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  1. Congratulations!!!!!
  2. Looks very good so far.. best of both worlds.. (phased out and comet)
  3. I think (and It's subject to correction by Paul) that he means the curve should be at the top of the handle. The picture, while a very cool set, looks like the orientation limits the functionality or at least the range of travel for the handles. With the curve at the top you'd have the full play of the handle to work with.
  4. , no kiters here from the San Antonio Area???
  5. Very Pretty.. Welcome to the Meshed up group!!! You'll like it here..
  6. FWIW, It's pretty difficult to tell who is actually online in the chatroom.
  7. When kites become a business that's more important than the kites made, it kind of loses the point.. Kiting is all about having fun, enjoying the wind and sky and company of others that enjoy as well. There is a HUGE difference in a kite store and a store that sells kites.. If you know more about the kites than the person selling you a kite then you might want to consider the impact of the store you are buying from on the kiting hobby as a whole..
  8. they dont know (or refuse to acknowledge) the difference. The green trimmed rod debacle comes to mind. They blamed the customers.
  9. their entire aftermarket for extra parts.
  10. I have nothing against the kites except they no longer stack well.. That's the same kind of deal breaker for me as the reflex addition to the Revs breaking my catch and throw.. The end result is I don't/won't buy what doesn't work for me.. I don't mind spending extra for what I like but I refuse to pay more for something I like less.. If you fly single kites, the Freilein is great.. If you stack you are either wasting your time or setting yourself up for a lot of tuning. time invested.
  11. So after a bout 6 months of throwing the stack, I'm still pretty happy with the 2016 Full sails.. I expanded the stack to four but looks like I'll have to stop soon. No more 2016 style RWB in stock or planned. The much touted holes along the LE and T Connections for the vertical spars might make the kite look more streamlined but it makes it a challenge to stack. The conventional wisdom in stacking is all stack lines are the same length. The Modification of the LE design and stealthing the connection requires custom lengths for the stack line.. That coupled with the price increase probably ends my experience with these sails.. I'll keep what I have and will even expand the stack if I can find the Vertigo RWB (2016 model) on the secondary market.. The Holes are pretty and functional for a single kite application. Price and stackability is what drew me to these kites. Unfortunately for me, the "advancement" of the product has left me behind in both respects.. The Vertigo or Exodus no longer meets my needs or stated purpose.. My current plan is the 6 Vertigos I have will all be combined into a single six stack (2017 kite in the back) and I'll keep to my other kites for solo flights.. As a side note, I'm concerned with "no bungee attachment" and a "T connection" at the Vertical point, it's also created a new stress point for the LE.. IF you catch a tip, all the force is instantly transferred to this one point with no elastic to absorb or relieve the force.. I haven't had that happen but it seems to be a reasonable conclusion based on the design change...
  12. or a maple bacon donut. FWIW and IMO, The Phoenix is a great kite. I'm just not a fan of the Trailing Edge Vents on the full sail. The Ashes return that panel to the more conventional design.. That's the main reason I prefer the Ashes over the Phoenix..
  13. The Ashes is truly the Gem Kite of Bazzer's line..
  14. We were flying (rev-like) kites with lights off the balcony in Corolla. extremely small window of opportunity.. if it made it in the wind shadow of the house, you had to have a friend spot while you pulled it up for relaunch.. Was still fun though.. Not trying to hijack, just pointing out the wind act very differently around buildings.. Just another factor that comes into play..
  15. Just an observation, if you are adding images to your gallery, you have to minimize the chat panel to access the button to submit the picture..