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  1. Corolla Quad Clinic (Apr 7-8, 2018) **SOLD OUT**

    or any one of us from my perspective..
  2. Advice for a new REV Purchase

    OPK is definitely the way to go. otherwise you are buying based on others' opinions instead of your own experience.. I'm pretty partial to the SUL Ghost by Rev, A Freilein Vertigo with T-0 Frame or a homebuilt kite. A B-Series with a light frame or a Zen would also be great choices but those are being hoarded now by those that have them. I had a Reflex XXL and personally considered it a one trick pony. I'm not a fan of the springs Rev put on all of their kites now.
  3. Advice for a new REV Purchase

    Fortunately, there are a lot of really good experienced fliers in your area. I have 2 suggestions for you. 1. Start with other people's kites first. 2. Don't limit yourself to anything.
  4. Teamwork

    A bit of team training and Mega Fly Prep from the Corolla quad clinic 2018
  5. Corolla Quad Clinic (Apr 7-8, 2018) **SOLD OUT**

    A few clips and shorts to enjoy from the Weekend..
  6. Corolla 2018

    Corolla NC Quad Clinic April 2018
  7. First kite done - thanks Shooks!

    Every kite is a new learning experience. there's alweays something that can be refined in some way. Very much looking forward to your next endeavor..
  8. First kite done - thanks Shooks!

    Indeed it is a true work of art.. Great Work @ACrop The pictures do not do the kite justice..
  9. Very Cool Prize. Congratulations Mike. New Karma is up. Locking this one down..
  10. Quad Kites and Water Features

    I've fished a kite out of a tree with my Skydog SDT 2.8 with a larger "non-fishing" hook to grab a friends duallie. Hooked his lines and slid the hook all the way to his kite.. once clear of the tree, his kite caught the wind and he landed safely.. Undamaged.
  11. Quad Kites and Water Features

    It's FLY Fishing without the Fishing part..
  12. Quad Kites and Water Features

    That's perfectly OK.. We weren't fishing..
  13. White gold of Strunjan

    I'll respond by saying that our interests differ and the overlap is the word "Kite." FWIW, I think some of us would be interested in seeing your kite and photography rig.. Walk us through how you set up and decide on your intended subjects for the pics. I know I would.. I fly power kites, stunt kites and I even buggy on occasion.. I build kites and even have a few SLK's that I've attached a camera to a few times.. I also design and build kites and have posted videos and picture of kites in some wonderful places and under lots of conditions.. Your KAP work is very nice and shows some great scenery. I follow you post with keen interest in the pics you gather.. Keep up the great work.. Personally, I just prefer the side of the sport where the kite is the focus. I've even put a camera on my quad a few times. This is a shot of what my kite sees when I'm flying..
  14. Flic Flac Practice

    Whalehead is a great location to fly when the wind is right..
  15. Quad Kites and Water Features

    Somehow they mix.. Spotlight on 1:19