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  1. KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical

    Sorry but this drawing has already occurred. Rules and guideelines for the Karma Drawings are here:
  2. Bridle Jig

    Not wanting to hijack the other thread I thought I share a little bit of insight into my Jigboards. Here's about as much as I'm willing to share. Every mark on this board is for a reason.. I also have a reference chart (covered) for all sizes of bridles I use as well as some critical marks for my Symphony bridles when I make those. and triangle charts for bowtie panel sizes.. Keeps me from having to reinvent the wheel every time I sew, sleeve or knot. I can tie, and also also do all my bridle measurements without the need for a ruler. I also have a separate jig board. (still experimental) to tie French bridles from a single piece of line. There is a bit of doubling on those but still it was a personal challenge to do so. So these two boards are used to create: 72" Bridles 83" Bridles 93" Bridles 97" Bridles LE Sleeve Sleeving Segments 2.2.4 Backsplice Marks Bowtie panels for all sizes so far Winder Templates
  3. KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical

    @Pacolyps & @ChopperChuck Please note this drawing was already over when you responded. It was indeed a very nice prize and we expect the new Karma to be up in the near future..
  4. MakingSnagProofRev.Handles

    Here's the Jig I designed to tie my bridles.. I can tie all three bridles on the same jig by looping a few strategic places.. No loops gives me the 72" LE or Rev II size which I use the most. Other strategic loops give me the standard 1.5 size, 84" size or the 97" LE Bridles I tend to like as well. The board is a simple pine craft board.. the holes are drillled to fit Q-Tip shafts.. I wrap the knot areas, mark them with a sharpie marker and then tie them off. The same principle is applicable to any knot based system requiring repetition like Leaders. there are a few additional tricks to increase consistency but it's really just paying attention to the details and keeping the tension at all points the same. The back of the board has my marks for patterning Leading Edge for 72", 83' 93" and 97" Kites. Anyone will probably show you their bridle and/or leader jig.. No one will show you their dimensions or let you" measure them".. Can you blame them?? I could not make a kite without this board. it gets used for at least 4 different steps.
  5. KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical

    Awesome!!! Congratulations @elmo264 Incredible prize choice Mark..
  6. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Depending on the sIze, the Synapse can also be converted to 4 line.
  7. Kites received well packed, in great order and exactly as described.. Thank you!
  8. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Once the material is stretched it will be forever stretched and that DOES change the way it flies forever.. If you truly enjoy the pull, you should consider a foil like my Symphony 2.2.4, A Skydog Powerfoil or a similar small traction kite..
  9. Flying with no sleeving

    I don't think @Paul LaMasters sleeves his lines.. IIRC He uses the stopper knot to alleviate the friction point. The train of thought is extra bulk and extra knots give you additional places where lines can bind or hang. I have a mix of sleeved and non sleeved in my line bag..
  10. Maxi vented rev

    Another great option would be a Mesh from Eliot Shook at Flying Smiles Kites. If interested in a Shook, shoot me a PM and I'll give you Eliot's contact info and email address.. I have two Shooks a 40% and a 75%.. GREAT kites..It's a great design and there's a reason Eliot's work is called Masterpiece. FWIW, I have a home made mesh that I fly over 25 all the time.
  11. The Phoenix Pro

    The Vents in the Trailing edge are not (in my opinion) an improvement for a full sail or even a mid vent. It makes the sail load a touch awkwardly. If you need a full vent, then it seems to be the right spot for additional venting.. the full sail however would benefit from being a FULL sail.. YMMV The Ashes model is more of a dream to fly but it's more in the SUL range.
  12. Old Kite Cleaning

    Read this thread..
  13. Jockey's Ridge State Park - Nags Head, NC

    Some more footage by KHK
  14. Danish Quad Clinic (Sep 9-10, 2017)

    @John Barresi EXTREMELY Cool Video of the Drone flying through the formation.. Please pass kudos on to the drone pilot. Great job!!