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    Hi, I'm not the flyer its my boy who flies, but he doesn't post so I help him out, maintain his kites, spectate etc.
  1. Yes, that's what Marieanne said today over the phone. I wanted to place my order tonight but the website wont let me because the sul is out of stock, I will have to call them tomorrow. I know it will take 3-4 weeks but if it comes before the ocean shores fest, Colton will be very happy. He hasn't broken his airwave zero yet so I feel pretty good about the investment. He had fun choosing his own color pattern. The zero has saved the show for us because of light winds quite a few times already, not only at kite shows but there are a lot of windless to very light wind days near here. I wanted a full size kite instead of the zero but at the time, no widowmakers were available anywhere. I wasn't sure if skyburner would get back in the game or not. Glad to see they are. Should be fair sky's ahead. He's pumped up now to fly, searching through lot of music to find new stuff to fly with. He found the new version of Behind blue eyes by limp Bizkit, may try that out for a ballet. Thanks for taking the time to reply, it was useful info, I didn't know if the kite had a leech line or not as the ng doesn't have one.
  2. Cool dude, that's what I wanted to hear. The lady at kites and fun things, I don't recall the name, I spoke to here briefly about the kite on Saturday and she mentioned your name and said to give you a holler. I'm sure it will do well, I was wondering though if its a noisy kite like the ng or quiet, I like the quiet ones, my boy seems to like the noisy ones. I can find out when I call the shop back if you don't get back to me so no biggie. Will have to order in the next few days so it can be ready by the ocean shores kite fest in June as it well have to be made from scratch. none of the sul's in stock. Thanks vey much for the reply. We watched you and your teammates fly last year at wsikf and it was a real inspiration for my boy. amazing work. Btw, do you still have the blue sportbrella? I saw an old post about that and had to reply, check it out, you may find it interesting.
  3. Wow, I have had the same blue sportbrella since I don't know when 2008-10 maybe and a smaller red one that's even older. I've used the blue one a lot more because its a 9 footer. I saw this and had to comment. My blue one has been to all the kite festivals in the nw for years, and it's been through living hell. Last year at the greyland festival the wind on Saturday was almost 30mph, the sound tent almost blew away. I had it set up behind the sound tent trying to get out of the wind but it was blowing so hard the wind blew around the backside and swirled behind the tent- it blew the sportbrella loose and it got inverted. I thought it was done. I got it home and all I needed to do was resew some of the loops that hold the frame to the material. I've rusted out the grommets, ripped out some of the hold downs only to resew them back, It's so faded now, it looks like an antique. I've ripped the storage bag strap off, poked holes in the bottom of the bag, each time I just pull out the trusty ole sewing machine and ttadaa, back in business. I've lost most of the sand stakes so now all the new stakes I can find are too large and won't go through the webbing, the knob stripped out that holds the extension pole, I went to lowes and bought a new knob for 3 bucks and drilled and tapped a new hole for it next to the old stripped out hole. good as new or better. Long live the Sportbrella!
  4. It's real enough, I'm looking into buying a widowmaker pro sul for my boy- I looking to get a full size kite for him to use when the wind is a bare minimum. Any thoughts on this one?
  5. Our Vertigos are holding up well, took them out for the first time the other day since-- last fall sometime- I set the kite up for my boy but got confused and put the lines on the back side by mistake and didn't notice for about a half hour or so. It actually flew almost normal, landings were a little rough though. It's been raining cats and dogs here for a long time, I can count the sunny days on one hand since the first of the year. The Walmart tire shine I put on the kite last year to help with the crease marks seems to still be doing its job, no adverse affects yet, at least not from being folded in the kite bag for six months. Can't say the same for my truck tires though they are a little brownish now and in need of a good scrubbing. Come on Sunshine!!
  6. Solid choice, the Exodus, One thing my boy noticed last season about the Vertigo is that it would fly in slightly less wind than any of the Rev's on the field, maybe just 1/2 mph or so but it did make some difference as to flying or just sitting in a chair. I'm not talking about a Zen though. I don't know if there's any difference in wind speed between the Exodus and the Vertigo as far as that goes, only what is stated on osk web site. Sometime last summer I noticed the wind speed rating had changed on the Vertigo from 3-15 to 4-15. The Exodus has always been rated for 4-15-----hmm. I think for a lot of people who live inland it won't matter much as the wind varyies more than it does here. The wind is usually quite calm most of the time here and fairly stable, We are on Puget Sound, north of Seattle so every little bit helps. After I bought the Vertigo I went back and forth about whether I made the right decision buying the Vertigo and not the Exodus, I'm still a little... up in the air about it all.
  7. I'm wondering if there's any difference in performance between the two. There's been no problem so far with the mesh on ours, albeit the kites are put away for the season now. pretty kite unfrlendly weather this time of year here. We're still new to quads and didn't realize there was a problem with the mesh on the rev kites till after much research. We had already purchased the vertigo without knowing about the problems with rev's or the creasing on the vertigo's. I didn't want to invest 3-400 dollars on a rev for my boy without knowing if he would stick with the quads, his other kites are all two line. - the vertigo was well recommended (thanks Wayne and Andy) and much less money. so-- If he wants to stick with the quads which he seems to like a lot now, maybe I'll look into a rev in the future. For now the Vertigo is holding it's own pretty well and there's no compelling reason to change at this time. Andy at osk's kite's is a good egg, I trust his opinion a lot and would not hesitate to take his advice or buy from him again.
  8. Two days drying time now and all is well, its been folded, bagged, and set up again with no new issues. I'm not using armor-all btw tried that and it didn't work much. Tire shine product has dried pretty well now and I can barely detect if it's greasy or not by feel. In other words, I'm not sure if it has an oily residue or not. 303 is good to know about but I'm not familiar with it. I might have tried it if I hadn't already used Tire shine. The kite still has a slight odor to it, the tire shine when you first apply it is quite strong but dissipates after a few days. I think perhaps more time will also help. I may give it a rinse with water after about a week or so and see what the effects are. We went to the field today to fly but there was absolutely no wind so we packed up and headed back home. West Marine has 303 but its 22 dollars a bottle. We go by there on our way to the flying field, {my boy and I} Thanks for the recommend, Maybe I'll pick up a bottle for the car. I never would have known, looks like good stuff.
  9. I did a small test area last week, about 3 in in dia and it looked ok so yesterday so I did the whole thing both sides. It takes at least a day to dry out. I sprayed some on and wiped with a paper towel, not oversaturated but not dry. After about four hours I took more paper towels and gave it a good wipe down to get all the excess off and to make sure the application was as uniform as possible. It's not quite as shiny today as expected but still has a sheen it didn't have before. It still needs more time to dry as I can still feel a little oil on it. same as when I did the test area. The crease marks are noticeably better, they are still there but there isn't much color distortion from the stress lines now. Time will tell, we might go fly sunday as now it gets dark too early to go after work and the weather, well, rain sat. It did darken the overall color of the kite a little as well, ours is the blue one. I stayed away from the mesh as much as possible I don't know what the spray will do to it so I left it alone. I can't find anything about this p20 fabric on the net so I don't know if its got a polyurethand coating or something else. I know icarex uses a pu coating on it. I think the problem is in the coating, not the fabric. it is a little lighter than icarex which also may have something to due with the problem. I used a product called tire shine from Walmart, about five bucks for the bottle. Tires look good too. says it contains silicone fluids, that's all.
  10. I just couldn't resist. Some of you may recall the talk about the crease marks from folding the freiiein Vertigo? Well someone gave me an idea about how to solve the problem by spraying some armor all on it, I tried a little but it didn't do much so I started looking around and found some tire shine I'd bought for my tires from wallyworld and decided that was the answer. I wiped some on and poof the stress marks were gone, mostly that is, the fold lines are still visible but at least the stress marks radiating out from them have all but disappeared. The kite now has a bonus shine to it like waxed fruit. gave it a more translucent appearance too. I am not recommending anyone else try this, if you do it's at your own risk, I don't mind taking a chance- it won't dent my wallet if it doesn't work out. Find out what it looks like in a week or two after it dries and ages more. Wish me luck anyone?
  11. Yes I was aware of this about the weave and the stretching from other posts I had read but it may be worth checking into as this is a new or rather newer line and looks to be made with a different process than the older fishing lines. This line is supposed to be thinner, smoother : because it has more strands than the older fishing lines, supposed to be made under tension so it has virtually no stretch. Near zero according to powerpro. and has no memory. Amazon has quite a lot of reviews on it, I learned quite a bit about it there. It's sold in quite a few stores as well [yellow is a little harder to get, green in pretty common\ even Walmart sells it, take a look next time your there. Groups, yea I would not try that till I was more sure, but for us at least we will use it only for sul or ul duallies in the 50# or lighter. I might chance it in 80# strength for his quad in a single fly setting but not for groups at this point. I already had some 90# skybond for his quad but needed a lighter line for his zero and the zephyr. I swear it feels just like skybond, check it out at Walmart next time your there, see for yourself. I made up 120' of it and we pulled from both ends to see if we could stretch it any and it didn't seem like it stretched any at all, at least not any more than regular spectra. I'd say for those on a tight budget, and are looking for a sul dually line its worth checking out at that price, and its readily available. I just noticed these replys tonight btw.
  12. I have one - I think it came with an e3 I bought for my boy, the kite is long gone. He gets bored listening to the way the guy talks, . I have it in my hand Its called Freestyle pilot. It's definitely the one from Prism, Prism is printed right on it. If you want it I will give it to you for free. email me if you want it. You have first dibs.
  13. Chirp chirp chirp chirp Can't You Hear Them! The only place free of them is up there! Here they come now! Fly away or they'll get you! chirp chirp... mmmkay
  14. I don't think I'll live long enough to see that, the learning curve to be that good on ski's can take a very long time. You have to start sking very young to get that good, he only started sking three seasons ago. I see people putting kids in skis and getting lessons at the resort and they are barely old enough to walk. The nice thing about the pnw is the variety of fun things to do with a kite or a parachute. quite a few kite surfers near the marina where we fly. Met a fellow one day, early forties I think with one of those parafoil parachutes or whatever you strap yourself into a harness and off you go into the wild blue younder. He was letting it fly just above him in some light air not enough to get him off the ground - to clear out the crickets he said got into it. There's no limit to the things you can do here if you have the desire despite all the rain. Sorry if this is getting a little off topic, maybe this should be in the open topic section.
  15. Couldn't help but thinking about the polarization you mention about some in the kite community and the same thing that happens between skiers and snowboarders. {My boy skies in the winter} I'm very fortunate to have a son that likes and can appreciate both in either world. I have to say though, Kiting is a LOT safer.