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  1. A Level One kite is a terrible thing to waste! I will give it a nice home
  2. First Rev, What To Buy?

    Congrats on your win! It sounds like you may have caught the bug already! If you have the cash, the B-Series is a great step in. In my opinion, getting a full sail B meets you where you are at, and will keep you challenged - lots of room to grow into. The B's also come with 2/3wrap or 3/4wrap LE and handles with extended leaders - these are great features and add value to a great kite. The next buy might be a vented or mid vent and then complete the set! I have found that I prefer the B's and that is what I grab first. Mike
  3. flying my quantum on labor day weekend

    Nice looking pics. As a prairie boy I am jealous of you beach flyers and your smooth wind!
  4. Before I had one of Walt's stakes I simply said to my kid "Here, hold this!" Walt's stakes work way better!
  5. R-SKY Next

    Too cool for sure! I might strut a little if I could fly like that!
  6. E3

    I loved my E2 when I made the leap to a solid intermediary kite and wade into more of the tricks. The E3 is a pretty darn good kite to get started tricking with. I personally find the E3 (and the E2) a little heavy needing a little more input but have found it to be resilient for the learning curve. I also really like the video that comes with it - I found it pretty helpful but don't forget about all the video tutorials on Kitelife or Randy Greenways blog. Tons of resources available Personally, I am excited about the Kymera. Same kinda price range but in my opinion tricky-ier, more attentive / more responsive but maybe on a different thread. Enjoy! Mike www.canadiankitecompany.com
  7. Amazing wind here in Southern Alberta, Canada today! :)

  8. Hey Stunt Kiteman! Did you ever find your 10ft wingspan stunt Kite? What about HQ's Devil Wing 3.2?
  9. "Oh Canda" SLE Rev (4/15/11)

    Lovin' this lively competition!
  10. "Oh Canda" SLE Rev (4/15/11)

    Really glad we can participate and support Kitelife. Kitelife is really an excellent hub of Kite information, news, views, personalities, reviews and how-to's which contributes to the health and vibrancy of the Kiting scene. I am not aware of anywhere else on the web with the depth of information and innovative presentation of all things kites. We refer folks to Kitelife all the time and the money for a subscription is awesome value.