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  1. i already speak with Scott. great guy,Thank you again but the gear is having is WAYYYYY of my budget. i have confirmation of what i need
  2. thank you, i send an SMS and a message on Facebook.now....i wait
  3. i will like to start kite-surfing and for this i need the full equipment. a 20 to 25 M kite, 140 X 45 cm board, XL harness, bar and lines. Let see what is happening Thank you thank you all especially to Deke Haid and wish me luck. i will need it
  4. find out this hours ago searching for kite-surfing bars. standard seams to be 1000 Lbs for tops and 800 Lbs for steering but most of the time all lines are 1000 Lbs at least depending by brand and equipped bar. On your case you may check the thickness of the lines, at 1.8 mm (0.0708661 inch) diameter are 1000 Lbs
  5. I'm in. i hate when people are so...."withdrawn".
  6. there are almost 2 weeks now with crazy weather but will pass. Saturday on Kids And Kites Chicago will be great. Hope to see you there Mike and all flyers from close by
  7. understand, thank you
  8. maybe is a silly question but...why Indoor is not have a bridle like a 1.5 ? is just a weight issue or are more things involved ?
  9. i still want a use Rev Indoor if somebody is not need him
  10. i will do for sure all that modification when i will have the sail and that will be Friday next week.i placed an order with a Canadian store for a really good price.Sail will be Red/White/Blue and apparently is the last colored sail on the market, is another full white in US stores and...Rev will must start sowing a new lot
  11. i will revive a bit this add with a new request for a Rev indoor. i prefer to help somebody to sell something they do not fly then to buy a new one Thank you
  12. Nautica beach chairs and umbrella, light small and umbrella is having built-in power twist base
  13. all the best for all !
  14. really nice find. any intention to sell Rev's 1 ?
  15. sharp needles and polyester treads if you sew by machine or head and regular knots are fine. easiest and faster is with Ripstop nylon repair tape on both sides of sail