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Starting this topic to assemble a fairly comprehensive list of all the video tutorial resources available online related to 2 string / dual line / stunt kite / sport kite flying... The list below is somewhat categorized by variety of knowledge, ideally getting more robust and eventually more complex as you work your way through.

I'll likely reorganize as time goes on, but please feel free to add anything you've found in a reply and I'll add it to this lead post if I think it fits into what I want to end up with, otherwise it'll stay part of the discussion here - thanks!
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I 've been flying my B series revs the last the three months using the knots suggested in the video that came with the kite. I can manage all the slides and hovers. Recently, someone suggested that I should fly with a longer pigtails because that's is how Team Iquad fly. Being a newbie, I took the suggestion and made some longer pigtails and fly at the most outer knots at possible. The problem is I am not sure why I am doing so. Can someone explain the principal behind this? Thanks!
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Just browsing through today's posts and was overcome with a feeling I consciously have at least every other day, seriously...

The KiteLife Forum continues to flood me with deep appreciation, respect and recognition for the overall tone and communal nature folks find here... Even after roughly 14 years, we've had a very rare few major incidents and "trolls" just can't seem to find oxygen here.

New fliers come in with "n00b" questions but time and time again, nearly without exception, they are welcomed with genuine kindness and consideration.

We're also by in large a multi discipline group with single, dual, quad and even the weird stuff well represented... That all makes the horizon brighter and more promising for everyone.

The moral of my post here today...

It's you.

I'm proud to be "den mother" and I play my part but it's a fact that I rarely have to do anything along the lines of moderation or mediation here... Y'all self manage and promote respect, growth, fun... Paying it forward in shaky social times.

Thank you. 
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