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  1. I have an extra 120' set you can borrow for the clinic.
  2. I am really sorry to hear that you may not make the kite clinic.
  3. How large of thumb drive?
  4. The house is filling up. I have a bedroom with 2 sets of bunk beds available if folks are willing to share. More people in a room the less per person to pay. If you want to share a two twin bed bedroom, we have an open twin bed.
  5. At Atlantic Beach JB was using 120' skybond set. This is a good question for JB.
  6. Looking forward to flying with all of you
  7. I am trying to organizing lesson with JB in OBX in April.Ā  Are you interested?

  8. I have room in my bag just in case the winner doesn't have room in their bag.
  9. Congratulations khsidekick! If you haven't spent time with JB you are in for an amazing experience.
  10. Make it just 3 more tickets to go!
  11. I have the feeling that I am about to have 22 new best friends.
  12. It should be more than 86.. I bought one over the weekend
  13. Are you using the racing frame in the standard? If so, how is it working out?
  14. Thanks!