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  1. 4 revs, bag, linesets and extras

    hello, if you will break the lot i am interested in Rev Super Blast 2.4. Thank you
  2. Looking for the next step

    nobody here recommend you something expensive but the circumstances you described of your area ask for expensive kites. flyers explain you why: materials, frames,lines. what other hobbies you have? if we will know will give you one of the best analogy to kiting. fishing analogy: big hook-big catch also applicable to line strength and rod,no way to catch a minnow. car analogy: a lot of horse power faster 0 to 100 MPH on same time more gas consumption,not a good choice for city commuter. any condition have pro and cons,some on costs some on performance. one for all was not invented yet and how long we will have gravitation, air and water will not be. low wind kites dual,and/or quads ? 4-D, Swift are for dual, Rev Indoor and Zen are for quads. if you just want something to fly is one but if you want something to fly good and nice this are some of the best options.
  3. Looking for the next step

    you may do a compromise, try to buy a Rev 1 from sell section or e-Bay. that will go up to 150-175$ maybe. you will have a kite for 3 to 15 MPH winds but...invest another 95$ in 2 wraps or some 100-150 SkyShark frame and replace the original 4 wraps of Rev 1. This will lower the wind speed for Rev 1 and will start to act like a Zen, use 50 Lbs lines from 40 to 120 fits depending the wind and have fun. Pay attention if the wind become stronger then 5 MPH to change to the original frame and use 90-100 LBS lines. this is my setup for low wind when i do not feel to fly the White Zen
  4. Fluke's journey

    on mi SkyBond is find out to have that coating wear somewhere at the middle of the lines but closer to the handles with some fits where the lines have most of the time the tangling from different ballet figures
  5. Fluke's journey

    yep, with all and any lines the process is the same. you will not remove 100% of stretch because any material have an i removable elasticity before to break but you will be close to none that may affect the fly
  6. Fluke's journey

    SkyBond lines are coated with a polymer alloy make them more slippery and more durable to abrasion and water damage also to be more thinner and lighter then other lines at the same stretch. Ultimately the difference between different brands is the manufacturer, with or without core, the number of strands and the tighten between them. using one brand in favor of another is a personal choice of how you feel the line acting (i love SkyBond and i hate LaserPro, Laser and Shanti-Dineema being in between )
  7. Fluke's journey

    on e-Bay most of Dyneema lines are fishing lines and they are not pre-stretched even if they state to have 0 to none stretch. if you have time and you want good cheap lines you must to stretch them before to tide the second end and place the sleeve . i do wit that with a 50# lines for mi Zen and i find out at 40 fits to have around 2 fits stretch. is easy to stretch the lines using a weighing hook scale. sleeve one side of the line and anchor really good that side, go at the unsleeve end, tide the hook of the scale with 2 double 8 knots and start to pull gradual till close of the line strength maintaining the pull at desired value for couple of seconds. there you go! you have now a cheap line with insignificant stretch. i recommend you if you chose to buy from e-Bay lines to buy 8 strand lines and with this stretching there are better then Dyneema provided by kite stores.
  8. Line Lengths for Beginners

    light wind kites need 50# lines to fly. if the line is to heavy you will not have lift or the drag will be to much. all the time is a "play" between kite, lines and conditions. for Quantum 5 to 12 MPH you may use a 90# line but above that chance with 120-150#.
  9. Prism Quantum

    quantum bridle have 3 marked setups for light, medium and hard winds and they are making a big difference in how the kite is acting and pulling. On mi wife Quantum the bridle is on medium and because she is not do to many tricks is happy with but couple weeks back on to a 18 MPH winds she break a set of 90 LBS lines.
  10. Prism Quantum

    fast, powerful, noisy.Great kite with proper lines and right bridle setup
  11. No love for the Reflex line?

    Rev 1,5 is having 31" spars, new Reflex models have also 31" spars. old Reflex are 32.6". i do not paid attention the question was referring to the NEW models
  12. No love for the Reflex line?

    the Rev frame is not working in Reflex kite. because of end caps and length
  13. Newbie Bay Area friends and learning tips

    fast is great but control is everything. without breaks control you will not stop the kite and hitting something at 45-50 MPH especially if is a living been will be devastating. you develop the same speed with configuration i give you the only difference is will be harder to launch with leading edge up. will require not just that arms pull you will need at the beginning a big step back in one continuous motion. you will realize how much control of the kite you have without loosing any or adrenaline rush speed you like. better to be safe then sorry
  14. No love for the Reflex line?

    first and most important the bridle. Replace the Mojo bridle with a Rev one. will be with 3 inch bigger at leading edge and with 1 inch at the spars. you may adjust that making new knots when you pass the bridle by end caps. next will be to use Rev handles. 13" and 15" will be good how long you have 3 knots on the bottom and at least 5 knots on top.bottom leader should be around 3" long and top around 7" mounted on the handle last will be lines. buy quality laser or skybond lines or if you have experience stretch the line provided by Mojo follow by equalization. Most of the time Dyneema lines are not pre-stretched. i am sure using just one of this three suggestions you will feel improvement in control
  15. Newbie Bay Area friends and learning tips

    nice fly but from what i see on your video you do not use figure 8 winding,is not a mistake but you add more wraps to the winder. the lines seams to be Laser or Laser Pro. I do not like them especially because are SEAMS to be tangling at winding end unwinding by STICK to each other.Yes they stick and create the sensation of tangling. i will recommend you especially if you are tempted to buy a new set of lines for 120x100# SkyBond ,i am sure you will love them and your tangling problem will be solved on your handles are not JB leaders, from the angle of the kite at min 6,13 and line connection to handles at min 6,47 you have to many knots IN. try to the bottoms to go on the first knot and to the tops at the second. If the kite is not launching go to the top on the third knot. how other told you you will gain more control of the breaks after lunch. keep it up !