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  1. KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical

    Congrats Elmo. happy fly
  2. Spectra sports solution

    another thing i noticed is the wind....really low .maybe is a low wind kite and over some point is acting how you describe because LE spars are not stiff enough to keep the kite shape
  3. Spectra sports solution

    bow tie is overcontrol means that line is to short,move the line couple knots outside and/ore be more gentle. I think at the first thing the kite is making you want to say horizontals,the long "two flexed leading edges".I am right? if i am right look at the video from second 0.07 till 0.33. there are two important aspects: 1 - the two leading edges are not parallels, by flexing them there are upper and lower then the spar from that apparent T connector is 2 - between the two flexed spars is a piece of line right on the middle , i am most then sure that piece is keeping the spars to do not go on OUTSIDE and is longer then the vertical spar what is having the T connectors. If that line is smaller then the vertical spar is normal the leading edge to move in the center and collapse.
  4. Spectra sports solution

    in San Francisco area are some good quads flyers, try to meet with them and almost for sure they will figure out how to fly this kite. Bering a quad like some other models Rev handles will work well, equal lines to with proper leaders knots setup will work to but probably you do not have the necessary experience to troubleshot and solve the problem. you are saying "tried to fly it with no success". what actually happen? the kite do not rise and at each pull dragged lower caps to the ground? rise spin and fall? how many knots have the leaders on the handles (top and bottom) ? what lines you used ? wind speed ? with a bit more details about your try maybe somebody will give you a solution and next time on the field you will have success
  5. Spectra sports solution

    by what i see in this video are 2 identical bridles on top and the bottom and seams to not be anything to complicated. look to be something comparable to single line bridle to balance each quarter of the sail. I may be wrong but this is what i see base on my experience of single line kites. where are you located Ca Ike ?
  6. Wind up or down

    i had something new yesterday. sunny with a bit of clouds and a steady 5 wind. prepare to test a super blast 2.4 and suddenly when to take the handles 18 Mph wind. i said "ok, fine" and unpacked the extra-vent. with 2 fits before to get at the steak started to rain. now both kites and lines are on living room to dry so....i am mad on Murphy
  7. KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical

    I'M IN !!!! great kite Mark.
  8. Quad Count (they all count)

    Fulcrum is not on the market yet but i understand from Jon Trennepohl the price will be around 250-300$
  9. Quad Count (they all count)

    don't worries, this is your beginning
  10. Fluke's journey

    change the lines for the foil, that lines are twisted nylon and are having a lot of stretching (at least 1 inch pet foot) , also if you redo the bridle use braided line to minimize the stretch
  11. nice kites but...brand new are 430$,not even Exodus Max is not going to 540$ from the right "dealer who sell Freilein" sorry for spoiling
  12. Very Disappointing First Flight

    that "kite legs twist" is over control on the breaks that mins you are to many knots in on the top lines.i hope you mount the kite correctly and don't put the spars on front of the sail,that will make the kite to launch extremely hard try to start at the third knot up and second on the bottom but before to of that check your lines length, even brand new lines some time are not equals. on winds more then 6 MPH the kite should self lunching just taking some breaks out. find a more experienced flyer to help you with first flights and setups till you will have enough experience by your self. that word "monkey see monkey do" work good on kiting on the beginning.
  13. Silver Fox 2.3 UL Wing Tip Tension Help??

    you answered to your own question on second proposition. low wind means you may let the sail more relaxed or to adjust the tension at to a desired degree. do not compare Silver Fox UL with Quantum. there are two different animals. also Quantum do not have that leech line. you may tide knots at equal distance on both tension lines ore make pigtails with desired knots for faster adjustment
  14. Line Lengths for Beginners

    two lines of 50# rarely means 100# by distribution. this is happening just at launch till strait up over the head. any left right movement put the pull on to a single line or some percentage on second one so... be carefully and do not count on the sum of two lines.if you make tricks you must to have the full load on to a single line and add to that initial pull you give to create the movement.that actually add some more to the full pull of the kite.
  15. 4 revs, bag, linesets and extras

    hello, if you will break the lot i am interested in Rev Super Blast 2.4. Thank you