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  1. Night Flight Kite w/ Lights

    @Paul LaMasters I agree.. But since I don't have those materials handy I'm looking at doubling up the LE by zippering out the LE Sleeve and offsetting the ferrules.. If that fails I'll remake the Sleeve to accommodate a SLE rod. @whtmtn An odd number puts a spar in the middle.. an even number puts a ferruled joint in the center.. The Ferruled Joint is what failed on my first venture..
  2. Kite contest

    Figure out what you want to do and just build it.. Don't be afraid to experiment and recognize that some things might not work the first or even second time.. Figure out what makes a kite fly and use those things to steer your creations.. Be creative and enjoy. Pick a plan you can build and go from there..
  3. Night Flight Kite w/ Lights

    Should I give it one more solid try with 8P or commit to a LE Sleeve change and SLE? If I commit to another 8P test, the middle section will be offset to center an 8P spar. Will be a 5 piece LE but I do have 2 8P spars to trim at this point anyway.. Thoughts???
  4. Night Flight Kite w/ Lights

    4 piece yes but with 3 splits not just the center was over-stressed.. This was a systemic issue.. the ferrules are solid.. no damage there.. the walls of the spars took the shock and split.. Will either redesign or move to SLE leading edge. Unfortunately, that approach will require resewing the LE sleeve since I make them pretty tight.. Researching options.
  5. Night Flight Kite w/ Lights

    OK Close damage inspection tells me I need to approach differently.. not just one split but "three" splits or hairline fractures starting.. Time to retool, resize or redesign..
  6. Night Flight Kite w/ Lights

    Good News and Bad news.. I took it out on the field today for maiden flight.. It flew well, it hovered, it hovered inverted well it steered well.. I decided to do a dive stop it stopped about 20 inches above the ground as planned and the Leading edge snapped right in the middle.. Upon inspection the Skyshark 8P split the full 2 inches the ferrule covered.. I may need to either redo this with an SLE rod or consider a much stronger section in the center stress point.. I may have exceeded the practical wingspan of the design.. (also possible I had a weak spar. It was a second and I may have expected too much from this particular piece..) Given that thought I'll probably re-spar and give it another try before giving up.. Also discovered I need stronger velcro to hold the electronics in the pocket. They started flapping free way too easily..
  7. Night Flight Kite w/ Lights

    Edge binding is done on ends and the dacron reinforcement patches are all in place. I drilled out two end caps to accommodate the P8x LE and will use P400 for the verticals (no special caps needed for those) The Verticals will also have to be 2 piece to meet the 36-1/4" requirement. Using a full length tube and a 4-ish inch extension with tube ferrules. Extension portion will be wrapped and padded to help with the wear points.. LE is P8x with solid Ferules. I need to edge bind the trailing edge and frame it up. I'm completely out of 1" orange and 2" yellow & 2" Lime now. Trailing edge will likely be blue (because that's what I have left at the moment). Bridling is going to be an adventure.. I've not bridled one this big before and it's all new ground. I may go with Orange and Yellow Muzzy extreme. Just to match the overall look of the kite. I really want to get this kite finished and flying.. Once I get it completed, I'll share some of the design details I added to support everything.. Slits in the light sleeve holes for LED to show through velcro pocket for electronics very slight camber to keep slight tension on the sail LE won't have my normal reinforcements due to it not being the stand materials but the Verticals WILL be reinforced more to come as progress happens..
  8. Screening Question

    I thought about it but the effect I'm getting is something I'm not willing to give up on at this point. 7 isn't enough for me on this one. If I absolutely have to, i can sew a screen strip on and back cut it.
  9. Screening Question

    No way I'll be doing much throw and catch with this monster.. 130" LE and a heavy heavy sail to boot with all the lights and electronics. I decided to leave the screening out in my night kite.. I may add holes in the center section if the belly is too overpowering.. I definitely appreciate all of the input. Not sure I'm worried about reverse too much in this sail.. I'm thinking may a dive stop or two but mostly just forward flight. The more I adjust this kite the narrower the wind range will be of course.. IF all else fails, it'll be a flag..
  10. Before you ask which Power Kite should I buy?

    One of my favorite sails on the planet. Do keep in mind the Symphony is a sport sized kite and not a power kite. Even with that said, my first buggy ride was with the Symphony 2.2.4 You should see what that kite will do converted to 4 line. Team KiteLife on the lines. https://www.facebook.com/mystainedskin/posts/10213897169695267
  11. Night Flight Kite w/ Lights

    So I've run into a couple of delays before I can go further on this kite.. The Skyshark P8x I chose for stiffness are quite a bit larger than normal rods so I have to get different endcaps.. Either internal or larger than the norm.. I also need to order additional materials anyway so putting of finishing this kite until I can get a shipment in. It will stil get done but might be a bit bfore the next update on this sail.. (I've got a lot of sewing to complete anyway on the other projects..)
  12. Night Flight Kite w/ Lights

    Light check to verify the completed electronic package..
  13. Night Flight Kite w/ Lights

    Leading Edge is 130" (4X SkyShark 8P). LE Sleeve is attached with no screening. This kite is going to be a monster... I need to finish a bit of transitional sewing on the Trailing Edge and ready the pockets for the electronics. After, edge binding and the rest of the framing and I'll be ready to reinstall the electronics.. Flyable by ?????
  14. Night Flight Kite w/ Lights

    Since the smallest kite of the stack goes in front on a progressive stack, the sheer magnitude of that comment makes my head spin. IF this thing flies as designed, then great.. if it doesn't it will be folded and made into a diamond SLK..
  15. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Honestly unless you are flying team, line lengths are entirely flexible.. You just need this