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  1. Tune the kite, tune the mind.
  2. iQuad's retirement met much the same response from Rev, not so much as a casual tip of the hat. I'd like to think I've been kind and deferred sufficiently to Revolution during this transition, I've certainly tried to be conscious about it while still taking care of my own needs. All good, whatever. Fly kites, share fun, inspire and be inspired, the best kites sell themselves.
  3. I'm pretty confident in saying that the majority of my first time students are surprised at the overall experience.
  4. Understandable, hope you can make it.
  5. Hello @indytothewind, Welcome to KiteLife®! Although this is an automated message, it is written with heart - I love kites deeply, and I believe the KiteLife community represents this passion with a very friendly and helpful environment for everyone. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Need to tweak settings? Edit your profile here - View Member Edit your settings - Other than that, here are a few handy links that you might have a use for... Member Chat Member Map KL Shop And while it's never an obligation, we always love hearing about our new members if you'd like to share some of your kite stories, videos, and/or background... Tell us a little about YOUR kite life!
  6. One spot gone, 11 left - make sure you all grab your spot in the clinic!
  7. Join us for two full days of quad instruction on the beautiful shore of Corolla, North Carolina on April 8-9, 2017... We'll be covering everything from absolute basics (pure beginner) all the way up through advanced techniques as well as both introductory and advanced team flying that is proven to help your skills along much quicker while having a ton of fun at the same time in a very forgiving environment. Testimonials - Sign up link: Currently registered: @riffclown @Bill Clay == Ideal choice of equipment for this class is any model of Revolution 1.5 (includes EXP, SLE, B-Series, printed specials, etc) or similar "1.5 platform" models (like Phoenix, Freilein, Los Hermanos, etc) - we'll go through painless equipment set up, good tuning and all aspects of flight - the goal here is to demystify quad flying and set you up to win. Registration is $175 per person ($150 for KiteLife Subscribers) and includes full access to the clinic on both days (10a-4p)... Please note, there are ONLY 12 SPOTS left available and we expect them to fill up very quickly. If you're coming, we start the "Quad 101" portion of this class at 10AM SHARP on Saturday morning... It's jam packed with invaluable information and first time attendees are encouraged to consider attendance mandatory, lots of little details that add dimension to your set up and flight experience. Directions - Corolla, NC (exact location coming soon) For anyone who needs equipment or parts while in town, you can get pretty much anything you need from the Cath and Eliot Shook at Flying Smiles Kites right there in Corolla, just a few minutes away from the field. Hope to see you there!
  8. Imagine my position, I'd love to have ALL OF YOU for three days - just glad I don't have to choose!
  9. Make sure your field is listed on, if it's a good one.
  10. viral

    Title adjusted.
  11. In truth, that's their follow up to a post I made earlier today...
  12. For context...
  13. Not me, I just got two brand new WidowMakers (STD and UL) so I'm set for dual line kites.
  14. Sweet nothings...