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  1. Kite Forge

    @makatakam Which would bother you more?.. A kite you've never really seen and want badly or a kite you've only seen pictures of.. @John Barresi is playing nice and sparing your keyboard from all the drool..
  2. Recent Video posted by Fletch..

    This was in the AKA newsletter..
  3. Corolla Quad Clinic (Apr 8-9, 2017)

    I'd love to throw at least a few hours one day to Symphony 2.2.4 Team flying..
  4. Corolla Quad Clinic (Apr 8-9, 2017)

    Personally leaning towards 7-16 April but open to conversation for sure since that's also peak tax season and could affect some individual's availability...Price literally doubles after 18 May though.. I will ask if we change locations to keep it Pet friendly please.. I thought the house was great and had an awesome time.. Would love to bring the family along this time and stay the whole week.. Basement room was just right for this cave dweller..
  5. Corolla Quad Clinic (Apr 8-9, 2017)

    I'd be an almost absolute novice at Duals but willing to learn.. Prefer Quad by leaps and bounds..
  6. Welcome Breezin

    Equalizing the lines is very important.. I looks like you may have forgotten to re-tie the second knot.. @John Barresi's line equalization tutorial shows you how to not only equalize but also proper placement of the double knot.. If you didn't connect the lines to the kite properly with a larks head knot, you'll get the same disaster.. Have patience, you'll get it..
  7. Designing and making my own desk

    So I've had a small kidney shaped glass top desk for several years. It's been functional but quickly became a catch all due to lack of any storage. I outgrew its functionality year ago and even had to construct a small table in back to support my monitor stand. I've wanted to replace it but never found a desk that truly met my needs with any sort of form or fashion.. Recently, I was given some wooden and metal cubicle furniture parts that were being disposed of and used the parts to make several items. I was able to pick through the pile and determine the parts I wanted as long as I carted them away. I had enough materials to make 2 DVD racks that can hold just over 700 DVDs each.. The DVD Racks are made out of 6 overhead storage bins.. Over the weekend I built my new desk. The shelves on my desk are made out of the storage bin doors and end pieces.. The only piece still functioning as its original purpose is the desktop. I raised the entire top by 3.5 inches and made a keyboard tray large enough to hold keyboard and mouse. There's also hidden storage and wiring feeds.. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the results Now here's the kicker, I was able to accomplish all of this without sawing a single board. I merely redesigned and fitted the fixtures to meet my needs like a 3D puzzle. My only monetary investment was 200 1.5" wood screws to hold my designs together. I'll also be making a few sets of additional shelves and a drop leaf section to my desk for sewing. I'm turning my 8' x 8' work area into a functional work space and music studio..
  8. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    @happysuperbutton Short answer is practice and break down the move into segments.. Instead of 180's try 90 degrees and an intentional pause to make sure you have a stable hover at that point. Then finish your rotation.. Many times you'll find that you have too much slip or too much lift at that 90 degree point and that's where you are losing your static tip point.. JB's Basic Hover drills video will make a huge improvement in this stepped maneuver for you. As an interim drill, draw squares with your leading edge.. (90 degrees on right tip followed by 90 degrees on left tip rotating the same direction on the opposite tip, repeat until your LE has formed a perfect square in the sky and kite has made exactly one full rotation.)That will help you discern your hover when vertical as well as the transition between the maneuvers. Try flag out for verticals and then flag in.. (Sail on outside of square when vertical followed by sail on inside when vertical..) Basically start with kite upright for first drill and then start next drill from inverted start. It sounds harder than it actually is but it will attune you quickly to your kite and establish foundations to build upon. It will also help you see the sky as a grid since you are literally drawing LE sized squares on your field of vision.
  9. Handle length

    I'm also with Paul on longer better for lower wind.
  10. Break down in mesh panels.

    He meant with the kite.. You're Toast...
  11. Handle length

    Handle length is ALL about personal preference. Some like longer some shorter.. 13" and 15" are the most common.. 11" comes with the Supersonic.. 13" is the standard for most other Rev packages.
  12. My HQ Symphony 2.2.4

    It's one of the reasons this kite is so easy to hand to someone.. If they've flown a dual line, it's almost an automatic transition into quad. HQ Kites has my full specs down to the nth degree. Until HQ Kites puts them out, feel free to point them my way..
  13. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    And I didn't take it that way.. IT's all about enjoying your kites and your time with them as afar as I'm concerned.
  14. My HQ Symphony 2.2.4

    @Flight Risk Thank You for taking it next level. I never even thought to try it but I will now .. I did Throw launch mine once.. Your Jimmy Johns comment was priceless.
  15. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    There's been a pretty open discussion of it here. --> No one really has a problem with it other than the Club 38 curriculum renaming many common moves to terms not used by quad fliers, any quad fliers.. I got a lot more info from JB's tutorials personally. At least a few people didn't care for the constant script referencing. If it helps you learn, it's worthwhile. At least it's free now.. Initially they were charging $38 and would send you a T-Shirt. Bottom line is use any resource you can.. I initially learned the Catch and throw by slowing JB's B2 launch video down to frame by frame. If it works for you then by all means use it!! Nothing wrong with utilizing everything you can get your hands on to improve your skills.