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    I would like to thank Mark for an awesome karma prize. I would also like to thank all of you folks for your kind words of congratulations. I will have the next karma drawing up soon, so keep an eye out.
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    Drum roll, please. The winner is: Congratulations, @elmo264.
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    Kites received well packed, in great order and exactly as described.. Thank you!
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    When you feel like you have almost no control over the kite, you should have switched about 5mph ago. When it hits 15mph I'm already on my full vent. I don't like a lot of pull and find greater satisfaction in precision and control. If you like the pull and the speed, make your next kite a Rev Supersonic. You'll literally hoot flying that puppy! Give it a try next time you see someone flying one. Just remember, things are gonna happen really fast. It flies backward nearly as fast as your midvent flies forward.
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    How soon do you need the new kite by? If you're willing to wait a few months I'd recommend the upcoming version of the Silver Fox being redesigned by Lam Hoac (a boutique kite maker that creates high-end kites). Flying Wings hired Lam Hoac to redesign the Silver Fox so you'd be getting an amazing kite for about half the price boutique kites normally sell for (under $200). Here's a video of Lam Hoac flying a prototype version of the kite:
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    Here's the Jig I designed to tie my bridles.. I can tie all three bridles on the same jig by looping a few strategic places.. No loops gives me the 72" LE or Rev II size which I use the most. Other strategic loops give me the standard 1.5 size, 84" size or the 97" LE Bridles I tend to like as well. The board is a simple pine craft board.. the holes are drillled to fit Q-Tip shafts.. I wrap the knot areas, mark them with a sharpie marker and then tie them off. The same principle is applicable to any knot based system requiring repetition like Leaders. there are a few additional tricks to increase consistency but it's really just paying attention to the details and keeping the tension at all points the same. The back of the board has my marks for patterning Leading Edge for 72", 83' 93" and 97" Kites. Anyone will probably show you their bridle and/or leader jig.. No one will show you their dimensions or let you" measure them".. Can you blame them?? I could not make a kite without this board. it gets used for at least 4 different steps.
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    Ok, it's 8:00 pm. This is the cut-off post. No more entries after this post. I'll be back in a few minutes to post the winner. Good luck!
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    I rather enjoyed watching you fly my pro dancer [emoji3]. Wayne has an excellent point about UL Ultra Light and SUL Super Ultra Light wind ratings. I have one UL that is rated down to 2 and does well in 2 mph wind. While another brand SUL that I have says it's good down to 3 mph and takes foot work to keep it up in 3. It's important to realize that most kites will take some or a lot of foot work to keep them up at or close to the bottom of the wind ratings that the manufacturer suggests. Sent from my IPhone
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    Myself - I change sails before frames. I do have "favorite" setups in my kites, and rather than swap frames and mess up that, I'll switch sails. Be aware that this is "MY" way, and not for everyone. Part of it is that I had a stroke years ago and I want nothing to do with chancing a face plant!! In fact, I'm almost always the first to switch to some vent, because of that fear! My rule of thumb is how it "feels" in my hands. Is it in control? Is it surging when a gust hits? Can I just tune it out or ????? In the end it's common sense I go by, if it feels like too much, swap or pack it in! PS: having 5 sails to choose from makes it a bit easier sometimes, but can also lead to second guessing yourself!! Luckily it isn't hard to switch if you guess wrong!
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    The upper limit of the manufacturer's specified wind range, or a few mph less than that if you take gusts into consideration, is a good point to move to the next venting level. Although most kites can be flown well above that recommended upper limit, it will prematurely stretch the sail material. Now, I say "prematurely" because the material will eventually stretch anyway. Pressure of the wind in the sail will make it happen and there is no way to stop it. You gotta face the fact that it will happen, because kites-- like cars -- ultimately just wear out from being used. So knowing that, there is only one question left to ask: Are you gonna fly, or you gonna watch? If you can afford to replace the kite sooner than expected, go for it and fly. If your budget is limited, switch kites or fly someone else's, or pack it up and watch. It's up to you and please know that the kite will still fly fairly well even if the sail is stretched. It just won't be at peak performance depending on your style of flying. If you're into precision, I think it actually performs better. A new crisp sail is better for a yank and spank style and tricking.
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    Hi, Arctic Cat ZRT, and welcome to the forum. It is easier to fly in low wind conditions if you have tons of experience (hundreds of hours), but don't let that disillusion you. It only gets easier with each time you fly in those conditions. Although I can fly a dual, I'm more of a quad-head and not much into tricking the duals, even though I own a few higher-end ones. I'm going to let the more experienced pilots here guide you in the selection of a kite for the conditions you described, which are pretty much the same winds that all of us inland flyers have to deal with. I have only chimed in on your query to make you aware that there is a chance that you will not "click" immediately with any kite you select, as some flyers are not comfortable flying a kite that another flyer may absolutely love. Once you start selecting kites for a specific purpose, it becomes very much a matter of personal preference. It is good sense to "try before you buy", if you can. If not, then trial and error is your only option, but don't let that scare you, as it is unlikely that you will absolutely hate the kite you choose. Good luck in your venture. I look forward to sharing a field with you some day. Have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe.
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    Once the material is stretched it will be forever stretched and that DOES change the way it flies forever.. If you truly enjoy the pull, you should consider a foil like my Symphony 2.2.4, A Skydog Powerfoil or a similar small traction kite..
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    Keep your eyes on the prize... the Prophecy is by far the kite to get your hands on. I wouldn't spend more than $200 on either the Illusion or I2K. They are both novelties to fly, but in my hands, they just don't hold my interest very long. I do like the original Illusion better than the I2K, but the I2K is fun in higher winds with the Spoilerz installed. In fact, that is the only way I fly the I2K. The Illusion vent is also a sweet ride, but good luck finding one of those, I think you'll find it easier to find a Prophecy. The Proph will also be more useful in a low wind area like Atlanta. Because of it's size, it can fly in 2-3mph wind pretty easily. I wish you luck in your quest !
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    I've had this one since they came out, but only flew it maybe three or four times, and there's nothing else in my bag that I want to part with. Drawing is for a like-new, no wear and still very crisp Revolution Kites Rainbow Radical Line Art (Masterpiece) kite designed by John Mitchell. I have another in a different color scheme that I've modified for low wind and use often. This one just never gets out of the bag anymore. It is the one I used to check out a French Bridle on. It includes the sail, black race frame, French Bridle (installed), the original bridle that it came with, and original sleeve. No lines or handles. Someone's going to be a very happy camper! I really have nothing else kite-related that I want to part with, but I don't want anyone to feel that you have to match value, so please don't feel uncomfortable about entering. Like the rules say: "THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION." So please don't feel intimidated or reluctant to enter, just go for it and enjoy. I will ship this via USPS Priority Mail, insured and signature required, so you may have to make a trip to the post office (Oh, what a bummer!!!). In so far: 1. @riffclown 2. @Mike Klaiber 3. @Bill Clay 4. @khsidekick 5. @Edmond Dragut 6. @Mikelp3586 7. @T in WI 8. @zachprism01 9. @TSO 10. @elmo264 11. @RobB 12. @drdemonx 13. @Mitch 14. @Michael E. Allen 15. @TonyB 16. @Tmadz 17. @Deke Haid 18. @Daougie 19. @Paramedic 20. @Paul LaMasters 21. @Tim P. 22. @esinger 23. @Swimdad67 24. @dragonfish 25. @DrZettl 26. @happysuperbutton 27. @mwp 28. @Ca Ike 29. @cerfvoliste 30. @northwavesailor Some rules and guidelines: Don’t play unless you’re willing to put up a prize and ship it to whoever wins. Shipping is paid by the original poster, the winner pays nothing. Be prepared to ship your prize anywhere in the lower 48 US States. Sorry, but due to shipping costs, we really have to limit this to the lower 48 US States. RULE CHANGE (7/31/2014): Members from Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are welcome to enter the Karma drawings provided they are willing to pay half of the Karma prize shipping cost. The method and timing of the payment will be agreed upon between the two parties after the drawing for a particular prize. You can choose the length of the giveaway, but keep it between 1 and 2 weeks. Try to ship the prize promptly. You should be able to ship it within a week, but if you can’t, PM the winner and let them know. Sometimes life gets in the way! This whole thing works on the honor system so if there are any problems shipping or receiving a prize, it needs to be worked out between the two parties. Don’t forget…Karma! This isn’t a competition, but feel free to be generous! If you can only put up a hat, or a tail for a stunt kite, great! If you have something in your kite bag that you never fly and would be willing to ship, that’s great too. Either way, the people that join to win it will appreciate it. When you receive your prize, post a thank you to the thread where you won it. The thread will be locked after that point so the new **KARMA** stays above it. Good luck, and have fun!
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    I use sleeving on my regular length lines, it's only my 30' and indoor (10.5') that that I don't sleeve.
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    Congratulations Elmoz use her well. And thank you Mark for putting up such a great prize. The Karma draws are awesome! I'd enter them more often but don't have anything in my kite bag that I would be willing to put up. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using KiteLife mobile app
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    Yup, easier to get that sharp pop past your hip on shorter lines. Throw lots of slack with the other, more than you would with longer lines. Easier to see the way it reacts on shorter lines too. Midvent in 6-9mph is axel heaven. Any more than 9, work it closer to the edges of the window. Practice both directions so you don't become "handed".
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    Nice score, Elmo ! Karma knew that I already had a nice Rainbow Rev, and chose someone who needed this kite more than me...
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    Sweet take-home, congrats Elmo!! Send pics
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    Congratulations Elmo. She's a beautiful kite.
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    Great win Elmo! Congrats! Thanks makatakam for a super prize!
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    Awesome!!! Congratulations @elmo264 Incredible prize choice Mark..
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    Welcome to the forum Ceej Sent from my IPhone
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    Welcome Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
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    Heard of, never seen. TK uses some sort of jig to do hers and they come out sweet!!
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    I flew with a guy recently that had multiple silver foxes and some other very nice kites but was selling the premier widow as he was not too fond of it. I flew the silver fox a bit and it seemed like a nice kite.
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    Too much wind?? All up to you and your equipment. Can you stand the conditions, being sand-blasted all day? Not my idea of fun, but we do it anyways. When it comes to equipment - that is a different story ..... Why do you think there are so many different "models" in a series? It's an attempt to match up sail to conditions. I've seen it go both ways in high wind - people putting in the stiffest rods they have, afraid of any bend in the LE, to people ignoring the conditions and only flying their "favorite" setup. Can you push things too far? Tell me when a seam lets go or rods start breaking, or....?? You can play it safe or push it to the edge, but if something explodes - fun time is over!
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    Most all kites come with a sleeve, but anything else is optional. If you're looking for a "package, with lines and accessories", look for the letters RTF - ready to fly. Haven't flown the Silver Fox, but I did a Pro Dancer this summer. Absolutely a great no/low wind kite. I think what you have to be careful of is that there is no "standard" to judge kites by. One maker can call their kite a UL, while that same kite might be another makers std, or SUL. And that is where you may or may not "click" with a particular sail. You might find that even though it says UL on the label, it might not be in your eyes. Also be aware that any stated wind ranges are pretty much BS. Can you fly in them? Maybe! Depends on skill level more than anything else. There are times when the kite is capable of doing more than you can! Learning to match line length and strength with kite and conditions, goes a long way in the equation. That and building your skill set. Keep flying!
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    Welcome to the forum Tieng Sent from my IPhone
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    Welcome to the forum kevmit69 Sent from my IPhone
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    Hey thanks Rob. That's good info for me. The Prophesy is the one I'd really like to have. An Illusion or I2K would be nice though. Thanks again Rob! Cheers, Lee
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    I have sleeved and non-sleeved sets in my bag also. The ones I purchased came sleeved at both ends. The ones I made are sleeveless at both ends. When I cut old worn lines down to shorter lengths, I use the sleeved ends at the handles and the unsleeved ends at the kite/bridle. I like the speed with which unequal/stretched lines can be adjusted to match the others simply by tying knots into the loop. I make the loops about 8" long and use two figure-eight knots at the base to form the loop and one at the distal end to form a tab I can grab easily to remove it from the bridle when breaking down. The three figure-eight knots eliminate slippage in the slick spectra line. I use overhand or figure-eight knots near the base of the loop, depending on how much the line needs to be shortened, to adjust line length. I can equalize a stretched line in ten seconds. I have never had any problems with the line cutting others, cutting itself, the bridle, or the handle leaders any more than a sleeved line would in the same conditions. I do like sleeving at the handle ends of the line for ease of handling when adjusting the amount of brake and as something to grab when doing catch and throw, but the pull-tabs I tie in the ends of the loops and the very long leaders I use on the handles, as much as 14", render the sleeving a preference, not a necessity. I believe that the cleaner and simpler solution is the better one. The less junk attached, the less problems and maintenance will be encountered. No sleeving at the kite end also reduces weight and drag, and even though it is just a gram or two, if you're really into low or no wind flying, every little bit adds up in the long run. In the end, whatever you feel comfortable with will work for you. There is no absolute method, and what floats your boat is what you should use. As materials and understanding of their use get better with time all this will change. Heck, Revolution used to attach metal clips to the bridle to hook your lines to. Those kites are now ancient collectors' items. Experiment as much as you care to, and keep the community informed of any techniques or modifications you have made that look, feel or perform better than the original. I have made so many modifications to my kites that some of them have become very noticeably different. Some people will like a certain modification, some won't. You should be aware of all the possibilities, try those that you find interesting, and use those that make you a better pilot and give you more satisfaction. Have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe.
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    You can get a used EXP or SLE model pretty cheap and do this to it:
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    Wowzers, Mak! You got everybody's attention with this one.
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    I'm in. Been wanting this one for a long time. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    We had great weather over the weekend. Sunny with pre-Irma wind of about 12-15 with stronger gusts. I had the chance to switch back and forth between my full sail Exodus and the new Exodus Max full vent version I just picked up. I spent most of the time with using the Max. It was just a lot smoother in these conditions. I hadn't been flying for several months, but I was able to pick up pretty much where I left off. I worked on hovers, figure 8s, side slips, etc. and felt like I had pretty good control. I did find that even with 12-15 wind the Max was a little more difficult to launch than the full sail Exodus. I moved the upper lines in 1 knot on the leaders and made it much easier. It occurred to me that having some kind of handle setup that allowed adjusting the top lines on the fly would be pretty cool. Have no idea how to make it work, but it might be something to spend some time noodling over. I can definitely see that flying quads is like many hobbies where you can learn the basics fairly quickly, but spend years developing skills and fine-tuning.
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    Wow. Makatakam how awesome of you, I'm in :)!
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    I tried it for the first time yesterday. I flew with the club members of IKE (Illinois Kite Enthusiasts) which includes the members of Team 180GO!, which includes Mikey Devereaux, the inventor and manufacturer of the dogstake set-up that JB uses. He was using his for a bit of fun and practice and I gave it a try. He recommended switching the handles and regarding the kite as "normal", even though we were looking at the back of the kite. He mentioned that most people fly dogstake this way, because it's easier to get the hang of. I didn't try it the other way because it was hard enough to figure out what was happening the easy way. He said that not switching handles is much harder to figure out. It made me feel almost as newbie as the first time I ever tried a quad -- a whole new learning experience. It's exactly like starting over, with all the knowledge you have from years of experience, but almost no moves other than launching to go with that knowledge. I played with it for about 5 minutes and gave up. I think I'll just stick to flying my Revs normally so I don't look like a total novice on the field, and practice in secret somewhere no one is watching. Definitely not as easy as JB makes it look. I would say try it both ways and use the one that makes more sense to you. If you have very much Radio Control flying experience, then not switching may be easier.
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    Ummm, I actually LOVE mine outside especially because if I'm outside, I'm often doing it "urban" style on concrete or asphalt.
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    Hey "reef runner", I really want to thank you for all the great information! It will make my next rainy day more productive!! heehee! And one thing for sure...1/8 to 1/4 of an inch..."ANYWHERE!!" isn't going to change anything in "MY" Rev. World!! (But, Im getting better at it!!) Keep It Up! Duane
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    Hey Reef Runner, All I have to say is "YES"! "and "Thanks" You're a couple "light years" ahead of me!! But, That's cool!! In my doing "my" thing...and making it public...I got to learn better things!! That's Great!...the lessson is, "for anyone out there", just express yourself...no matter how stupid it might seem...and only "Good" will come out of it at "Kitelife"! One thing that certainly suprised me, and you confirmed it, is that the holes drilled in the "store bought" handles must have been drilled by drills that had lost their edge many "years" ago. The burrs and sharp edges, after taking the rubber cap off, could be deadly!! heehee! Matter of fact, I couldn't figure out how the caps were held on so tightly at first...I figured they might be glued on...but, no...the burrs were cutting into the rubber, some 1/8" high. heehee! (But, then again...I suppose that's a good way to keep the caps from sliding off)...the problem only comes up with people like "you modification guys" or "my rainy days" and we get to playing with things!! heehee! Keep It Up! Duane PS I'm getting pretty good with the old Rev. lately...heehee!