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  1. Zen and light wind

    Split and moved from website discussion.
  2. Karma stylus p2 2.8m parafoil

  3. New guy saying "hello"

    Hi Frank, welcome! As makatakam said, you should be fine for the interim... As long as the kite isn't yanking you off your feet almost any dual line foil is fine for learning the basics of L/R control and using the wind window, but not a whole lot more - all foils are limited in their acrobatics. When you get the itch (and I think you will), you'll want to step up into a delta wing - you're comparatively close to @RobB, he's a veteran here and it's likely you'll meet up at some point. Regardless, warmest welcome again - you're in good hands.
  4. Flynhi's Travel/Rev blog

    Cool, I hope it works alright for you. Maybe edit a bold note into your lead post here, with a link to the new blog?
  5. Flynhi's Travel/Rev blog

    Just wanted to pop by and let y'all know we've added a blog system that will probably help with flight logs like this.
  6. Karma stylus p2 2.8m parafoil

    Hi Josh, may you Fly what you can with Intent, and let the rest fly itself.
  7. 50% off first year subscriptions until Jan 1!

    Ugh, wouldn't you know it... Had a wrong setting most of the day, wouldn't allow any purchase under $32.95. If you tried earlier today, it should be working now - thanks for your patience!
  8. Limited access

    You guys are great, I'll get everything else humming on the forum and then I'll take a closer look down the road... Not the top priority atm.
  9. Well that was a better day :)

    I've had my days too.. But the benefit of time and practice allows you to overcome all things. It's a process of faith and fortitude, keep rocking.
  10. Member tagging

    Nope, nothing mentioned.
  11. Member tagging

    Can't ask for more. Truthfully, things are going well - I think everyone knows I'm not put to "boom" KiteLife as a business, I'm all for simmering growth based on long term service and response to our offerings... That premise in mind, everything is on par with my expectations at the moment. Always more to come, especially as my tools (like this forum) improve.
  12. Member tagging

    *pout* Nobody tagged me...
  13. Limited access

    I really appreciate y'all posting the feedback... We've had our Raflle and 50% off subscriptions promo going for a few days, and only today did someone let me know that the PayPal gateway hadn't been working. Any and all testing feedback is treasured and appreciated.
  14. Limited access

    Correct. Any issues still withstanding, from anyone?
  15. Karma New Tech Kites Pyro XS (11-26-15)

    Fixed now? A few settings have been added in the new version, didn't carry over or have been restructured - still working out a few kinks.