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  1. I had a subtly different approach in mind.. The Crossing of the lines and spaces between made me think more of the sail panels on your quads...
  2. +1 100% Agree..
  3. Do me a favor and sign it for me before you pack it up.
  4. I think that would be a great idea. Personally, I'm paid up on Kitelife already for a few years and I've been shopping for B2's already. I'd be perfectly happy with the kite. I even have a frame ready for it.. The 5 year subscription extension could go to @makatakam
  5. I agree with you. Was definitely a collaborative effort.
  6. May I ask what element you want to edit? Like you, once I got items where you wanted they were rastored in.
  7. let me see what i can do. the other layered version is like 300mb. all of the vector work was eating up memory. How can I get a 300MB File to you?? I switched from 300DPI back to the 72DPI ye started with.. Does this help?? TKL_logo_v3dl.ai
  8. One of the very nice things about 1 color logos is you can easily do some fun masking effects.. Not suitable for printing on T-Shirts or anything but fun for web.
  9. And by sheer coincidence, the negative image for BLACK T-Shirts is Skybond Yellow..
  10. Version D up for review TKL logo v3dx.ai
  11. OK, Mountain Moved I'm not sure 10% smaller on the TKL is all that noticeable. I spaced it out a bit (also for readability) Version B Version C
  12. Here you go.. TKL logo v3a.ai
  13. Using same font as the URL
  14. Based on some chat input..
  15. Will the AI file do?? If you want just the Ring Vector layer let me know since you have the original base drawing already saved.. TKLJB5.ai