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  1. Widow ng

    inner is just to do not collapse the shape when the shrinking tape is create the pressure . for that Exult is say to be moved till the glue is start to hardening
  2. Widow ng

    like always you have some of the best solutions
  3. Widow ng

    you are right about monitored also a crack dose not means exchange. if you take the rupture points of a crack you will have an almost perfect surface (holes at the ends of crack and cold to medium material for fill up). Is a good method not just on airplanes, is applied to glass sheets, chassis of the heavy equipment and submarines
  4. Widow ng

    take it slow, be calm and relaxed. do not make suddenly moments. learn to launch and land first to avoid crashes and you will be good. you will be amaze how fast you will evolve after you will stop accidentally crashing
  5. Widow ng

    YMO EXULT solution is good just if you are at to a festival between to days of show or you are on the move and make the repair because you do not have spare parts. by mi experience you will have 98% chances to break the rod on the proximity of repair simply just because you lost the flexibility and that is creating a high pressure point
  6. WTB: Revolution power blast 4-8

    this is the Red /White 2-4 i ask you if is to small
  7. Quad handle types and line brands

    TK is the wife of JB. best leaders ever Now you come home. SALT is the biggest enemy of lines and sails, every time after you fly on salty environment is good to use fresh water to wash lines and sail. salt is eating the sewing threads and buildups are creating frictions points and eventually holes in the sail. it may seams a time consuming activity but is preserving the lines and sails to last longer and be on the best condition for fly
  8. Quad handle types and line brands

    fresh water is just fine for lines and sails. any lube may create a layer of grease what in time may collect more then you expect. I hope the leaders are JB ones ore close to. Especially for new flyers leaders are important to understand and find that sweet spot for lines setup depending by the fly stile
  9. Quad handle types and line brands

    hi and welcome to the dark side. handles are a personal option selected by testing, fly stile and "feeling"(i like 15" for all Rev's). if is aluminium on front of stainless is just 4-5 grams difference. finish color is also a taste option. the best upgrade actually are the leaders Skybond are the best and i prefer them on front of Laser and any others. i go 8-10 twists easy,i am surprise to here at 5 already are binding and is not normal. it may happen if they are dirty but for me never happened.
  10. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    if you do not fly in reverse means the bottom lines are to long, come one knot close to handle and try again. repeat this step till you will have lift. Is common for new fliers to have the top lines to much in and to less breaks
  11. Sky Shark CXL Carbon Tubes

    JB may give you the best references about this rods. IMO after i try them they are better then Revolution rods. they are lighter and have tinnier wall. This are are new technology rods used by Jon on the Fulcrum kites
  12. WTB: Revolution power blast 4-8

    a red white 2-4 will be to small for you ?
  13. KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical

    Congrats Elmo. happy fly
  14. Spectra sports solution

    another thing i noticed is the wind....really low .maybe is a low wind kite and over some point is acting how you describe because LE spars are not stiff enough to keep the kite shape