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  1. HQ Beamer SOLD

    Beamer TSR. More info and photos at http://www.powerkiteforum.com/viewthread.php?tid=32265
  2. HQ Beamer SOLD

    $170 for the Beamer shipped.
  3. I have a power kite: HQ Beamer 2.5m RTF in great shape in original bag.
  4. All kites, all the time

    The learning curve is fun. I went to WSIKF last year and it was the first time I put the power kites down long enough to fly the others. The REV is a great challenge. I picked up a B series midvent from Pacolyps and am quite pleased with the difference between that and the EXP. (I think the EXP is great, just not as precise, as you all know.) Just for crazy fun though the 2 lines are quite satisfying.
  5. Hi, I renewed an earlier interest in kites in 2012 with a kite skiing lesson. Not really caring for the cold weather, I moved on to kite buggying. I have amassed quite the collection of power kites because I enjoy flying different kites. I kite probably 5 days a week. I now look forward to winter for the kite skiing. A friend gave me a REV EXP and I bought several stunt kites. These are a nice option to alternate with the power kites. I have since acquired a few more 2 line kites and am working on REVs. It makes my day to just throw something up into the air. It is nice to have a community of folks who understand the simple pleasures.... Thanks for your time - and forum, Tami
  6. utahtami

  7. Revolution B series SOLD

    Still available? Is shipping included? Thanks, Tami