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  1. Happy birthday to me [emoji4]

    Happy birthday. Acrop
  2. Regular Amazon shopper?

    I don't think that anyone is recommending that we not support small businesses, in fact many of us go out of our way to do so. I for one try to visit the local kite shop and support them with each time I travel. I get that personalized help based on years of experience is a value added to buying from you.... However, I don't know that folks who are not small business owners really clearly understand the impacts that Amazon is having on businesses. On one hand it is easy to understand that ordering your dish soap from Amazon is bad for your local grocer. However it it would appear to many that there are lots of smaller businesses that use Amazon's portal as a way to have products found by a wider audience - and I think that that is what the OP was suggesting. I have seen the same person selling their homemade products both on Etsy and on Amazon and at out local county fair. Before you just get frustrated with non-business owners please remember that we can't always see your side of it without your help - but we do see that clearly lots of businesses have decided that Amazon is worth participating with. Not having set up a business, I can't know what benefits, challenges and negatives a relationship with Amazon would carry for your business. With that said - Thanks to all the kite shop owners who have helped me in my short time in the quad world. I have enjoyed using your products and learning a great deal, and yes even getting teased by some of you who have aided and abetted my progress. I wouldn't have spent so much money without you. Now...back to the previously scheduled retirement savings plans...
  3. Regular Amazon shopper?

    What % does Amazon take from purchases from small vendors? Most kite folks are working right margins already and Amazon's cut might be too much for them to feel it is worth it. Theresa from TKS is on here, maybe she will speak up (wish I could remember her username to @ her). Acrop
  4. Sorry, should have said this before. I like to buy local and support local whenever possible...but is something this $$ it is important to drive the purchase with what is right for you...not by what is in stock. Pick what you think you should have and ask the shop to help you get it- give them a chance to source it for you... If they can't then look elsewhere. You can always buy your stake and lines and kite bags local....but get the sail you actually want to own. Acrop
  5. One other thought...if buying new: the b series gives you two frames with each sail...and the reflex just one for similar price. Having the frames gives you backup pieces and allows you to think about buying sail only later...or sewing your own. Having options included extra is worth thinking on. Acrop
  6. Prototype underway... :)

    Sorry ...Kaiju. Acrop
  7. Prototype underway... :)

    What you said about kanju almost makes it sound like it should be the name for a series of kites not a single kite. Acrop
  8. Prototype underway... :)

    Telling us about it's personality / flight tendencies might help guide name suggestions too... Acrop
  9. Prototype underway... :)

    Aurai- Greek nymphs of the breezes Acrop
  10. Prototype underway... :)

    Qwill Acrop Maryland based purple quad kiteflier
  11. AKA Convention Spotting

    Speaking in general, not about this event: I find it pretty interesting that kiters are about the nicest, most patient group of people as a whole. However, the passion and skill level and nerdy level of detail knowledge involved in the sport can make it hard for a newbie to feel confident approaching the groups...and the established bunch can be so absorbed in the fun of the moment that they sometimes don't see the newbie at all. This is also increased by the long distance nature of it never really know who really is a newbie and who is just from far way unless you are the old hand. It is a hard sport to be an introvert in because the best days come from getting out there and saying hi to everyone...and saying can I fly with you. Thank you to all of you who make it easier by going out of your way ob the flying field to be friendly and welcoming, your efforts don't go unnoticed. Acrop Maryland based purple quad kiteflier
  12. Night lights

    I highly suggest two things: 1:small lights form on the handles too for when you have to stake it walk out and check your sail and come back to the handles. Having a light or glow sticks at the stake end makes finding the handles easier with out resorting to night vision ruining lights. I once used a tiny glow stick made for putting on a fishing bobber to mark my stake on a no moon night. 2: Figure out how to guage when someone is within the range of your lines. I find calculating depth and if people are in the "bonk zone" much harder in the dark. I like to put a marker, usually a gear bag or husband, under the kite end of the line as a guage of where others are in relation to the end of my lines. That way when beach strollers stop and stare I have a feeling for if they are in my kite lines or outside. Don't want the dive stop to be too interactive for either of us. Also, if no one has warned you yet: keep away from roads with night flying... You don't want to cause a "UFO sighting car accident". No kidding. Have fun, night flying is a kick. Acrop Maryland based purple quad kiteflier
  13. Indoor Moissy (FR) December 2-3, 2017

    I like the line yank and duck while it flys over head. Nice move. Acrop Maryland based purple quad kiteflier
  14. Iowa flyers?

    Sorry you didn't get a response to you message looking for flyers. Flying with new folks is always fun. . You could always encourage others to think about fly in the area by documenting good area flying fields. Glad you got good wind! When you come to Maryland I will fly with you. Acrop Maryland based purple quad kiteflier
  15. Suggestions on Finding Indoor Places

    This post made me imagine @johnbarresi on ice skates flying his quad at he skims around the ice. He says he is always looking for a new thing to try with kites.[emoji6] Sent from my Nexus 5X using KiteLife mobile app