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  1. Hi, I have booked to stay in my campervan at my usual campsite in Blackpool, just a couple of miles away from where we will be flying. I hope to cycle to and from the clinic each day (though I have yet to try carrying my kite bag while cycling) Caroline is staying at another campsite in Blackpool. Not sure about anyone else. It would definitely be good to meet up with other kite fliers for a bit of chill time. Sarah
  2. Brilliant! Thanks John! Sent from my E6653 using KiteLife mobile app
  3. Hoping I have a guaranteed place on this (I have paid my money and had a receipt from kitelife), but my name doesn't appear on the above list. I have messaged JB separately, but is there something I should be doing in order for my name to appear on the list please? Thanks. Sarah Sent from my E6653 using KiteLife mobile app