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    Here's a size comparison of the Fulcrum against my Phoenix Ash by Bazzer
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    I had one of his originals for a decade, it would fly from 2 to over 20 mph because you could adjust the amount of tension on the legs of the dragon. In low wind you can snug 'em up tightly in line with the rest of the sail, in bigger wind you can lean the legs way backwards and dump massive amounts of sail pressure. My first novice quad-lined competition I borrowed Smithy's music, signed-up on site and flew 1st using a Beautiful Evil Show kite...... and won! Rob Semblast acquired it from me,... number sixty something, I believe
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    I’ll be backing the Kaiju with an array of new tutorials too, I’m really excited to dig into the information - way easier than it looks. 🤘
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    I've been adding to my Quad line collection again. This time an older Rev, a screen print Rev and an older vintage quad line. At some point in time they will all be flown. Most probably at festivals next year. They deserve an audience.
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    I replaced all the spars in my kites with steel i-beams. Now they don't break anymore. Of course, the kites don't fly anymore either, and they're way too heavy to carry around around, so I just leave them at home when I go to festivals and fly other people's kites. If something breaks it doesn't matter. Not my kite.
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    Ha get her hooked, have her buy the sul and then beg to borrow it. As long as I can get her to breath she might go for it. 35 years with her she probably knows I'm going try a trick [pardon the pun] like that already. One of the reasons I like her so much.
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    Hello, this is a footage of my show..... I am very happy [emoji4] Thierry Bressure
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    any video of this? Check out the ground pancake from this Dodd Gross HQ video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dn9K2L-5hyY at 00:40 Yes, here is also the belly launch showed. You can find it in Prisms "The advance way to fly" from the nineties, in this Belly launch section: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkpzy3fHF7k You would also be able to see something like it it in the corresponding HQ one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYWh7FVvJsI However the belly launch here is more of a fade launch, which requires more wind for the fade to last. These old videos are inspirational - there is always something to improve and rehearse!! Even if you think you know it - how well and reliably can you do it and under what conditions?
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    Hello Justin, new here myself. Ton of stuff to read here. Been doing more reading than flying last couple days due to the roller coaster winds sigh. Jumped into this kite thing with both feet and kinda irked the wife by getting a Widow ng to start. Just showed her your intro posts and the cost ratio to other hobbies. She thawed a bit . Not to the point of getting another kite but progress has been made .Yay so thanks for that, welcome and have fun.
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    Sitting here the last 7 days in 0 to 6 winds. I need a light wind kite without a doubt!! Passed on the 4d and into the wind kites.Reviewers have said more often than not that those kites are twitchy. Kinda get what that means but no experience to know. Everyone who has gone to a niknak or inak were glad they did. Then I watch RobB and others fly the 4d !! Really how long before I'd learn enough to know the difference. Reason returns save save and lessen the regrets regrets. Watched the videos a few times and the 10 mph gust makes me believe kaiju would handle gusts up to 8 all the time. Plus I could twirl around in my barn. Plus It's good looking .Plus the name is one of the coolest. Plus I know who to complain too. Plus when I'm whining about the kite behaving people here will remind me it's not the kite stupid!! Jan thru march we will have very few calm days so the wait won't be to bad. I'll take the purple one with the pink polka dots .
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    Coming soon. https://www.facebook.com/kiteforge/videos/328735464269653/
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    6 weeks ago I started this new obsession not having a clue to the depth and scope of kiting. Got a Widow ng to start. Flew it a few times and started to believe I needed something more durable due to constant contact with mother earth. Went stupid and got a Black Dog [ neat kite] Premiers Vision , Jewel , 2 Addictions , Nighthawk and a 1.4 foil [good decision] Moved the Dog ,Vision and 1 Addiction on. Got lucky and got my money back. Broke my Widows lower spreader last Sunday. I understand breaking and repairing is part of this sport but that just sucked. Not the kites fault at all. Between then and now no winds to fly in except foil until yesterday afternoon. Took my snapshot 1.4, micron and nighthawk out for their 1st flights. The nighthawk is the warm color. Not expecting it to be so pretty in flight. Here is my thoughts on the widow and the nighthawk. This is not a review due to knowledge deficiency. Putting the widow up for the 1st time was just awesome. Graceful and deliberate . Didn't realize how intimidated I was by it until I flew the Nighthawk. After flying both I have really gained insight to input control.Widow deliberate and calculating not much forgiveness in a panic. When remembering to breath that will happen less . The nighthawk seems more reactionary. With developing skills that too shall pass. The widow does everything I tell it to do even when I don't know what I'm saying. Hence broken sigh. The nighthawk is faster to respond and I seem to correct my mistakes without knowing how I did it. Really had a blast with this kite. On inputs the widow is like okay next ,next, crash. Really dude there is so much more to do and this is just wasting time. Yes it can talk I'm just not fluent in it's language yet. For the nighthawk it's input, whee ,input ,whee crash whee. I was expecting them to be very similar. Not so much. If I had to choose I'd take the widow over the nighthawk but I don't and that is excellent. Most valuable lesson so far slack those lines when crashing!! I had so much fun forgot to fly the other 2 kites. Nighthawk came with really good lines. After comparing the 2 the widow needs a better set. One of the new found joys of this kiting thing, learning to make my own sets. Jewel and addiction will be moving on. Want to keep them but no need. Tried to justify that they're for the wife but that's stupid cause the widow and nighthawk are hers too. Just ask her lol. Jumping from kite to kite I think will hinder progress anyways. After flying the nighthawk I don't believe I need a ul. I see why people love them. Think it's going to take a trip to Plymouth to meet daddy .Now I can truly say in the quiver prism snapshot 1.4 ,prism micron,Premier nighthawk and widow ng. Want more but I do need a sul. Just about bought a 4d cause of the price. Although the price was good I'm going to follow the advice that got me the widow. Got a piggy bank that has Jon, Lam ,Tim , Krijn with ? Oh my the anticipation and agonizing to come !! So glad I took the advice of so many to start with a great kite. Don't know if I would be as enthused otherwise. Each to their own but I WANT TO FLY LIKE THOSE GUYS !!! In the words of the beloved Captain Piccard MAKE IT SO.
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    ....and the winners in the "JB for life" raffle are TK and Luca. Congratulations!
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    Wow !!! Love all your info. I have never seen that kind of repair process, I probably sound like a dork, hahaha
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    Keep it coming Exult Your ability to simplify step by step processes is worth the price of admission!! I'm thinking if I use aluminium I could still drag my kite around, show off the pretty colors. complain about the low winds and not have to show anybody how bad I fly.
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    Ha that's funny. Went to the Doc for real this morning and told them about my new about my new affliction. The nurse and P.A. were pretty concerned. There experience with kites is watching traction kiters in the snow and on the beach. Explained the different aspects of kiting and they concluded this will be a good thing. Told me my med intake better not go up and I said to much Tequila makes me stupid and fall down. Don't worry about it !! Got my snapshot 1.4 and Micron today . The Micron is the ugly orange one that I'll be able to see 100 feet away. Winds were blowing to fifty today. Blew some of the siding off the post office Glad I didn't get a Fazer. Would have tried it and then you know. More Tequila than advisable.
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    This is probably one of the best raffles out there. Was the best three days of kiting I've had. Anyone who wins this is very lucky to have John as a teacher. There is so much to learn from him it almost doesn't fit in one weekend!
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    Finally got a chance to fly the Jammin for an extended period of time today. Conditions were less than ideal with temperature in the thirties under partly cloudy skies. Grabbed several kites & headed to a nearby site. Wind was just starting to pick up. Measured at 3 mph when I was setting up so I flew a Nirvana WW for a little warm up. Wind started picking up so I tried the Jammin but needed a little more consistent air. Went back to the truck & assembled another kite, SKD Seven standard. Now the wind was blowing six or more with gusting. Flew the Seven to sort of establish a base line feel. The Seven does well in gusting air with it's tough stiff frame & excellent sail. Wind picked up a bit more & got very bumpy. Time to switch to the Jammin. Conditions were variable but a few impressions were possible. Kite seems to be set up correctly bridle wise. Bridle is a simple three point with no obvious adjusting points. No problem as it responded well to turns & had plenty of forward drive. Flew figures & found them easily controlled. At the same time the kite seemed to respond well to some different inputs with just enough instability to be encouraging. Laying the kite into a turtle or putting it into a fade came easily but the wind was so erratic that I could not really sustain those positions. I did roll the kite up & fly it around but could not unroll it for some reason. I am blaming the funny wind until I can fly in more consistent air. Landed it & unwound it on the ground doing an unroll launch. Played around with the Jammin for about an hour before winding up the lines & heading home to make a pizza. I believe the kite has great potential. I would recommend it to anyone seeking a dualie at that price point. I had a Prism Quantum for awhile before trading it off. I was planning on getting another one but now the Jammin has filled that niche & beyond. Maybe a few bucks more than the Q but definitely has more features & is a kite made for tricks. Yoyo stoppers are installed & it has long leaders without the funky clips that the Q has. Much more could be said but I suggest you just get one for yourself. SHBKF approved (for what that's worth)
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    Here's some help for anyone that owns or is considering a Fulcrum. The kite comes in a bag and when removed is wrapped commonly around the spars. The best way to start assembling it is to unwrap it and lay it out with the back facing up.
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    Take one of the end spines and insert it into the T connector on the back. Make sure the ferruled end goes thru the opening to the front of the kite. Be sure to push the spine completely into the T connector until it gets to the stop. Once that's done, install the other end of the spine to the leading edge connector on the wing. Do the same for the other side.
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    The Fulcrum I purchased came with two frames/spine sets. A standard frame and an UL Frame. There are three pieces, two for the ends and a center. There are 4 standoffs. Two slightly larger standoffs for the back of the wings and smaller standoffs for the center spine.
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    I have always thought the same, kite flying has numerous advantages over many other hobbies. Just a few come to mind. No batteries (unless decorative night flight lighting), no meeting up with the team (unless you're so inclined), low maintenance (well maybe a bit at first), can fly most anywhere (within a few parameters) & is much less expensive than horses or hot rods. The wind is always a bit different each time & continued efforts bring further rewards. The smiles per gallon are incredible. SHBKF
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    In the mean time that's what my micron can teach me. Small inputs. The only reference I have is nighthawk to widow. The nighthawk seems more able to recover from hard inputs (not from intent but lack of skill) the widow just gets confused and goes away. Usually to the ground!! Last time the 6 year old was getting a little frustrated. This will help. Lots to think about from 1 sentence . Thanks.
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    I think I get it. If the wind starts gusting 3 to 4 outside get to leeward side of house or barn. So as the pressure increases without relief trying to hold a light wind kite stable without release twitchy. The flex helps in the release so tricky. Stiffer frame like inak a little less tricky ? 4d more robust, stiffer and durable with less time to load and dump equals more twitchy? So maybe next level of stiffness for upper and lower spreader for 30 ft light line up to 4 or 5 mph? Want 2 kites in 1 lol. Seems like this will be less intimidating for the younger grand kids to start getting the dynamics of flight. My son and myself included!! It will be fun just to toss back and forth like a glider.
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    Here in the USA, the three most popular brands of line are: Laser Pro Gold, Shanti Skybond, and Shanti Speed. All good lines but as you said - spendy. All can be bought in either pre-made sets or in bulk. A couple mail order sites - The Kite Shoppe, A Wind of Change, and Flying Smiles kites .I believe AWOC is the only one to carry all 3 lines. Remember to add winders and sleeving (if used) to your order!
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    Next up for the Karma Drawings: a SkyBurner Profile S.E. While it has vent holes and screen, it is my understanding that this is actually the Standard version. From what info I could find, this is an early 2000's design. Specs from the SkyBurner page on the Wayback Machine say: wingspan 90", height 45", wind range 2-20mph. Since I picked it up, I have hardly flown it, so it's time to find it a new home with a lucky KiteLifer. Kite is in good condition. Sleeve included. Drawing will take place in the evening (Pacific time) of Dec. 13, 2017. To enter, reply here with "I'm in." Numbers will be assigned in order of entry, and the RNG will choose a number. Good luck. Entries: 1. @GCKC 2. @Mike Klaiber 3. @mwp 4. @Michael E. Allen 5. @RobB 6. @hydro18679 7. @Breezin 8. @Lisa Bernard / Kiteworld 9. @Ca Ike 10. @Justin2kites Some rules and guidelines: Don’t play unless you’re willing to put up a prize and ship it to whoever wins. Shipping is paid by the original poster, the winner pays nothing. Be prepared to ship your prize anywhere in the lower 48 US States. Sorry, but due to shipping costs, we really have to limit this to the lower 48 US States. RULE CHANGE (7/31/2014): Members from Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are welcome to enter the Karma drawings provided they are willing to pay half of the Karma prize shipping cost. The method and timing of the payment will be agreed upon between the two parties after the drawing for a particular prize. You can choose the length of the giveaway, but keep it between 1 and 2 weeks. Try to ship the prize promptly. You should be able to ship it within a week, but if you can’t, PM the winner and let them know. Sometimes life gets in the way! This whole thing works on the honor system so if there are any problems shipping or receiving a prize, it needs to be worked out between the two parties. Don’t forget…Karma! This isn’t a competition, but feel free to be generous! If you can only put up a hat, or a tail for a stunt kite, great! If you have something in your kite bag that you never fly and would be willing to ship, that’s great too. Either way, the people that join to win it will appreciate it. When you receive your prize, post a thank you to the thread where you won it. The thread will be locked after that point so the new **KARMA** stays above it. Good luck, and have fun!
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    This is just cruel! Oh, the torment. How long must it go on?
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    Cool beans! I built a quad similar to the dragon quite a few years ago. In certain conditions it will "flap" its wings. Feels weird and its a bit unsettling at first, but once you get used to it it's fun. I don't know if you can get the dragon to do it, but if you play with the tension on the cross-spar you may be able to make it flap. The tiger print is sweet.
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    I'm approaching kite flying like music.Once you learn the language the technical becomes fun. Without the the fun the technical doesn't translate to knowledge for me. I think kiting is going to be a lot like music . It's better when ya got yer groove on.
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    Agree I was a lot more relaxed first time on nighthawk than on widow. Widow should be back up Tuesday and It's going to be more fun having my 1st repair done. Sure are a lot of I wants out there though. If I didn't have another kite I would have spent 4 hours 52 minutes and $24.36 in gas going to Boulder Co. for a $10.00 part. Yes I do have the mileage figured just in case !!
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    being a beginner with multiple kites too i can see what you mean by hinder progress, but in the same time it allows my to adjust to multiple flying styles. + i fly with less fear of breaking because i know i will have a backup kite to keep me up if i ever i break something and need to order stuff.
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    Hmmm - perhaps I should first apply a thin layer of that stuff on the inside of the heat shrink tube to be able to remove it later? Though care must be taken not to accidentally put any of it where the epoxy actually should stick to. Thank you for your kind comments - you two almost make me blush. And @Lisa Bernard / Kiteworld , perhaps it is me who has entered the dorky path of spar repairs. I have just placed the order on a Speedwing X1 (EUR 47) i.a. for the main purpose of doing "industrial espionage". You see I also never built a kite (in any in modern material). In the book "Stuntkites II, Servaas van det Horst, Nop Velthuizen, 2nd revision from 1995" they compare (and describe the build process) a Speedwing with a flat sail and one with a billow. The one with a billow pulled more and more even in the whole wind window. It was also easier to launch and also made it more quiet. Well functioning wings and sails (trick kites might differ having other priorities than creating speed and traction) typically have a billow. For a kite to be a speed kite or a power kite you need an efficient wing therefore I'd assume that they would have a billow. So it looks like you will need to deal with a billow here. (Another bonus with the Speedwing purchase might be that I get some traction* to learn using the old demanding Atrax speed kite). *My children object to frequent puns like this one, which a happily disregard. From the Description text of the kite store: "The secret of the Speedwing is the lack of a vertical rod which allows the sail to optimally bulge out in any given wind speed. The Speedwing is fitted with a special coupe in the sail which improves its aerodynamic shape. This shape helps in making the kite faster, pull harder and make less noise." I didn't plan to say anything about the Speedwing/build plans (which might change, prefer to have started the process before outing anything), but it kind of fitted the situation to bring it up. In the end is not really a speed/power kite that "happens to be the current plan/play of thoughts", but I'll say no more here and now. Should get more familiar with my sewing machine, before I ruin any ripstop etc... To give a perspective I've had the above book for more than 15 years without producing any kites.
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    Been thinking on how to build my 1st kite and a speed kite seems to be the easiest to accomplish. I'm planing on 3 pt bridle with the frame in the back of the sail. Smoother and less billow more speed I think. How to adjust for balance and wind speed. Aha metal ferrule Inside my repaired tube for the spine. Seems like I always get more aha moments from the dorks of the world .
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    like always you have some of the best solutions
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    on step 5, petroleum jelly can help
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    Hi Breezin. Welcome to the forum, and to kiting! It sounds like your wife needs a kite of her own!
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    Definitely in. Iirc the vents were there to balance out the kite and give a bit more top end control Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
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    John Barresi is also the reason i got back. I knew about dlk ballets and precision flying but the tricks blew my mind. I had no idea kites could do that. Also why right now I am preferring dlk over qlk. Qlk seems too "flat" trick wise and is closer to ballets than tricking. Having tried one i do have an idea of how much skill is involved. But still, doesn't appeal to me right now. Dl trick kite appeals to the same part of me that got me into rc 3d helicopters (search alan szabo on YouTube. You'll understand) Still wants a rev though [emoji39] Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L21 using KiteLife mobile app
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    Thank you [emoji1] the hypno and the sf are two veeeerrrry different beasts. I even did fades and yo-yos on the sf completely by accident (followed by the infamous "i meant to do that" lie [emoji28]) it's very (too?) responsive. I can barely control it on turbo bridle. But i'm trying to have as much fly time as i can on it to tame foxy. Right now hypno is still my go to learning kite. Even bought a 25m ribbon to make a tail . About being a kite hoarder: i'm actually trying to control myself. I now have 3 single lines, a parafoil, a small delta, a pocket kite in the mail and a friend is sending me an orao feel'r160 [emoji14] but to be fair the feel'r will be a loaner kite. I've seen people crash this thing hard first hand and it stills fly like new so it's going to be the one i let people try on. But i still have a prism 4d eyeing me... And lets not go into the revolution stuff [emoji24] Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L21 using KiteLife mobile app
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    Welcome Breezin. Nice to see someone else from Colorado. I live on the Western slope near Grand Junction if your ever in the area it would be fun to fly together. Sent from my IPhone
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    Wow! Amazing! Almost blushing here. My thanks to all KiteLife members who make this possible. A few years back I was just a shy introvert who decided to start flying kites once more. An old guy pursuing a wonderful memory from earlier times. The joy & pleasure now seem endless, especially on a day like this. I am humbled by the honor of this gift. Lovin' KiteLife, SHBKF
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    Hi friends, I just created my account here to give you some answers about the unavailability of the orders on my website. I will not tell you the detail, just that the collaboration with LHSK is ended and also that Lolly, from Revolution, did not find helpful to respond to my mails, private Facebook messages, or even a public call on Facebook ... unbelievable... Then, as it's mentioned in the legal notices of my website, my design is registered and of course it is no more available from LHSK. Any kite (or other object) with my design on, sold by LHSK or anyone else, is considered as a counterfeit. I'm in the process of developing the new French manufacture of the sails. Things are not simple, but I hope to be able to relaunch the Revopolo before the summer. @windwarrior: sorry but I don't remember your contact as you say through FB. What is your name on facebook ? I usually always answer. @Bill: thank you for your mail to show me the discussion here.
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    Another in an ongoing series of Kitelife Magazine tutorials for using Revolution quad line kites, this time introducing some rotation-oriented drills that may help refine your precision. NOTE: A reliable (and free) cross-platform video player is VLC, which should work with any file format including MKV.