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  1. Premier Vision

    persistence, and creativity... i flew on the roof of building the other day.
  2. Sky Dog starter package! (Apr 20th, 2018)

    After consulting with the oracle."I see erratic vegas winds in the future of that prize pack." Her words, not mine... sounds reasonable right?
  3. Performance Shirts x3 (Mar 7, 2018)

    Wow, those are awesome, and the only kind of shirts (performance) I wear. I first tried one, must be 20yrs ago, to this day still the only material I like. Come home to daddy my little babies!
  4. Kaiju - coming soon!

    Snagged my new kaiju (#48) from the mail yesterday. Of course the wind will be howling for the next few days ...
  5. Night Flight Kite w/ Lights

    I like the idea of a 5 piece le, wouldn't that give you a rod center at the highest stress point? Or am i waaay off ...
  6. Night Flight Kite w/ Lights

    I hear you@SparkieRob, (even from far far down under) I've been looking for a few light sets for years, with varying degrees of success. Still have flashbacks on these ...
  7. Competition debut...

    Very nice sir ... Definitely inspiring!
  8. Kaiju - coming soon!

    @justin2kites You might try using a spare winder if you have any. If not, it would be easy to cut an 8-9 inch length of pvc. Thats what i used to do.
  9. Best Wishes

    Mele Kalikimaka Hauoli Makahiki Hou kamakani ma'o,
  10. i need to get the batten rods for my 1st big wing!
  11. Handle length

    For myself I will use 13' handles on most days, like a standard setup. If the winds are light (0-5) then I go with 15' handles for more throw. Conversely if the winds are up say 15+ I'll go to the 11' handles giving me a tad more stability, it keeps the kite from getting away from me, allowing for more control. My thoughts anyway. I'm curious to hear thoughts on this.
  12. B-Series MID Package (12/25/17)

    Ooo christmas day too no less! I'll be with family when the rng sings out my #....
  13. Jammin' by Skydog Kites (11/10/17)

    Nice one, enjoy!
  14. Adjustable wrist straps

    Awesome! Thanks for the info, and the links.
  15. Adjustable wrist straps

    I'm trying to find wrist straps that would be able to cinch up around my wrists. I have a tendency to hold too loose, and at times the strap just slides right off. If you've ever played on a wii those would be ideal , can't figure out where to find those clips though. Thank you in advance for any info!