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    vintage stunt kites, new stunt kites, fighter kites, power kites,single line lifters, fun line laundry, unique single lines!
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    I grasped the passion to catch the wind!
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    Indialantic, Florida
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    United States
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    I want people to celebrate kiting, along
    with the history of it. I encourage everyone I meet to share the gift of flying a kite with everyone they meet, young or old, It passes down smiles, generation after generation. To get outdoors and throw your cares to wind is one of the greatest things you can share with someone. I love to set up single line kite displays, show others how to fly stunt kites, and show off my knowledge of the history of classic, vintage kites, that I learned from my mentor, Sid Tibble,. Whom handed me down my beloved knowledge .That is where it all began and what it has now become today, One of the best past times I have ever experienced in my life.I love telling people everyday to "GO FLY A KITE"!!
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  1. Handle length

    Knowledge is power, everything that is shared here is wonderful and enlightening
  2. Handle length

    Gotta love it
  3. Handle length

    Not directed towards anything, cause I love everything.. the whole system of things is comical
  4. Handle length

    Why is it that I'm reminded of crows from disneys dumbo, when I read certain posts, hehe he
  5. Handle length

    Makatakam..... wonderful words of wisdom
  6. FS: Deep Space VTD and STD

    Most definitely
  7. Mind trick vented

    Pay for air? Normally you have to put two triangular boxes together for certain kites to fit. Whatever you decide is wonderful.
  8. Mind trick vented

    I find that sandwiching the kite between two pieces of cardboard is the cheapest way to go, post office and of course writing fragile and do not bend on package, it can bring shipping price down alot
  9. Regular Amazon shopper?

  10. Fulcrum

  11. Fulcrum

    True true, love it
  12. Fulcrum

    Aww well at least the rods didn't completely shoot through the sail and completely destroy it , but flying with your son is totally worth the experience
  13. Regular Amazon shopper?

  14. Regular Amazon shopper?

    Really guys... support small business..., Amazon , really!!! Who do you look to if need advice, parts tips, and real customer service! Contact your local shops and see how much they may be willing to beat Amazon pricing and support kiteflyers to keep their doors open for future kite flyers. It's that or Lets all help Amazon kill small business.
  15. Dual line bridles

    It is fun though with trial and error, especially when you r successful