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    Aye, I went through a HUGE evolution in flight style and knowledge starting in 2006-2007 after switching to the 1.5 and spending two full weeks of all day flying in a variety of conditions in Buenos Aires. After that, the evolution continued with my prolific iQuad travel, over a hundred clinics and of course, all the private lessons. Above all, the extensive time I've spent teaching has really pushed my own flying to new levels. Thanks!
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    I recently had Lam build me one of his new AC dual line stunters in SUL & received it yesterday. Let me first say I've been flying for a long time but gave it up in 2000 & just came back to kiting this year - so I am very much an 'old skool' flyer that progressed to doing only axels before I put my lines down. That being said, I took the AC SUL out for a 'spin' yesterday in very light winds (2-5mph) & my flying "came alive" again!!! Starting with just general flying, progressing to precision moves, & then on to some very basic 'tricks', the AC was flying as if by telepathy - everything I wanted to do in my thought process translated perfectly into actual kite maneuvers!!! I have never connected with a dual line stunter so quickly & so thoroughly as I did with the AC SUL!! I know I have a loonng way to go to catch up on all the latest tricks, but this kite is so capable of executing the tricks while providing razor sharp precision handling - and all so effortlessly!! The AC SUL makes kite flying FUN AGAIN!!!!!! I used to watch Lam compete in the '90's & knew then he was a world-class flyer - I hadn't realized he also became world-class in kite design/manufacture as well!!!! Here's a photo of my new AC SUL
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    And I still keep that Rev 1 in my bag!!! Bridle thick as rope and all stretched out, but still flies!! Bought in 1998 I think. That is "BS", or for me "before stroke", so some details are a bit fuzzy. Look on the Rev forum header to see the 1997 model look. Mine is different colors, but same style. 7 panel layout.
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    Watching this video a decade later and comparing to the way you @John Barresi fly in the more recent videos these days... Really, really cool to see a very noticeable good difference in flying style and abilities. It's a sport alright, putting in time is the only way to improving. I thought it was just kite flying. Who'd knew.
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    Your getting me very tempted, but I just bought 6 Fury's. So yeah I'm kinda broke. But if it hits the magic number I just might need to go deeper in debt. Who me, I don't have a kite problem!
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    always tighten the tops first, (if possible) otherwise you might just be pushing the down-spars higher above the leading edge tubes, ideally they should be flush!
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    The trick is to gently stretch the sail out without adding any creases. Use the bunjis at the bottom and end caps to still get the sail flat, without adding any wrinkles. Those indicate stress areas that pulled too tight for too long will fail.
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    Congrats on the new kite! I also received my AC from Lam recently but so far I've only managed to fly two days for a few hours total (the winds have been nearly non-existent this past week). From the little time I've spent flying it I can already tell the kite is a major improvement over the relatively cheap dual line stunt kites I've flown in the past; the AC is just so eager to perform (rather than having to constantly fight it) which makes it a joy to fly :). In my opinion it's worth it to buy one high-end kite that makes flying enjoyable the entire time rather than purchasing several low-end kites which will not be as enjoyable to fly and likely end up either sitting in storage or sold -- that is: as long as the person at least knows the basics of flying so they don't destroy their high-end kite the first time flying it . One of the things which makes purchasing a kite from Lam worth it is that he goes out of his way to ensure the customer is not only satisfied but he'll answer any questions, give advice, teach new kite pilots in person, etc. even after the purchase is made. It's obvious that kite flying is a passion of his and he wants to share that passion with others - it's not just about maximizing profits. I'm hoping to be able to take a trip up to Canada soon since Lam offered to teach me some things and he also called me several times after the purchase to ensure that I knew how to properly setup the kite and that I didn't have any other questions. He also just seemed genuinely interested in discussing kites and kite flying in general. I posted this photo in a different thread but here's my AC SUL and my ABS MC SUL: