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  1. Beach flying advice

    I agree with advice given, especially looking to find time with other pilots as often as reasonable. Hey you could always ask a friend to help you by holding a cell phone for a Waze video call from Mexico if you need help. There is always a work around if needed and an experienced pilot could look at what you are doing and give pointers that help you step forward faster in your skills. That said what I would add is this- if you don't Ave a lot of real estate to work with then I suggest markibg in the sand your limits. A "if I cross this line I will hit the _____", or "If people walking towards me pass the bag I left at the kite end of my lines I will know they are in my danger zone. It can be hard to judge distance with the kites, and other people are oblivious and or rightfully don't have any idea what our kites can do, so they can get into the flight area easily and keeping them safe is your job. For months I landed whenever anyone was in my danger zone. Also, semetry is important, check your kite setup and your hand position. Focus hard at the start on equal and symmetrical hand placement and movements. We naturally tend to favor or over power one side and knowing and correcting for that is key. Start with focusing on launches that go straight up to the top of the window and come straight back down. If your launch always arches in one direction you are not being symmetrical and even. Getting good at this is ALL ABOUT building good and consistent muscle memory, which is all about consistentancy and repetition. Check your hand position frequently and keep your hands relaxed in front of your center of gravity. No wind in the arm pits man. Lastly, keep breathing. Don't hold your breath, that loads tension into your body that you don't need. And imagine clearly what you want the kite to do- "Use the force Luke!". Thinking about what I want it to do and not about the mechanics of my movements helps to keep me from overthinking. If you ever need help I am just a Waze video call away. Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
  2. Kaiju by Kite Forge (June 10th, 2018)

    I think you meant the sound we all make just after the kite bounces... Or just after I fly through your lines, just one line of course not a clean fly through that we could have a prayer of reversing in the air. I would go for purple with lime dorts please. Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
  3. Kaiju by Kite Forge (June 10th, 2018)

    Maybe this is a quad head question- but is dort a real word/thing? Also, after clinic where I actually tried a few minutes on a Kaiju dual if win this I am gonna suspect the universe is conspiring against me..... But it is not purple so the odds are short on that one. Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
  4. fields in Cincoteague VA area?

    Hey all, Anyone know of a good flight field in the Chincoteague VA area? (town of not just National Park) I am headed there with friends the first weekend of June and can't resist coastal winds, which even my non-kiting friends know about me by now. Any advice on area fields for flight would be great. I am a little worried that the wild pony situation may = a no kites policy in some areas, but have not managed to find references to kites on any of the area web pages that I have read so far (including NPS ones) I don't want to be scaring ponies and making people mad. And, I gotta ask - Anyone fly quad around Chincoteague and want to fly with me for a couple of hours???? Can't ignore my friends for long, but we could amaze them nicely for a little while.
  5. First kite done - thanks Shooks!

    Man, advice should make the learning curve shorter for all. Been thinking I should jot down notes to myself on what I learned so i remember the little things for next time. It is tough watching $18/yard material get you mistakes knowing that needle holes are forever on this type of fabric. Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
  6. Car Burglarized Handles and Line bag stolen

    Man, that sucks. Good thing the kites didn't get taken. I would put out the word out about the theft in your area...there is always the chance that the thief opened the bag and thought "what the heck is this??? This is worthless to me!" And then dumped it somewhere. I feel for you. Theft always sucks, and when it is your the items that make your happy pastimes possible it double sucks. Are you near other fliers? I would lend you lines to use if you were close. Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
  7. First kite done - thanks Shooks!

    I was quite happy with it lit up in the sun. Elliot had talked to me a good bit about looking at the fabrics in the sun lit from the front and back and where they overlap a. He said they would often look different in different light conditions. Scraps hung in my windows for a couple of weeks so as to contemplate the way they would look. However none of that prepped me for how distance would blend and change the look. The effect is much more blended than I expected, probably due to the shook mesh weave color overlaps. I will have to think on that for my next kite. I like blended, but I also like contrast. The effects of distance on the two properties is interesting to contemplate. Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
  8. I recently finished my first kite build, and I wanted to throw a public "Thank You!!" out to my kite making mentor: Elliot Shook, who allowed me to follow in his design footsteps, gave me guidance, techniques and encouragement. Without Elliot's generous mentorship this kite would likely still be flying only in my imagination. Holding my kite up to Elliot's work I still have a bit of fine tuning to do, but hey I still need an xtra vent, so I will get better. Elliot's eye for detail and build quality is definitely masterpiece material. I finished it just in time to take it to JB's OBX quad clinic and got to show it off to Elliot and all my best flying buddies. When the wind let up a bit (should have made an xtra vent for that weekend!!) I got to put it up with the sun behind it and it sparkled in the sun beautifully, and seemed to fly just fine. Nothing like seeing your own work flying and keeping up with the others in the sky. it flew just like a Shook should fly: smooth and un-phased by the bumps, in higher winds than I should have put it up in, and pretty as a can be. Also, Thank you to all of the folks who have pulled out kites to let me examine and photograph them, lent me your sails, and answered my questions about sewing and techniques - many of you were generous with your time and knowledge. The generosity of this community never fails to warm my heart and add lift to my efforts. To anyone thinking about taking the sewing plunge....I encourage it. I learned a ton, and kite making materials are not forgiving, so give yourself plenty of practice scraps and time. Oh the joy of flying a kite I built can not be described adequately. Thanks Again Elliot!
  9. EmmaKite Octopus... help!

    Me too, but I sure am glad others like the big kites enough to raise them so I can enjoy them too. They are stunning to see. Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
  10. EmmaKite Octopus... help!

    If you can, fine someone with big kite experience in your area (or visit a festival) and do a day of big kite flying with a veteran flyer. While the big slks are awesome, they come with a bunch of safety issues for you and the public. Learning hands is the best and safest way. I love that you are going to get great advice here, but fly time in person with an experience flyer will get you knowledge that you may not even think to ask about. I have had great results with asking around for someone to fly with for what I want to learn- you may have to drive a bit to meet, but I would likely be worth it if you can swing it. Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
  11. First look!

    Or should I just say - can one of the themes be heavy on purple??
  12. First look!

    Oh man....I don't need any more quads...well, maybe an indoor.... All I ask is can at least one offered color scheme NOT be dark/menacing/aggressive? Any chance of getting a sneak peak at clinic???
  13. One spot left - I grabbed one just now. Hey all - long time no see. I have a nice "high wind quad day" muscle burn and raccoon eyes from a good day at the Washington monument yesterday - had to polish my skills back up a bit to get ready to play with y'all. To chime in on recent comments - I too am interested in a bit of indoor time - but have no indoor kites. Night fly - of course as long as I have any brain power. Happy to see the community thriving and excited.
  14. Happy birthday to me [emoji4]

    Happy birthday. Acrop
  15. Regular Amazon shopper?

    I don't think that anyone is recommending that we not support small businesses, in fact many of us go out of our way to do so. I for one try to visit the local kite shop and support them with each time I travel. I get that personalized help based on years of experience is a value added to buying from you.... However, I don't know that folks who are not small business owners really clearly understand the impacts that Amazon is having on businesses. On one hand it is easy to understand that ordering your dish soap from Amazon is bad for your local grocer. However it it would appear to many that there are lots of smaller businesses that use Amazon's portal as a way to have products found by a wider audience - and I think that that is what the OP was suggesting. I have seen the same person selling their homemade products both on Etsy and on Amazon and at out local county fair. Before you just get frustrated with non-business owners please remember that we can't always see your side of it without your help - but we do see that clearly lots of businesses have decided that Amazon is worth participating with. Not having set up a business, I can't know what benefits, challenges and negatives a relationship with Amazon would carry for your business. With that said - Thanks to all the kite shop owners who have helped me in my short time in the quad world. I have enjoyed using your products and learning a great deal, and yes even getting teased by some of you who have aided and abetted my progress. I wouldn't have spent so much money without you. Now...back to the previously scheduled retirement savings plans...