the webbing, and even plucking the strings- that's right, there is so much tension built into this kite that you can actually pluck the strings to hear how equal the elements are! Turns out my kite is a Deca 6 and is a version that was manufactured by Invento kites during a brief partnership between their company and GuildWorks. The spars reading "The Advantage" are indeed originals to this particular run however all the Deca kites where tweaked a bit during each production (this explains my 20" spars). I had to replace one of the spars with a spare Rev spar that was in the bag already (basically Grandpa already did the replacing). Attached is a pic of me, 93 year old Grandpa and our kite. Thanks again for everyone's contributions to my journey. I'll post some more pictures when I fly it!
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    Join us for two full days of quad instruction on the beautiful shore of Corolla, North Carolina on April 8-9, 2017... We'll be covering everything from absolute basics (pure beginner) all the way up through advanced techniques as well as both introductory and advanced team flying that is proven to help your skills along much quicker while having a ton of fun at the same time in a very forgiving environment. Testimonials - http://tinyurl.com/jb-testimonials Sign up link: http://kitelife.com/forum/store/product/50-corolla-quad-clinic-apr-8-9-2017/ Currently registered: @riffclown @Bill Clay @Lynn Pugh @Tim P. @esinger @ACrop @Mike Klaiber @Charles Whipple @Nigel Holder == Ideal choice of equipment for this class is any model of Revolution 1.5 (includes EXP, SLE, B-Series, printed specials, etc) or similar "1.5 platform" models (like Phoenix, Freilein, Los Hermanos, etc) - we'll go through painless equipment set up, good tuning and all aspects of flight - the goal here is to demystify quad flying and set you up to win. Registration is $175 per person ($150 for KiteLife Subscribers) and includes full access to the clinic on both days (10a-4p)... Please note, there are ONLY 12 SPOTS left available and we expect them to fill up very quickly. If you're coming, we start the "Quad 101" portion of this class at 10AM SHARP on Saturday morning... It's jam packed with invaluable information and first time attendees are encouraged to consider attendance mandatory, lots of little details that add dimension to your set up and flight experience. Directions - https://goo.gl/maps/6FPuAv4hwiu For anyone who needs equipment or parts while in town, you can get pretty much anything you need from the Cath and Eliot Shook at Flying Smiles Kites right there in Corolla, just a few minutes away from the field. Hope to see you there!
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    Well, the rumors are true. While in Corolla I was unfaithful to JB. Here is a pic from the sonogram. Dr Shook sent it for bridle and spars. Expecting delivery in a week or so! Love you man but a guy has to have variety in his bag [emoji173]️[emoji3]
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    So today i had a short opportunity to fly my new Freilein Vertigo and Vertigo Max kites. Winds were around 8-10 MPH and directions shifting a bit, but i was able to fly both kites for a short period of time. To keep my impressions absolutely fair, I used my handles and lines from my Rev and kept the same handle knot settings initially so it could be a direct comparison.. Disclaimer, This is my opinion and my opinion only.. your Mileage may vary. The Freilein Kites were from the onset initially very brake heavy (like a Paul LeMasters tuning Brake Heavy) but I tuned in the flying line 2 knots and it was very much like what I'm personally more used to for my Revs.. That being said, if i closed my eyes and just felt the sensations through the handles, the Vertigo was extremely close to having my Rev 1.5 sail on the end of the lines. Hovering inverted was very close to the same touch as my Rev sails.. I'm sure someone more in tuned to their kites than me could probably tell a difference but I couldn't. Frame material felt to be somewhere between a 2 and 3 Wrap in stiffness and performance. The LE sleeve on the sail is not oversized and would not accept a SLE frame easily if at all.. I can't see anyone trying in the first place.. Once the wind picked up a bit I changed out the kite to the Vertigo Max. It was at the low end of the wind range for the Max but I wanted to get the sail in the air. Like the Full Sail, I'm sure it would have seemed brake heavy at first if I hadn't adjusted the handles already for the full sail. It didn't fly like a Vented Rev or like a Shook Weave. It flew like something in between. Same basic responsiveness but the feel was more like flying a full sail in lighter wind.. I did like the similarity there though. I did remember to take my Go Pro cameras.. I didn't however remember to install the SD memory so I didn't get footage today.. I will record some soon before I stack out the full sails.. Here's a few pics from the Gallery when I first got them.. More pics and footage soon.. Will post it all here..
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    The more I fly the more my kites talk to me. And they have a lot to say. This morning I see the blue chats ribbon in my lower right corner while arriving here via Chrome. Let the tweaking continue. It is kind of neat to be watching & chatting as this switch is made. I went to the old chat box this morning & was admitted. But when I left it said I was kicked out. Kind of like "And don't let the door hit you in the rear on the way out!" Well out the door & on my way to a kite fest for once. So that's one day I won't be a Solo Hill Billie Kite Flailer. SHBKF
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    Amazing trip, and stoked to see folks level up from the clinic - that and grins is what it's all about.
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    Practicing my side slide over the kite eating lake.. FWIW, We ALL put a kite in the water this week.. Some intentionally, some not so much.. Also for the record, seawater soaked, sandy ripstop is HEAVY1
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    Some impromptu Quad Ballet from @John Barresi & @mystainedskin Symphony 2.2.4 and B-Series. Was very fun to just sit back and watch..
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    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way. 7' Pirate Rokkaku by Skydog Kites, roughly a $140 value! Dimensions: 84" x 70" Materials: Ripstop Nylon / Fiberglass This package includes kite and sleeve only - lines and other accessories not included. You can sign up here. Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/357, and will be drawn on May 9th, 2017! Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin!
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    First time flying in the snow was total serenity. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm afraid that I must agree. The main risk if these sort of images got very common I see, is that female kiters might be deterred and consider that KL is not a place for them (and they tend not to be abundant as it is already). If I could choose between a KL free from non kiting "babe" (just for the sake of it) images and a KL full of it, the decision would be simple. Let's go on with kiting and kiting related posts instead. Sorry if anyone gets offended. /Happy kiting and posting, Exult
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    My son, 8, wanted to say: "I have 1. A Blue and Grey Full sail that is like my dads red and grey one." Little fella is a gem! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Back to the Corolla Quad Clinic topic, I'll be bringing 3 GoPros, 200 finger lites and lots of extra kite related stuff. I hope to organize a night fly one evening and get some cool footage. If anyone wants copies of the footage bring a large thumb drive and I'll gladly share "back at the house"
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    I'm hopeful I can do this. I have to check my ship's schedule before I commit with the cash. Very excited about this!!! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Just finished work on an older Nylon SLE sail for @zachprism01 from the Karma drawing - got this in the nick of time, it was already starting to show stress marks on the sail along the verticals (which lead to sail rips if left unsupported)... Also, the single stitch trailing edge with Nylon stretches way more and causes the trailing edge to actually scallop inward and recede. Nylon is way more flexible and porous (water absorption), so it especially benefits from some extra love. Finished with wear strips, LE tabs and the 2nd trailing edge stitch:
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    Hi all, It's high time Team KiteLife had our own logo... To that end, I'm officially opening up a new logo contest and giving away some cool stuff to whoever submits the winner! My teammates @Flight Risk (Brett), @mystainedskin (Scott) and @windpoacher (Eli) will also be reviewing and commenting. ======= Prizes (goes to one winner): 5 year KiteLife subscription (new or renewal - $164.75 value) B2 sail (lightly used, no frame - $199 value) That's right, over $360 in prizes will go to one lucky winner! ======= Guidelines, art ideas: Aesthetic style should be sporty, or a little edgy Does not need to resemble the main KiteLife logo Include 4 pilot silhouettes (quad / dual / quad / dual) No actual kites in the art, just pilots, text and... ? Does not need URL in the logo (will add as needed) 1x1 (square/round) or 3x2 proportions (like a business card) 4 color maximum Useful but not required: Vector art (like Adobe Illustrator) Both light and dark background versions For some inspiration, you can look at our existing web presence: http://teamkitelife.com http://facebook.com/teamkitelife ======= How to start? Easy! Just upload your design for review here in this topic, can be fancy art or even a photo of a napkin sketch, although "ready to print" type art will naturally get the most attention. There is no deadline for this drawing, it will run until we select a winner. Thanks in advance, can't wait to see what all you creative folks come up with!
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    I will say, doing the suggested mods sure extends the life of a kite, like a LOT. http://kitelife.com/forum/store/category/7-rev-upgrades/ Got 8 more sails on the table for folks right now, that will make 20 or so I've worked on so far.
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    Thanks to all for a great Virginia kiting weekend. It was wonderful for my family to get a view of what I have been up to... seeing the team flying (not matter how bumpy looking) really helped them understand and buy into my enthusiasm in a new way. I still think balancing family and kite time will be an ever challenging act of focus for me, but all of the friendly inclusion that the kiters at Blue Ridge and Buena Vista extended to my family will surely make it smoother going. If you are interested, here is a link to the local news coverage of Buena Vista's event: http://www.virginiafirst.com/news/good-news/buena-vista-hosts-first-kite-festival/692905270 Now, off to pay attention to the rest of life that have neglected for two weeks.
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    It was nice to see a lot of the Corolla team today at Blue Ridge Kite Festival. John, Mike, Lynn and April. Sent from my XT1575 using KiteLife mobile app
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    Finally it got nice enough to go outside and take a few pix. Just took possession of a vented Aerie Air FX which matches a standard, plus another makes three. btw for the trio pix I did not install the winglet battens..... bt
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    @John Barresi's first moments with the Symphony 2.2.4. Once I got it unpacked and ready, I handed the handles to JB at the 1:00 mark for his extremely short familiarization with the modded foil. Like SHBKF, I was very interested i hearing his first impressions. It validated a lot of how I feel about this foil and the conversion. Notice how he puts it through the paces very quickly and find the limits of the sail. I spoke with him about the few idiosyncrasies with this item and he decided he was ready to play. This ground cam segment is the immediate precursor to the JB & Scott video above. The "Warmup before the dance" if you will. At 4:02 you see him decide to run over ans start interacting with Scott and the lake..
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    I was able to do both "tick-tick-tick" square cuts (dual line style) and monkey bars (tip pivots alternating between forward and reverse)... Amazingly versatile and precise for a foil!
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    Ghost SUL on 240' Lines. Very light wind morning.. @John Barresi on the handles..
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    Home safe but late, big grin still plastered to my face. Thanks for a great weekend. So glad that I got over the brain freeze caused by crossed lines. Gave me lots to chew on in my next few months of flying. Looking forward to a fall clinic and more team flying. @Mike Klaiber @John Barresi@mystainedskin I talked the family into heading to the Blue Ridge Kite fest this coming weekend. Hoping to see friendly faces there. Is there any chance of flying fun in the I-81 corridor on Friday??? I am soo hooked.
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    Whoot whoot, found a place to lay down at the house, now two sessions in a row, hope I can hold out. See y'all there sometime Friday late afternoon. I am also vibrating with anti cip ation over the weekend frivolities Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    I have to admit, this kite looks like a real champ in that video - kind of jealous of whoever wins this one.
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    What a sweet welcome ... thank you very much. It took me a while to come here... it's a lot because of English that I do not write very well. But I jumped and now I'm glad to be here. I know that some friends are waiting for some explanations about the current unavailability of my kites. I answered a bit there. Thank you again for your welcome.
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    Alright folks, we've got a winner! Lucky subscriber this time around is #979, @Pen from Canada! Heartfelt congratulations Penny, and deepest thanks to all for your ongoing support. Stay tuned for the next prize to be posted soon.
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    I'm brand new the KiteLife Forum and have recently purchased my first stunt kite. Like many, I've loved flying kites my whole life and always have one in my beach umbrella bag for when we're off on vacation. Why in the world it took me until my mid 40's to discover the fun of a 2 line kite, I'll never know. My 16 year old son and I are having a blast with our Prism Nexus. Like many hobbies, I'm all in when I get interested(if only I could find a Magician's Kite Flying Forum!). So, this article caught my eye. Pretty interesting stuff so I though I'd share it... Man Lifting Kites Enjoy! - Chris
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    From the album SHBKF

    Prism kites in storage, most hanging from nails, in humidity controlled heated & cooled area. Finally put them in some kind of order.
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    Very good speech: life lesson in patience. The kite flier is like the sailor, you can choose the best sail for the wind but the weather always have the last word. Thierry Bressure
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    We have 45*-55* temps for the next two days, but a good chance of rain for the both. Sunday looks like a wash, and temps back down around 40* & heavy rain. So, even though the temps were around 35* today, the sun was bright, winds around 15mph and fading. I got out the full-vent on my way home from work, and gave it a little air. I didn't forget how to fly, but as the sun set, the winds calmed down almost to the point that the full-vent was having a hard time staying in the air. That was OK, 40 minutes was enough of a taste... Kite flying is a life lesson in patience, and when the wind & weather is good, all the harsh sessions are forgotten & you just have to bask in the glory of 'the perfect day' !
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    I haven't been out as much as I would like, only got one snow fly this year so far. The wind has been terrible so far in March here (much the same as yours). I might have flown a dozen times so far in 2017, but those nice days that you missed in February ? Sublime. I took the kids to the beach on one of those nice February days, temps in the 60's, but could've done with a little nicer wind. Offshore & 20mph wasn't the greatest, but it was still a great day @ the beach !
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    Okay Great! I've spoken to Lynn and reserved a room and signed up! Really looking forward to this. Eric PS: Maybe I could get Mr Riffclown to convert my Symphony 2.2 to 2.2.4 :-)
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    Looking forward to flying with all of you
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    I thought i`d jump on your thread Bill and upload a couple of shots of my new Polo.
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    You may eventually develop a liking, even a preference, for low-wind flying. At that point, shorter, lighter lines and an SUL sail and frame will become one of your mainstays. I truly enjoy flying my home-made sails, or my purchased one-piece sails which I have modified to be even lighter, while sitting on my ass while others are just plain grounded. Immense satisfaction in addition to being able to fly while others are working up a sweat just trying to keep their kites airborne. It's like catching fish and having other fishermen crowd in on where you are fishing and moving to where they came from and catching fish there while they are still catching nothing. If you know the small differences that can make what you want to do happen, then you can make it happen when others can't, and it is soooooooo satisfying. How do you acquire this slight edge that makes it possible? Like JB said, "I have failed at it 100 more times than most people have tried it". Try it often -- you might begin to like it.
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    Ha!, we all know that new kite acquisition feeling. My repaired 6-pack stacks of baby Ryvs (3 of them) are finally done and available for pick-up in Ocean City THURSDAY! I left 'em with the kite doctor, gave him a whole year to work on 'em and no budget limitations. They were built with automotive oh-rings and belt-loop styled attachment points (seemed brilliant at the time, no knots!) originally. Dry rot and UV exposure poisoning have taken them out of action. Everything had to be disassembled, replaced or repaired, but the toughest part is the stacking lines between them. Harold Ames made two 6-pack stacks (42 inch Skyshark UL Spine, leading edge and the skinnier part of a cut-down SS Response 12 for the down spars). The train lines linked thru all the kites, each wing mounted independently to it and it was affixed to the bridle instead of the frame for more rigidity. No knots were visible on the link lines either, the kites slid forward slightly and the knot was revealed from inside the end-cap, which was a flexible rubber fitting like you'd use on magic stick stand-offs,.. a little shock absorber, so you'd cut thru the cap if you affixed to it). They flew inverted 360's on 100 feet of line in no wind!! I promised Barbara (1999-2000) that if she let me get two stacks I'd never ask her for another kite again, ever! In bigger wind or to fly them as a twelve pack stack you inserted point 125 carbon tubes into the first 2 or 3 kites at the leading edge to stiffen the frames) The other 6 pack stack was made by Paul Dugard, only 36 inches of leading edge, pultruded carbon tube, you fly these babies when the port-potties are being blown over and the coast guard "won't go out of the harbor". You fly these when you can't see you feet because these so much blowing debris, and your pant legs sound like part of the percussion section's marching band. You fly these bubble bees with the width of your thumbs ONLY, remember to breath and watch the BACK kite, it has farther to travel. I can't wait to throw one of these stacks on the lines and have a gas regardless of the wind. The best part? The doctor asking me "do they all have to link together and fly as an 18 pack?" No, that would be an extremely unreasonable expectation. These baby Ryvs have been in our shed untouched since about '07, I can barely sleep at night waiting for Thursday to get here. I'll try the catch with a 6 pack stack if I can get someone to offer sherpa assistance on the inevitable untangles. Sunfest this weekend, if you want a try 'em out. I know they can be repaired,....... again
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    A little something I patched together today.
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    Yes, with modifications, it seems that the kites will last much longer. I became grumpy with Rev when the leading edge mesh ripped in my Full Vent (after ~4-5 years in rough conditions) and my MidVent (after only 2-3 years of gentle use). I tried to contact Rev multiple times, with no response. I finally had them repaired by Eliot Schook, and it looks like the two will last for many more years. Single investment for a lifetime of use. NO. If I didn't know people and have Kitelife at my back, I would've had to buy new kites, or give it up.
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    We can't control the wind, but we can trim the sails.
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    I usually answer "a 6-pack of beer and a couple of joints, but more than that and I'm too wasted". Fishermen usually understand how badly "string" can cut. Others have no clue.
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    Bring it.. We'll work something out..