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    Light check to verify the completed electronic package..
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    We shipped 21 kites in the last two days, another similar batch going out tomorrow... 75 in all, 11 countries, so humbling and cool! I’m thinking about doing a Kaiju video contest maybe 3-4 weeks after we send out the 75th kite, possibly a 90 second ballet incorporating 4 of the maneuvers in the tutorials, indoors or out, voted on by Team KiteLife members. What do you guys think?
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    Dual Panel Light test video. Sail tension will hold the LEDs in place. Batteries powered one panel for nearly 2 hours last night and are still going strong. Continuing the battery life test using both panels this time. I will acknowledge this will be a heavy sail and will have a fairly narrow wind range.. HOWEVER, when it will fly, this is going to be a blast to fly in the dark.. Will complete the center panel, edge bind and finish getting ready for the Leading Edge hopefully this weekend. This is not a "performance" stunt kite. This is a night display you can steer.. hopefully..
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    Thank you @Polo, for making such a cool, special prize available to our members. Salute!
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    Leading Edge is 130" (4X SkyShark 8P). LE Sleeve is attached with no screening. This kite is going to be a monster... I need to finish a bit of transitional sewing on the Trailing Edge and ready the pockets for the electronics. After, edge binding and the rest of the framing and I'll be ready to reinstall the electronics.. Flyable by ?????
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    One of the cool things about building up a collection of kites is you can't fly them all often enough to stay well connected. Now that may seem like a funny statement. So what happens is that you keep buying different kites to try & the older acquisitions stay in their sleeves. After awhile you come back to one of your previous favorites & you get to fly it with the advantage of your matured flying experience. You might just fall in love all over again. Or you might be able to connect with one that you previously did not click with at all. Sometimes I would go on a trip & only take the one kite that I had struggled with on earlier attempts. Kind of forced me to try harder & become friends with the difficult one. That was true with the Prism E3. But I must admit that I did finally just cave in & get an E2 instead. KiteLife is so varied. SHBKF
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    Wholeheartedly concur with the both of you.. I realized that it was easier to find battery operated holiday lights and just switch out the heavy battery pack with the button cell holder.. finding the lights on a flat ribbon was priceless.. A little update on the kite.. I figured out how I want to finish the center.With a weave pattern inspired by Eliot Shook .
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    Thank you John for all the organisation And CONGRATULATIONS @Nekoshi Happy for you, can wait to see your "cat face kite" in the sky !... Thank you all for your participation and to have make live this post with all your beautiful colorizations
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    Massive drum roll, sorry, sudden little boy duties here at home, all clear now... Our winner, and near winners: Congratulations to #1470, @Nekoshi is taking home a beautiful custom order RevoPolo! I'll let you and @Polo work out the details, just let me know if you need any assistance on either side.
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    To support the launch of the Kaiju this month a guy at Kite Forge (I) got together with a guy at KiteLife (me) and “JB” (myself) to punch out a first release of nine new basic indoor dual line tutorials, we all had a blast getting these ready for new indoor folks to find their legs quickly! http://kiteforge.com/help-tutorials/ Big thanks to Scott Weider for his help with filming under a time crunch right before he left for an event in Kuwait... Look for much more from our family in the future.
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    I signed up for the USPS notifications so I can watch it cross the globe. Damn excited! Sent from a Galaxy 8 Far Far Down Under.
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    Woohoo! Received my shipping notice, Awesome!
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    Wooo Whoo! Kaiju's are beginning to ship! I got one comin' soooon.... to the Kite Dungeon. SHBKF
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    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way. Three brand new digitally printed performance (quick dry) shirts in Large size (almost XL fit) each with the following graphics: Kite Forge (small breast logo, large back logo) Team KiteLife (small breast logo, large back logo) JB / KiteLife (small JB breast logo, large KiteLife logo and more on back) Total prize value around $80, I do apologize for not having sizes available to choose from, these are left over from an earlier order as these are what I wear when I'm out "working" in the field(s). == Remember, you must have an active KiteLife subscription to be entered, but you can sign up here! Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/358, and will be drawn on Mar 7th, 2018! Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin!
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    Biggest dragonfly wings I've ever seen. Cool!!!!!
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    I can tell all the indoor flying I've been doing is helping my outdoor skills. Yesterday I was flying dual on 80' lines and was able to do a 540. Something I've never accomplished before. Indoor is helping me get a better feel for line control and gives a pretty decent workout[emoji3]
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    Yes -- have built and flown without LE venting. More difficult to control in reverse as the air has a lesser ability to exit the sail. It actually creates an air dam that traps more air at the LE. Becomes dramatically more difficult as the wind speed increases. Holes or a belt-loop style LE are viable options that will keep total weight at a minimum. The reason that doesn't happen on a Supersonic is that the LE is curved towards the back and the air can slide right off. That's why it flies faster in reverse -- minimum drag. Don't get me wrong, the kite will fly without the mesh or other means of dumping air. It just makes it more difficult and less enjoyable as you spend more time fighting the kites tendency to bowtie, especially in stronger wind. If you really want to keep the weight down you can use a belt-loop style LE pocket that is the same material as the sail. However, this leaves a large percentage of the surface of the LE tube exposed, so you have to be careful with how often you allow it to contact the ground and how severely. The photo shows how the LE pocket is just the sail itself folded over and the holes hot cut from the area that is doubled over. The ABS in reverse flight channels air out toward the tips and dumps it there because of the way it is curved.
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    "Paul" meaning the designer of the Hydra, Paul de Bakker I suppose? Do you know what the Hydra makes me curious about - the Jinx. Imagine something Hydra like but a bit larger giving you more time to learn the inputs (I assume). This kite is unfortunately no longer available... (I just had to do this to fuel your kite collection desire ). A word of comfort instead, you have gotten hold of a keen pitch-happy kite that wants to do much "tumbling around" with a small input. Last spring I had a project that for a series of sessions just vary input to see what come out of it, which suited the ITW Hydra well. It doesn't have the wide wind window of the Kymera though, but very few trick oriented DLKs do. I also use the Kymera for somewhat lower winds than the Hydra. One feature of the Hydra as I see it is that when doing a cascade the number of required inputs is less than for other kites I've tried - the short pull on the current lower wing (just before the major pop for a half axel) is not necessary to avoid that the kite gradually (with each cycle) ends up on its back (however not in light winds when the whole cascading thing would fail for me anyhow). Another thing is that one need to be gentle/active for the turtles to last - earlier than intended exit is not unusual for me here. According to this Kite Clique 2009 *Focus Kites* Hydra (any differences in any details for the Focus/ITW versions?) review it got a wide wind range as well: http://v2.2.kiteclique.com/focus-kite-designs-hydra-review-by-jared-haworth/ In the review they mention that the "winglet" (isn't a "winglet" the outermost vertical part of the wing of e.g. an airliner to reduce fuel consumption - well what do I, a non native English speaker, know?) mini battens got lose. This has happened to both the left and right side. I just repaired it with patches of ripstop (spinnaker?) tape: Should one have gotten hold of a very thick thread (like the one that already holds them) and (scary thought) manually added a couple of stitches to secure the mini battens further or at least have applied the ripstop tape from the beginning? After the session when you return the Hydra into the bag I recommend that you check that they are OK. (And I know that I have posted this Hydra link before, but this is what I aim for one day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvUJ9bxB0Gc ) Talking of the Kymeras, when I did the the dual DLK thing, I lost (100% my fault) the rearmost weights (just under the velcro that forms a "T" with the spine) on both my Kymeras when attaching tails to them. Now when needed, I borrow the tail weight from the Maestro 3, but what mass (or just as well dimensions if assuming steel) should the weight for a Kymera really have? Understandable - available time goes up and down in life. I suppose taking care of a small individual (child) and kite development/making/repair take up a considerable amount of time. When we got children, and due to other family circumstances, I flew about five times in about 15 years... I have just gotten started in kite sewing (putting much of my recent kiting time there) by making a mini-kite not to consume much material when learning, and guess what: I've only been out kiting three times this year.
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    One of the best justifications is a variety of kites will develop a nicely rounded flying style. At the start I tried to be very mechanical learning the lines. I do this and the kite does that sorta thing. Probably kept me from breaking things more often than I have. Now that I'm learning to be more fluid with the wind [ getting a little dance on ] the mechanics are coming easier. Someone said that the variety actually enhances your learning. Have to agree. Bouncing from kite to kite gives me little epiphanies that are starting to snowball.Only 9,928 more hours of practice to go. YAY
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    I have almost entirely stopped practicing in reality... lol My sessions are high intensity but not even bi-weekly on average, most of my flight time is simulated in my head... Right down to the mistakes, my holodeck is amazingly detailed after 27 years.
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    Thanks so much! PMed ya. I'll be around I'm sure. I'm pretty new to flying. This one won't be flown till I've gotten a chance to learn more. I just got my first rev (an EXP) for Christmas and it's been pretty cold so haven't had but a few flights so far.
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    Okay alright I got a Hydra instead. Got to thinking that gunning for Paul is pretty much the same as gunning for John.I'll give it a try though .
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    Lucky you !!! There is no doubt it's a treasure to treasure. Touched my first quads today. One was mostly black with some grey and light grey coloring. Stunned at how striking a mostly black kite could be. The pull to the dark side is getting stronger and stronger. You ya lucky flier don't have to worry about it . Have a BLAST!!!
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    Congratulations on a great win! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Massive congratulations!!!! Sent from a Galaxy 8 Far Far Down Under.
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    Congratulations, Nekoshi. I see that you are in Illinois. What area are you in? Should you need a hand, PM me and/or get on the IKE forum. This is a truly great kite. Enjoy it. However, it does not come with lines or handles, so if you need assistance with that let us know.
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    Oh boy, oh boy... Can I get a drum roll?
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    Coffee is now kicking in, will go reconcile the subscriber list right now and get things going asap.
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    Of course @Exult If kites have a soul, I hope I have passed them my passion and it will help them to fly
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    Good luck to everybody, whoever wins will enjoy their kite ! That,s one of mine !
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    Single Panel Light test video
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    FYI, we will be adding 1280 (desktop/iPad) and 640 (smart phone) files of the tutorials to the KiteLife Subscriber download section as well, for folks who want to have hard copies.
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    1/3 through the orders at the moment, moving along! 🤘
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    Can’t wait to see a video of you flying it at night with all those lights. Sent from my IPhone
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    I think there was a thread somewhere talking of the difference between less big holes verses more little holes. The sail with more little holes cloud go lower due to the vortices created at the edges. When, that's not an if, I tea-bag a rev I will be cutting lots of smaller holes rather than big ones. Looking to make a spiral pattern on each wing with them. Sent from a Galaxy 8 Far Far Down Under.
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    Thanks for the info @Breezin. Have been looking into the background of this kite and all I have found is this: http://www.stuntkiting.de/index.php/de/kiteportraits/item/zodarion-6 . Working my way up to a Widow NG hopefully soon.
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    anyone foolish enough to sponsor me, that's my favorite kite shop!
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    PS, if you want to really beat the system... Put a small extension between each line and strap/handle with a series of knots 1/2” apart, then you can adjust on the fly... Often times just moving lines to another kite or set of handles can bring in more variables, with the knots you can always tune on demand. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    You telling me I'll be walking around 5 days a week giving you free advertisement John ? Wow I will happily do so . They're my size too !!
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    Many people expect more from a kite than it can deliver. Remember, every kite is a compromise of characteristics, with the intent of achieving a specific type or style of performance. There is no such thing as one kite that does everything (with the exception of the ones I build, of course). Oops, sorry -- fell asleep and started dreaming there for just a moment. The Jet Stream is a bullet on steroids as far as kites are concerned. Not for everyone.
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    Yeah, connect with us IKE people. I have a broken arm (4 places) right now so I'm not much good at showing anything, but maybe next month I'll be able to fly again. Festival season will start up again soon enough. . . . . . . typing with one hand is tiring . . .
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    Congratulations! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    I just can't put into words how grateful I am for the opportunity. Thank you to everyone for the congratulations! I will treasure this kite forever. Much love!
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    Congrats!!!![emoji322] Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Congratulations!!! Well another drawing and a perfect record still intact.
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    Every new kite today comes with a flash drive, all the latest and greatest tricks are onboard. You just have to figure out how to install them!!!